Chapter 60: The Promise of Love

Killer Nights

Chapter 60: The Promise of Love

When A-Jiao returned home, Jiang Zhengkai came out of the bedroom to greet her, “You’re back, Ziyuan!  How was your night?”  Earlier when A-Meng escorted A-Jiao back home, Jiang Zhengkai had been standing behind the window curtains secretly observing them, so he was well aware that A-Jiao was in the company of another man.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t inquire about A-Jiao’s relationship with A-Meng, since that was her personal business.  However, he was very curious and very much cared about A-Jiao’s relationship with that young man.  After all, Jiang Zhengkai was an ordinary man, which meant he naturally wanted his woman all to himself.  Of course, women were the same way towards the men they loved as well.

“Not too bad,” said A-Jiao as she lept into Jiang Zhengkai’s embrace, “I’m so tired, Honey!”  Her complaint was partially so she could get Jiang Zhengkai’s attention but mostly because the hours she spent with A-Tao had truly been exhausting.  Her exhaustion was due not to physical exertion but rather mental stress.

“In that case, why don’t you change and get ready for bed?” said Jiang Zhengkai as he gently kissed A-Jiao’s forehead, “You drank again, didn’t you?  You need to stop drinking.  I’m worried it could adversely affect your health.”

“Alright, I got it, big uncle!” pouted A-Jiao with pursed lips as she looked at Jiang Zhengkai, “Honey, I want to eat an apple.  Could you go to the kitchen and peel one for me?”

“You got it!” Jiang Zhengkai answered crisply before he walked towards the kitchen.  When A-Jiao saw that Jiang Zhengkai was out of sight, she quickly pulled the daggers out of her boots and shoved them underneath her shoestand.  She then looked in the direction of the kitchen.  Only when she heard the sound of running water coming from the kitchen did she feel it was safe enough to remove her boots.  She stepped into a pair of slippers and went into the bedroom to change.

Before long, Jiang Zhengkai returned with a plate full of apples, “Honey, where’s the paring knife?”

Jiang Zhengkai’s words caused A-Jiao to go momentarily blank as she knelt on the bed and blinked repeatedly in Jiang Zhengkai’s direction.  These last few days, Jiang Zhengkai has been using the terms “Ziyuan” and “Honey” interchangeably.  When Jiang Zhengkai was clear-headed, he would call A-Jiao “Ziyuan,” but when the two of them were cuddling or when A-Jiao needed comforting, he would call A-Jiao “Honey.”  This time, however, Jiang Zhengkai unconsciously called her “Honey,” which was both slightly touching and slightly sweet.  A woman’s happiness was easy to obtain, such that the mere change in a term of endearment by her lover could make her happy for a long time.

“What?  Do I look funny or something?”  Jiang Zhengkai was somewhat baffled by A-JIao’s gaze.  He checked himself all over but didn’t find anything unusual, “Where’s the paring knife, Ziyuan?”

“Oh!  There’s one on the vanity.”  Upon hearing Jiang Zhengkai’s latest question, A-Jiao’s mood suddenly grew disheartened once more as she noticed him using her name again.  What a jerk!  She thought to herself as she fell faceup on the bed.

“Alright, I’m done!  Here’s a great big apple for my dearest Ziyuan.  You like it?”  Jiang Zhengkai neatly peeled the biggest apple on the place as he lay prone next to A-Jiao and moved the apple close to her mouth, all the while contentedly looking at her young pretty face.

“No!” exclaimed A-Jiao as she closed her eyes and rejected the apple.

“Wait, didn’t you say you wanted to eat an apple?”  Jiang Zhengkai was really baffled now by her reaction.  It really was quite difficult for a man to truly comprehend the mind of a woman.

“I want you to say something nice!”  A-Jiao’s eyes were still closed as her face turned slightly red.  It was obvious that she was a bit embarrassed.

“Something nice?” asked Jiang Zhengkai as he held the apple and seriously thought for a while.  He then gave A-Jiao all manners of compliments, but her eyes and mouth continued to remain tightly shut, and she continued to reject Jiang Zhengkai’s apple.

“Damn it, girl!  This apple’s going to go bad if you don’t eat it soon!”  The apple in Jiang Zhengkai’s hand was indeed starting to oxidize and turn brown in color.

“You’re such a jerk!” shouted A-Jiao as she turned her back on Jiang Zhengkai, “Is it really that hard to call me Honey?”

“Oh, hehe,” Jiang Zhengkai suddenly felt amused by all this and started chuckling, “Alright, Honey, come and eat this apple.  Is that nice enough for you?”

“No, you jerk!”  A-Jiao turned around and squeezed Jiang Zhengkai’s nose as she said, “You don’t mean it at all!”

