Chapter 36: A-Tao's Revenge

Killer Nights

Chapter 36: A-Tao's Revenge

In a society increasingly governed by the rule of law, the actions of the police are subject to ever greater restrictions.  Although these restrictions do help to guarantee the privacy and rights of law-abiding citizens, they also make it harder to arrest and prosecute law-breaking criminals.  Sometimes, when the law cannot provide the justice you require, perhaps it is time to look for alternative forms of justice.

The day after Wei Xin’s funeral, A-Meng brought four of his homeboys and showed up at a certain man’s apartment.  “You really know how to play, don’t you?” A-Meng said.  Immediately, the man was firmly restrained by A-Meng’s homeboys, while A-Meng gently stroked the man’s hair.

“What… what are you doing?” the man asked A-Meng through gritted teeth.  He didn’t recognize A-Meng.  Perhaps A-Meng hadn’t been involved in the humiliation he’d received at the internet cafe.

“Oh, so you think you’re a tough guy, huh?” A-Meng taunted, before punching the man straight in the mouth.  Several of the man’s teeth fell onto the floor as fresh blood oozed out of his mouth.

“Not so tough now, are you?” A-Meng jeered as he lowered his head to look at the man.  He grabbed a handful of the man’s hair.  “Want to give up now?”  he said as he landed another punch on the man’s nose.

One of his homeboys ended a phone call.  “Brother Meng, that call was for you.  It was Brother Long.  He said he found the place where this cocksucker raped those women.”

“Excellent!” A-Meng exclaimed as he rubbed his fist.  He immediately struck the man in the temple.  The blow made a muffled thump sound as the man’s head drooped down; he had been knocked out cold.

“Take him away!  Give Brother Tao a call.  Tell him we’ve got the rat bastard.”  A-Meng then pointed at the man’s rental home and barked, “Destroy everything!  Burn this bitch down!  I want nothing left standing!”

At the construction site, where the man had violated those women, were gathered over a dozen young men.  A-Meng and A-Long stood on either side of A-Tao in protective flanking positions, while lying on the floor was that disgusting animal of a man.

“You don’t look like you have nine lives,” A-Tao commented as he glanced at the man on the ground.  He rubbed his bald head with his hand, walked over to the man, and savagely kicked him in the stomach with his steel-toed combat boots.

“Ah!” the man gasped with a wretched cry as he was kicked back into consciousness.  He mumbled, “You… you don’t got the balls to kill me…”  At that moment, he no longer had the ability to enunciate his words clearly, since A-Meng had just performed “oral surgery” on him.

“Good!  I like a hard man,” A-Tao said.  He straight-up kicked the man’s lower jaw, sending him flying.  Now the man could no longer open his mouth at all, because his lower jaw had been dislocated by A-Tao’s kick, with his mandible having been completely broken.

“What, cat got your tongue?” taunted A-Tao.  He walked over and brutally kicked the man in the chest with an audible snap.  It looked like the man’s ribs had been broken.

“Motherfucker!” cursed A-Tao as he cracked his neck left and right, the veins on his neck clearly visible.  “You might be able to talk the talk, but you suck at walking the walk,” he taunted, then spat in the man’s face.

The expression on the man’s face was a combination of fear and hopelessness as he sensed that death was near.  He knew that today he had met his match.

“Pick him up!” A-Tao pointed at the man on the ground.  “I’m going to kill him slowly.”

His underlings complied and immediately tied him up the way he had tied up those women he’d violated.  Once A-Tao saw that they had finished, he walked over and yelled, “Not tight enough!”  He stepped on the man’s back and forcibly pulled on his arm.  The man’s throat made a muffled noise, as he no longer had the ability to open his mouth.

“Fuck, it’s still not tight enough!  Bring me some razor wire!” said A-Tao before he tossed the man back onto the ground.  His combat boot kicked the man’s soft tendons, which caused the man to make an oh sound.

Once A-Tao’s men returned with razor wire, they proceeded to bind the man in it, leaving thin streaks of blood oozing from his skin.  A-Tao contently pointed at the man and said, “Flip him over and have some fun, brothers!”

Following A-Tao’s orders, his underlings walked over to the man and flipped him over so his back was facing them.  On this night, a male-only gangbang was underway.  The man on the ground made bursts of rough sounds.  Perhaps he was begging for his life, or perhaps he was begging for death, but his life was no longer in his own hands.  It was now in the hands of the dozen or so young men that surrounded him.  Tonight, they were both angels and demons.  Regardless, they were doing what the police could not.  Only when demons punished other demons could one get a sense of what true cruelty is.

“Looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves!”  When A-Tao saw his underlings had finished doing to the man something that should naturally happen between a man and a woman, he walked back over to the man and squatted down next to him.  “Are you not feeling well?  How about I get you some ointment?” said A-Tao.  He then stuck his hand out and yelled, “Bring me a pot of hot oil!”

Behind A-Tao, one of his men brought out a pot of boiling oil and handed it over to him.  A-Tao took the pot and poured it straight onto the man’s body.

“Ah, ah!” the man screeched as his body writhed in pain.  The writhing quickly turned to twitching as he contracted into a fetal position.

