Chapter 151: An Accident Happened

Jiang Zhengkai’s current life was very laid-back and easy-going. Besides his one task of reporting to the prosecutor’s office at a scheduled time, he could stay at home and take care of A-Jiao. From morning and evening, he was like any other married man, going to the vegetable market with a cloth bag. Then, he would bring some fresh vegetables home and cook a delicious meal for A-Jiao. Time flew by in such a dull, insipid manner. More than half a month passed by peacefully, their city life a serene change of pace. Of course, the alley was also tranquil in its own way. The women were hard at work and earning money. The haze of the murder case seemed to have lifted completely.


A-Jiao had another checkup today. In the past, A-Jiao had gone to her previous pregnancy checkups with Cui Jing as A-Jiao didn’t want to bother Jiang Zhengkai with her affairs when she knew that Jiang Zhengkai was busy with work. But this time, Jiang Zhengkai had been suspended and finally had the chance to fulfill his duty as a husband.


Early that morning, A-Jiao rushed to the hospital with Jiang Zhengkai. Cui Jing did not give up the chance to accompany A-Jiao even though Jiang Zhengkai was available because she was going abroad soon. She and A-Meng had already bought their tickets, and the two of them would fly directly to Paris next week. This would be Cui Jing's last time accompanying A-Jiao for the pregnancy checkup. Naturally, she wouldn't miss this opportunity.


"Aiya! Did the busy man personally come today?” As soon as Cui Jing saw Jiang Zhengkai, she teased him playfully. A-Jiao naturally hadn’t told her about Jiang Zhengkai's suspension.


"Yeah! Nothing is as important as my wife," Jiang Zhengkai said as he placed his arm around A-Jiao’s shoulders and gently hugged her.


"Oh! Well said." Cui Jing shot a furtive glance at him before asking, "Then, why didn’t I see you here before?"


“I always had you!” A-Jiao shot a glance fiercely at Cui Jing. “Don’t be so meddlesome!”


"Aiya! How awful, how awful!" Cui Jing replied teasingly after hearing A-Jiao's words. "After some women get married, they then always think that their men is correct, don't they?" After that, she linked her arm with A-Jiao’s. "I say, co-mother-in-law, should I start humoring you already? Otherwise, my daughter might lose interest in your son in the future.”


"That’s what you think!" A-Jiao glanced fiercely at Cui Jing, but a shy smile on her face revealed her true thoughts. Then, accompanied by Jiang Zhengkai and Cui Jing, she entered Dr. Wang's consulting room.


Since A-Jiao used to be a prostitute, she had chosen Dr. Wang as her Ob-Gyn doctor as she wanted a doctor who was already familiar with her health conditions. However, the old Mrs. Wang was far less adept at childbirth than at women issues.


"Zhengkai, you’re here with Ziyuan?" When Dr. Wang saw that Jiang Zhengkai was accompanying A-Jiao, she greeted him politely. Old Mrs. Wang was getting on in her years, but was unlike many elderly women, she didn’t like to talk and gossip. Regardless of whatever name was listed on the patient's medical record, she would always call her patients by their preferred names. As for A-Jiao's former career, she had never mentioned it to anyone, including Yao Tianyu. She believed that since A-Jiao had chosen to start anew, then one of her duties as a close confidant of A-Jiao’s was to help her forget the past.


"Hello, Dr. Wang." Jiang Zhengkai also greeted Dr. Wang politely, and then concernedly asked, "Please examined Ziyuan’s body, she... How is she doing?"


"Nothing serious!" Dr. Wang smiled and responded, "She takes good care of herself and has always been very careful! As long as she doesn’t get too excited, there won't be any problems.” At this point, she pointed to the examination bed. "Okay! Lie down and I'll do some check-ups. You two, please go and wait outside.”


Jiang Zhengkai and Cui Jing helped A-Jiao onto the hospital bed. Then, they both withdrew from the room and stood in the corridor outside. While Jiang Zhengkai and Cui Jing were patiently waiting for the results, two men in prosecutor uniforms approached Jiang Zhengkai.


"Hello, are you Jiang Zhengkai?" one of the prosecutors asked.


"Yes, I am." Jiang Zhengkai answered.


"Very well. Come with us!" The prosecutor took out a piece of paper and showed it to him. "This is the arrest warrant for you. Take a look! Sign your name and come with us quietly."