“Alright, alright!  Honey, my dearest Honey, could you please eat this apple?”  Jiang Zhengkai was at his wit’s end.  He could only humor her like he would a young child.

“Fine, you feed me then!”  A-Jiao opened her mouth and viciously bit into the apple in Jiang Zhengkai’s hand.  She then mumbled with her mouth full, “…nothing good comes out of a filthy mouth…”

“What did you say?”  Even though Jiang Zhengkai didn’t hear A-Jiao’s exact words, he was able to get the gist of what she said.  He looked at A-Jiao with feigned anger and used his body to crush hers.

“I… I didn’t say anything!”  A-Jiao glanced at Jiang Zhengkai as she quickly tilted her head to one side.  She knew Jiang Zhengkai must have heard what she had said.

“You’re not going to talk, huh?”  Jiang Zhengkai put the apple on the nightstand before he reached his hand underneath A-Jiao’s armpit.  A-Jiao knew a bout of unavoidable craziness was soon to ensue.  She could only laugh as she tried to fend off Jiang Zhengkai’s repeated assaults.  The two of them fooled around in bed for a long while.  Only when the two of them were both exhausted did they lay back down.  However, Jiang Zhengkai had no intention of letting A-Jiao off so easily.  After the previous round of craziness, A-Jiao’s face was flushed pink while her face glistened with a thin layer of sweat, which only made her seem more attractive.

Jiang Zhengkai pulled the sheets over his and A-Jiao’s body.  He then used one hand to grab A-Jiao’s shoulder while he reached out with his other hand at A-Jiao’s chest.  A-Jiao didn’t resist Jiang Zhengkai’s actions; she only cutely pouted her lips as she waited for Jiang Zhengkai’s kisses…

Everything occurred in a warm and natural environment.  The two of them spent a long time intertwined with one another before finally separating.  Once they did, A-Jiao placed her head in the nook of Jiang Zhengkai’s shoulder and said, “Honey, you are getting so horny these days!  I don’t think I can handle you anymore.”

“Then I guess you’ll have to die trying, haha!”  A-Jiao’s words made him hold her even more tightly.  He liked it when A-Jiao lay beside him pouting.  He even started to get jealous at all the men A-Jiao had slept with in the past.  However, he knew those men did not enjoy the same happiness as he did now.  After all, Jiang Zhengkai had remotely observed A-Jiao at work.  She was quite efficient, averaging three minutes per customer.

“Well… if I died, would you miss me?” said A-Jiao as she continued to bury her face in Jiang Zhengkai’s shoulder and didn’t look up.  Her expression belied both a sense of happiness and a sense of hesitation.  She loved Jiang Zhengkai, and she wanted to hold on to the feelings of happiness and sweetness everytime she was around him.  However, she was also afraid that Jiang Zhengkai would be hurt because of her.  When she found out Jiang Zhengkai’s wife and daughter had been killed by A-Tao, she knew her happiness had entered a countdown.  She was afraid that her happiness would come to a sudden stop at any moment, but she knew that she would be willing to give up her life without the slightest hesitation in order to protect her happiness.  Tonight, she had originally planned on doing just that, but it appeared that Heaven took pity on her and did not let her take the painful plunge into the underworld just yet.

“Silly girl, you’re a lot younger than I am, so I’m sure you’ll outlive me,” Jiang Zhengkai warmly replied he played with her hair, “You’ve got to keep on living.  We still need to see our child grow up!”

“No, you can’t die before me!  You can’t leave me all alone in this world!” pleaded A-Jiao as she raised her head, tears sparkling in her eyes.  Jiang Zhengkai could only smile at the sight of her face.  What else could he say?  He was a dozen years older than A-Jiao, so in accordance to statistical probability, it was much more likely she would outlive him than the other way around.  Of course, he didn’t know about A-Jiao’s connection to A-Tao, so he thought about this the way a normal person would.  He was a cop, not a god.  In his eyes, he only observed that A-Jiao liked to cry a lot recently, which made him feel even greater affection towards her.

“Tell me!  If I died first, would you miss me?” A-Jiao asked again when she saw that Jiang Zhengkai hadn’t answered her the first time.  Women always liked asking their men these types of questions even though women on average have longer life expectancies than men.  Perhaps it was because they spent more time thinking about matters of life and death than men.  Maybe that’s why they lived longer than menfolk.

“Of course I will!” Jiang Zhengkai helplessly answered.  He knew in A-Jiao’s mind, she only thought of what would happen if she died before him, but gave no thought of what would happen if he died before her.

“That’s more like it!” said A-Jiao as she lay her head back down on Jiang Zhengkai’s shoulder, “If one day I were to die, please plant a purple iris in my memory…”

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