Chapter 42: My Dad Is Li Gang

Killer Nights

Chapter 42: My Dad Is Li Gang

Time passed second by second, minute by minute.  When the clock turned to 8:20, the alarm on Jiang Zhengkai’s alarm went off.  As the alarm rang on, he finally shifted his attention away from A-Jiao’s window.  Yes, it’s time to pick up Ren Ziyuan.  As this thought entered into his mind, he hesitated for a bit before starting the car again and driving off into the night.

At the preschool, the children were just about wrapping up at A-Jiao’s evening tutor class.  Parents and guardians waiting to pick up their children lined the preschool’s halls.  A-Jiao very carefully turned over each child to their respective caregivers and then had each of them sign out on the attendance log.  Ever since Feng Lina was abducted and attacked, A-Jiao added this extra precaution for her students.  Even though she knew A-Tao had taken care of that sick pervert, nobody could guarantee that something like that wouldn’t happen again.

After she was done with everything at the preschool, it was already 8:30.  A-Jiao gathered her belongings and walked out the preschool’s front door.  She stood outside and looked all over, but Jiang Zhengkai’s car never came into sight.  She looked down at her purse and took out her cell phone.  It was already past 8:30.  She bit her lips and leaned on the outer walls of the preschool, muttering, “Ai!  Looks like I still haven’t replaced A-Jiao in Uncle Policeman’s heart...”  She didn’t know if she should be happy or sad at that fact.

In fact, Jiang Zhengkai had parked his car at a byroad not far from the preschool.  The only thing that stopped him from going further was a feeling that accepting Ren Ziyuan’s advances meant that he was somehow betraying A-Jiao.  He only loved A-Jiao, even though this Ren Ziyuan woman looked almost identical to A-Jiao.  Still, they were two different people, so almost the same wasn’t the same as exactly the same.

“Is class over, Miss Ren?”  A BMW pulled up beside A-Jiao, and Li Hongbin’s head popped out from inside the car, “Hop in!  I’ll give you a lift.”

“Hey hey, look who it is!” A-Jiao said sarcastically while her body continued to lean up against the preschool’s wall, “My dear Prince Xu, don’t you have to be with Cui Jing?”

“Her?  Naw,” Li Hongbin shook his head, while a great big smile appeared on his face, “Miss Ren, you know I’ve always liked you.”  As he spoke, he grabbed a large bouquet of roses from the passenger seat.  It looks like this fellow came well prepared.

“Really?”  A-Jiao’s face lit up with a bright smile, and her normally shallow dimples became deeper than usual.  “I guess a thank you is in order for you, Brother Xu,” she said to Li Hongbin with a softness that was unique to the female sex.

“Don’t… mention… don’t mention it.”  Seeing A-Jiao acting that way caused Li Hongbin to nervously gulp down a mouthful of air.  A former prostitute finding the right words to seduce a dirty-minded playboy was practically a walk in the park.

“But… I must respectfully decline,” A-Jiao said as her face immediately hardened, “Why don’t you go back to your Cui Jing?  Don’t think I won’t tell her about what you did tonight!”

“Haha…” Li Hongbin let out a malicious cackle upon hearing what A-Jiao said.  Apparently, A-Jiao had underestimated the level of Li Hongbin’s shamelessness.  Li Hongbin had long lusted with a fiery passion for A-Jiao, so it was without surprise that he didn’t heed her warning.  In his eyes, all the women in the world were just his personal playthings.  If he wanted A-Jiao, then he wouldn’t stop until he had her.  He got out of his BMW and walked over to A-Jiao.  He then stuck his arm out onto the preschool wall near where A-Jiao’s ear was and said in a low voice, “Ziyuan, let’s go play together.  Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to treat you right.”

“Really?”  A-Jiao slowly moved her hands in front of her body and bent one of her legs so that the heel touched the wall.  She was already preparing herself for a sudden attack by Li Hongbin.  Fending off these sissy playboy types was as easy as taking candy from a baby.  A-Jiao pushed her face next to Li Hongbin’s and said, “Brother Xu, Heaven gave you a handsome face, but the only use you’ve found for it is for seducing women?”  After she finished speaking, A-Jiao leaned her head back against the wall and started giggling uncontrollably.

Even though what A-Jiao said was quite mean, Li Hongbin wasn’t put off because he had been entranced by A-Jiao’s girly laughter.  He leapt right at A-Jiao’s body, but suddenly there was a cry of “ow!”  When the two bodies collided, Li Hongbin shrieked like a pig at the slaughterhouse.  He then used both his hands to grab his private parts as he struggled to stay standing.  Obviously, A-Jiao used her already bent leg to kick this man in his junk right when he was closest to her.