“What a waste!” A-Tao said in disappointment as he took a couple of steps back.  He threw the heated pot at the man’s body, which caused him to moan in pain once more.

“Brother Tao, I don’t think this bastard is going to last much longer,” A-Meng said as he approached A-Tao.

“What a shame!” said A-Tao.  He walked over and stepped on the man’s body as he reached over and grabbed the man’s genitals.  Pulling with all his strength, he was able to rip off the man’s testicles with his bare hands.

The man on the ground immediately went into a frenzy…

The next morning, someone found a dead body in front of Wei Xin’s grave.  Lying on the ground was the body of a man bound into the shape of a frog.  Most of the flesh on the body had been cut away, and most of the bones had been broken.

Yao Tianyu and Jiang Zhengkai rushed to the police cemetery with several other police officers.  Nobody said anything.  None of the officers there really wanted to investigate this man’s murder, and none of them cared who he was.  All they knew was that the Triads had removed a degenerate off the streets.  As for the reason why the Triads would do this, only Jiang Zhengkai knew.

After the police had removed the man’s body, Yao Tianyu and Jiang Zhengkai returned to their police cruiser.  “The Bald Wolf did this!” Yao Tianyu’s voice emanated from behind Jiang Zhengkai’s car seat.  “Only he could employ such cruel methods.”  Jiang Zhengkai said nothing.  He just nodded his head and silently drove in the direction of the municipal police headquarters.

Jiang Zhengkai left work very early today.  However, after returning home, he didn’t make dinner, or even eat at all.  He just sat blankly on the living room sofa.  In his home, if he didn’t feel like eating, nobody felt like eating, because his wife and daughter were on the wall opposite the sofa, forever smiling at him.

Five years ago, Jiang Zhengkai had a happy family.  His wife Su Jing was an elementary school teacher.  His daughter, Jiang Xinyi, was three years old at the time, and she was attending the preschool attached to where Su Jing was working.  Life could have been very tranquil, until that fateful day…

* *

“Jiang, Zhou’s stomach ulcers are acting up again.  Can you cover for him?” asked Inspector Yao Tianyu, as he entered Jiang Zhengkai’s office at the end of the workday. Back then, he’d been commander of the investigative task force.

“Yes, Inspector Yao,” Jiang Zhengkai replied.  He called Su Jing and told her he would be working overtime.

On that night, a large net was quietly closing.  The operation to apprehend the Triad boss Xue Wanchun was in its final stages.  According to tips provided by police informants, Xue Wanchun would visit one of the city’s bathhouses.  This was an extremely dangerous man, a former special forces soldier who was wanted for a long list of felonies, including murder, robbery, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.

The operation was kept under the utmost secrecy.  Even those officers who were involved in the operation didn’t know the true nature of their mission.  Because Jiang Zhengkai had to cover for the suddenly gastritis-stricken Zhou, he suddenly found himself involved in the operation as well.

As the clock struck midnight, the operation was set into motion.  Soon, a fierce gun battle raged inside the bathhouse.  Xue Wanchun and his armed bodyguards offered fierce resistance.  Eventually, Xue Wanchun was able to fight his way out of the police encirclement with the help of two of his bodyguards.  They charged out the back door of the bathhouse, right into a half dozen police officers under Jiang Zhengkai’s command who had been waiting in ambush.

“Put your hands over your head!” the People’s Armed Police (PAP) officer Zhang Songnian ordered as he stood up with his submachine gun raised.  However, the words had barely left his mouth when they were drowned out by the pop of gunfire, as a bullet found its mark in the middle of his forehead.

Under the hail of bullets, Xue Wanchun, armed with his Type 54 pistol, immediately ducked behind a large column.  His two bodyguards were not so lucky.  They were caught out in the open and quickly fell under the unrelenting gunfire.

“Xue Wanchun!  You’re surrounded!  There’s nowhere for you to go!” yelled Inspector Zhao Yongjun, the investigative task force’s deputy commander, as he hid behind cover with his pistol at the ready.  However, the only reply he received were a couple of gunshots fired in his direction.

Jiang Zhengkai’s current position was on the other side of the large column.  He was in the best place to outflank Xue Wanchun’s position and attack him from the rear.  He quietly gestured to Zhang Yongjun.  The latter understood Jiang Zhengkai’s intentions at once, and immediately laid down fierce covering fire.  Under fire, Xue Wanchun directed all of his attention at Zhao Yongjun, and was caught completely by surprise when Jiang Zhengkai rolled up on him and shot him in the thigh.

“Boss!”  At this moment, several of Xue Wanchun’s henchmen bolted out of the bathhouse in a vain attempt to save their boss.  Having lost the advantage of cover, they were immediately gunned down by the police.

Xue Wanchun straightened himself up and shot another PAP officer.  “Run, you idiots!  Get the hell out of here!”

“Jiang, kill that bastard!” Zhao Yongjun loudly ordered.  Seconds later, Jiang Zhengkai’s gun fired again.  This time, the bullet entered Xue Wanchun’s temple, ending his miserable life once and for all...

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