Chapter 29: The Woman in the Ditch

Killer Nights

Chapter 29: The Woman in the Ditch

“Hey Liu Na, is Wei Xin in the office?”  Jiang Zhengkai had called Wei Xin on her cell phone, but she didn’t pick up, so he’d decided to call her desk phone at the sub-bureau.  Her officemate Liu Na was the one who answered.

“No, Inspector Jiang,” Liu Na replied over the phone.

“I see.  Thank you,” Jiang Zhengkai said as he hung up.  “Where the hell could that girl be?” he quietly complained.  Wei Xin was normally a very hardworking police officer, so it wasn’t like her to skip out on work without telling anybody.  Perhaps she was physically and mentally exhausted from working this case and needed to relax for a bit.  In any case, Jiang Zhengkai decided he would go back and re-inspect the crime scene.

Meanwhile, a young man with a shaved head ran into an internet cafe and yelled at the cafe’s owner, A-Tao, “Brother Tao, there’s a woman in the ditch!”

“Goddamn it, why the hell are you yelling in broad daylight?” A-Tao snarled back at the boy as he slapped him upside the head.  He turned around and shouted, “A-Long, A-Meng, and the rest of you, come with me and check things out!”  Four or five more tattooed young men in the internet cafe stood up and followed him outside.

Behind the cafe was a dried-up drainage ditch, and inside that ditch was a naked woman.  Her body was bound up into a strange shape like a frog.  It was clear that she had been dumped here after having experienced an excruciating amount of torment.

“Who the fuck did this?” A-Tao cursed at the sight of this woman in the ditch.  “I wonder who has balls big enough to fuck around in my neighborhood.  Alright, let’s get her out of the ditch.”

Upon hearing his order, all the young men that came with him from the cafe went down into the ditch and lifted the woman out of there.  A-Tao looked her over.  “Any of you recognize her?  How come she doesn’t look like any of those girls from the alley?”  The others looked at her for a while, but they didn’t recognize her either.  “Goddamn it!  Does nobody know who this girl is?  Maybe we should call over a couple more guys to see if they recognize her.”  A-Tao gripped the woman’s face and turned it left and right, when he realized that she was still alive.  “She’s still breathing!  Tell those guys to hurry up and get over here!”

Soon, a group of more than twenty young men surrounded the poor woman.  They stared at her like they were looking at a piece of art.  “Doesn’t anyone recognize her?” A-Tao demanded, impatiently pointing at the woman and cracking his neck.  “Fuck’s sake!  Nobody at all?”

“Bro…”  A man named A-Gui finally stood out from the crowd. “I think… I think she’s a cop…”

“A cop?”  A-Tao crouched down again and gave the woman another doubtful glance.  “Goddamn!  Times sure are a-changin’!  Can’t believe someone managed to fuck up a cop this bad.”  He beckoned A-Gui over to where the woman was lying on the ground.  “Look at her carefully and tell me if she’s really a pig or not.”

A-Gui got down on his hands and knees and looked at the woman for a long while.  “Yes!  She is a cop!  I’m sure of it!” he said at last.

“Motherfuck!” A-Tao cursed as he viciously kicked the woman in the stomach.  The woman immediately let out a rodent-like screech.  There was still a gag stuffed in her mouth, and blood started streaming out around it.

“Everybody line up for a gangbang,” A-Tao said as he rubbed his head with his hand.

“Wait, Brother Tao!” exclaimed A-Meng as he ran up to stop him.  A-Meng said in a low voice, “Brother Tao, we can’t just kill a cop like that.  Plus, we weren’t the ones who did this to her, so there’s no reason to put ourselves in danger either.”

“True,” A-Tao grudgingly agreed, before quickly turning around.  “Then what do you propose we do with her?”

“How about… how about we give her a golden shower?” suggested A-Meng.  “Afterwards, we’ll just throw her back in the ditch.”

“Not a bad idea.  You think pretty quick on your feet.  I like that,” A-Tao pointed at A-Meng in agreement.  He gestured towards a couple of the others.  “A-Long and A-Biao, you two go get a couple buckets of raw sewage!”  Then he turned back towards the woman.  “Right, everybody else, get ready to take a piss.”

A-Long was on his way back from collecting dirty dish water from a nearby restaurant when he heard someone calling his name.  “What’s the rush, A-Long?”  He promptly stopped in his tracks and saw a girl dressed in traditional Tibetan attire staring at him from the entrance of the internet cafe.

“Heh!  Did the planets align today or something?  We just ran into one bitch, and now here comes another,” A-Long said to A-Biao as he pointed at the girl.

“Yeah, tell me about it!  Maybe we can fuck this one after we’ve given the other one her shower,” replied A-Biao.  Obviously, neither of these idiots realized that the girl standing in front of them was A-Jiao.