“You fucking bitch!” Li Hongbin cursed A-Jiao even as he vigorously rubbed his nuts.  Apparently, A-Jiao had one mean kick.  Still, with Li Hongbin right beside her, A-Jiao was careful not to turn her back on him.  She knew that a humiliated spoiled brats like Li Hongbin was capable of doing just about anything.

Some distance away, Jiang Zhengkai saw everything that was happening.  He got out of his police cruiser and quickly ran towards where A-Jiao and Li Hongbin were.  However, when he was still approximately 20 meters away, Li Hongbin stood up once more.

“You little whore!” Li Hongbin muttered as he came for A-Jiao again.  A-Jiao jumped out of the way, which caused Li Hongbin to faceplant into the ground.  Even though A-Jiao was very quick on her feet, she knew that successfully evading a healthy young man was no simple feat.  As the two of them continued their “dance,” another man suddenly jumped out from behind Li Hongbin.  He punched Li Hongbin straight in the back of the head and then kicked him right in the crotch.  “Ow ah!” Li Hongbin let out a strange cry as he fell to the ground.  “Yah!” screamed the other man as he savagely kicked Li Hongbin in the belly before stomping on it.  “Ah, oi!” Li Hongbin made a string of pig-like noises as the other man continued his assault.

“A-Meng, stop!” A-Jiao yelled in panic just as the man bent down and raised his fist in preparation to strike Li Hongbin’s temple.  “Stop!  You’re going to kill him!”

“You stupid son of a bitch!  Do you know who I am?” Li Hongbin shouted in between sobs while lying on the ground, “My dad is Li Gang!”  (Translator’s note: “My dad is Li Gang” is a popular catchphrase in China.  Google it if you want to know the origin of that catchphrase.)

“Li Gang?” A-Meng coolly responded to Li Hongbin, “Haha, then my dad is Qin Shihuang (aka the First Emperor)!”  As he spoke, A-Meng punched Li Hongbin’s face again.

“Ah, oi!”  Li Hongbin cried again as he spit out three of his teeth.  Clearly, A-Meng was not deterred by Li Hongbin’s claim that Li Gang was his father.  Furthermore, A-Meng had no idea who the hell Li Gang even was.

“What’s going on here?” asked two police officers as they exited from a patrolling squad car.  They first looked at the prone Li Hongbin and then looked at A-Meng.

Upon seeing his saviors, Li Hongbin tried to hurriedly speak out of his busted up mouth, “Thank God… officers… he… he...”  Unfortunately, he was missing three teeth, so speaking coherently wasn’t exactly his forte right now.

“Officers!  He molested me!” A-Jiao interjected as she rushed up to place herself between the two police officers and A-Meng.  A-Meng still had one foot on Li Hongbin’s belly, and he couldn’t care less what the police officers wanted.  Per his hand-to-hand combat skills, he could easily take on four police officers, not to mention two, as long as they didn’t draw their sidearms, that is.

“Alright, this lady is telling the truth,” Jiang Zhengkai said as he walked over and flashed his badge at the two beat cops.  “I saw everything.  Just two young guys fighting over a girl.  Happens all the time.”  A-Meng didn’t know who Li Gang was, but Jiang Zhengkai sure did.  If A-Meng ended up at the station tonight, he would be in a world of hurt.

“Is that right?”  The two patrolmen looked at Jiang Zhengkai’s badge and then looked again at Li Hongbin, “Is that what happened?”

“Yes!”  Li Hongbin felt the pressure on his belly increasing, so he had no choice but to concur, “Yes… that’s right!”

“You can remove that foot now,” Jiang Zhengkai glanced at A-Meng, “There’s no need to beat someone up that badly!  You guys know each other, so you’ll have to make up eventually.”  Upon hearing what Jiang Zhengkai had said, Li Gang complied with his demand and removed his foot from Li Hongbin’s body.  He then tilted his head and looked at Li Hongbin.

“Do you want to file a report?” the police officers asked Li Hongbin, who was still lying on the ground.

“No!  We’re all… friends,” Li Hongbin spoke with a slight lisp caused by his missing teeth.  He might be a good-for-nothing playboy, but he wasn’t stupid.  Even though his father was the commander of a police sub-bureau, this place wasn’t in his father’s precinct.  He knew that if he went into the station to file a report, then there was a good chance he would also be investigated for molesting A-Jiao, and he was reasonably certain he wouldn’t be able to get off scot free either.

“Alright, let’s go then!”  The two patrol officers looked at each other, saluted Jiang Zhengkai, then got in their squad car and left the scene.

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