“Oh!" Looking embarrassed, Jiang Zhengkai assented. Then, he pleaded in a low voice, "You see, my wife is getting a maternity check-up inside. Is it possible for me to send her home first?"


"Sorry! That’s out of the question,” the prosecutor answered. Then he pointed to Cui Jing, who was standing beside Jiang Zhengkai. "Isn't she here? I don't think your wife needs two escorts, does she?”


"Then can I wait for her to finish the check-up and tell her about what’s going on?" Jiang Zhengkai continued to ask for some time before leaving.


"There is no need!" The prosecutor's deadpan reply was very business-like.


"Oh! So... ok." Jiang Zhengkai looked at Cui Jing pleadingly. "Sorry to trouble you! Please help me take care of her.” Jiang Zhengkai looked back at the examination room one last time and then left the hospital with the two prosecutors.


Cui Jing was shocked by what had just taken place. She couldn’t even process it for a moment. So, naturally, she didn't respond to Jiang Zhengkai's words. She just stood in the corridor staring into space blankly. 


"Alright, we're done!" Less than a minute later, Dr. Wang opened the examination room door. "You guys… huh? Where’s Zhengkai?”


"He... He was… taken away… by some prosecutors," Cui Jing responded monotonously like a stunned child, answering in a sporadic manner.


"What? The prosecutor’s office?" Dr. Wang stood there in dismay. "What happened?"


"I... I don't know." Cui Jing shook her head in confusion.


"What are you talking about?" At this time, A-Jiao left the bed, coming out of the examination room. "Where's my husband?" She blinked at Cui Jing and then looked at Dr. Wang.


"Ziyuan, he... he was..." Cui Jing wanted to tell A-Jiao the truth, but was afraid of shocking A-Jiao. She hesitated for a moment and did not know how to tell her.


"Tell me, what happened to him?" A-Jiao could tell that something was going on. She shook Cui Jing's arm. Obviously, she was very emotional now. "What on earth happened?"


"He was taken away by some prosecutors..." Cui Jing repeated, mumbling.


"What? They took him away? Why? No way! I'm going to go find him." A-Jiao ran out of the hospital as if she were possessed by a demon. She was running, not walking, though her movements were strange. 


"You! Go after her! " Dr. Wang pushed Cui Jing in A-Jiao’s direction. "Go! Don't let her fall or hurt herself!"


At the urging of Dr. Wang, Cui Jing rushed out, closely behind A-Jiao. Then, she followed A-Jiao out of the hospital and flag a taxi to the prosecutor’s office.


With Cui Jing, A-Jiao soon arrived at the doorstep of the prosecutor’s office. The two women hurried inside. They explained their situation to the reception staff for a long time. But in the end, A-Jiao’s wishes weren’t granted; unfortunately, A-Jiao wouldn’t be able to see Jiang Zhengkai for the time being.


A-Jiao and Cui Jing had just exited the prosecutor’s office building when a car stopped beside them. A middle-aged man and two young men came out of the car. One of the young men looked at A-Jiao before whispering something to the middle-aged man. Then he approached A-Jiao on his own while the other two went to the prosecutor’s office.


"Beauty, what a coincidence it is to see you here again." The young man looked at A-Jiao with a playful expression.


"You are..." A-Jiao looked at him in bewilderment.


"Hey! You seem to have had too many men, huh?" The young man sarcastically jabbed at A-Jiao. "But, this young master cannot forget you! Aren't you amazing? What? Which bastard’s child are you carrying for free?"


“It's you!” After A-Jiao heard the young man’s words, she suddenly remembered the man she had kicked in the alley that day. That's right. It's him!


"That's right! It's me," the young man replied with disdain, "What about it? You have no skills now? Weren’t you great? Let’s see who’s more amazing, you or me!”


“It's you! Is this all your set-up?” A-Jiao looked at the young man and screamed hysterically. 


"Set-up? What set-up? the young man replied contemptuously, "You reap what you sow!" He turned around and left. A-Jiao grabbed the young man's arm and knelt on the ground with soft legs. "Please, I beg you! I’m begging you, okay? Take me, not my husband!"


"Haha! Take you?" The young man turned around. He gritted his teeth and looked at A-Jiao fiercely. "Are you my match?" After that, he lifted his leg and kicked viciously at A-Jiao...

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