“Motherfuckers!  I’m gone for a few days, and you sons of bitches have already forgotten who the fuck I am?” yelled A-Jiao.  She walked up to A-Long and gave him a hard kick in his private parts.  Unprepared for such a vicious assault from a woman, A-Long neither leapt out of the way nor blocked the kick.  Instead, he let out a soft ow as he grabbed his crotch and fell to the ground.

“Remember me now, motherfucker?” asked A-Jiao with arms akimbo.

“Ye… yeah…” A-Long replied painfully from the ground.  “Sister A-Jiao, you… you’re back?”

“Where is everyone?” A-Jiao asked.  She impatiently shook her leg as she fell back into her boss lady persona.

“They’re all out back, ma’am!” A-Biao nervously answered A-Jiao.  “This morning, A-Jiang found some woman.  So Brother Tao took us all around back to take a look.”

“Really?  A woman?  What kind of woman?” A-Jiao asked disdainfully.  “Look at you worthless sacks of shit.  The only thing you know how to do is push women around, isn’t it?

“No, ma’am.  That woman’s a pig,” A-Long replied as he stood up with his hand still cupping his crotch.  “That was one hard kick.”

“Oh, did I break it?  I’m sorry.  Maybe you can swap it out for a rubber dildo.  Those last longer than your little thing,” A-Jiao mercilessly teased A-Long.  She headed straight for the rear of the internet cafe, never bothering to look back.

“Brother Tao!  What are you guys playing with?”  From far away, A-Jiao saw a group of men congregated around a drainage ditch.  They were all holding onto their pants for some reason.  Among them was the familiar form of a tall, muscular, and bald man: A-Tao.

“Haha!  A-Jiao!”  A-Tao recognized A-Jiao’s voice and hurriedly zipped up his pants, before turning around to welcome her with open arms.  “Baby girl, I’ve missed you so much.  Did you miss me?”

“Ha, you wish!” A-Jiao charmingly teased as she wrapped her arm around A-Tao’s waist.  “So Brother Tao, what are you guys playing with?  You all seem to be having a lot of fun, yet nobody remembered to invite me to the party?”

“It’s nothing.  Just some slut!” A-Tao replied as he casually pointed at the woman on the ground.  “Don’t worry.  She’s not from the alley.  This one’s a pig.”

“A cop?” A-Jiao curiously asked.  She leaned in for a closer look of the woman’s face. “...Wei Xin?”

“Wait, you know her?” A-Tao asked A-Jiao with some amazement.

“What the hell are you all doing?” yelled A-Jiao as she pushed A-Tao away.  “Does it really take all of you men to bully this poor woman?”

“I… I didn’t do anything!” A-Tao tried to explain as he backed away from A-Jiao.  “Everyone here is a witness!  They can all tell you I didn’t do anything.  We were taking a piss, that’s all.”

“Then she…” A-Jiao said as she pointed at Wei Xin, “she…”  Suddenly, A-Jiao’s face twitched once, as something dawned upon her.  She abruptly turned and walking away.

“Jiao!  What are you doing?  You’re not mad at me, are you?  I promise not to mess around with a girl like this again!”  As A-Jiao stalked off in anger, A-Tao immediately chased after her.  “Baby girl, I didn’t know you knew her.  You know me, I fucking hate pigs.”

“Throw her back into the ditch,” A-Jiao said through tears.  She forced herself to calm down.  “And call the police!  Don’t tell them I was here, though.  Oh, and you might want to save yourselves the trouble of taking a trip down to the police station, so don’t tell them what you were doing just now either.”

“Okay, I got it.  So where are you going now?” A-Tao asked.

“I’m going back to my old house,” A-Jiao replied.  “You can find me there if you need me!”

As she walked away, A-Meng came running up.  “Brother Tao, I think A-Jiao’s got something on her mind,” A-Meng said softly in his ear.

“Don’t worry about her.  She’ll be alright,” A-Tao responded as he swept his bald head with his hand.  He pointed back towards Wei Xin and ordered, “Throw her back into the ditch!  And use the dirty dish water to wash away our… DNA.  Then call the police!  Make sure she doesn’t die before the police get here.”

“Got it, Brother Tao!  I know what to do,” A-Meng acknowledged as he went to work.

The old house that A-Jiao had mentioned was an old residential building located right next to the internet cafe.  One of the units inside had once belonged to A-Jiao’s maternal grandparents, but it had become A-Jiao’s after they’d passed away, even though the deed was technically still listed under her mother’s name: Lin Yunfang.

A-Jiao sat on the bed and held a big-headed teddy bear.  A continuous stream of tears flowed down her face.  She wasn’t sad for Wei Xin; rather, seeing her like that reminded of the time when she herself was attacked.  The one who’d hurt Wei Xin was clearly the same bastard who had hurt her, although that was not something she wanted to share with A-Tao.  Still, she did know that if A-Tao ever found out the truth of what had happened to her, he would most definitely track down that bastard and tear him to a thousand pieces with his bare hands.  

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