Chapter 150: Suspended

Sui Zhongyi was dead! No one expected that he would end his life so unceremoniously.


Before his death, the government had spent more than a hundred thousand dollars treating him. Now, it was like that money had been poured down the drain. Perhaps Sui Zhongyi was right. The money he had spent on the Hope Project was cleaner than that which the government had spent on him. 


The day after Sui Zhongyi died, A-Jiao went to the hospital. She had good news for Jiang Zhengkai. She was pregnant! Jiang Zhengkai was over the moon to hear the news. He had lost his ex-wife and daughter once. But soon, he would be a father again. This was definitely great news to him.


With this news, Jiang Zhengkai went to ask Yao Tianyu to grant his wedding leave. Yao Tianyu was stupefied at first, but soon became happy for him. Without any hesitation, he granted Jiang Zhengkai’s request immediately.


Jiang Zhengkai and A-Jiao then started preparing for their wedding and planning for the baby. During this period, the alley was peaceful. No one was murdered. Though the murderer had not been arrested by the police, everyone felt that he would never kill again.


A-Sha and A-Shun also left the alley that they had stayed in for such a long time. One of them left the city and was never heard from again. The other became a hotel owner and moved out of the alley with his family. As for the prostitutes in the alley, they resumed selling their bodies as usual. Everyone had to work to survive, and survival was more important than their dignity.


After six peaceful months had passed, it was now nearly spring. A-Jiao’s pregnant belly was obvious by now. She didn’t feel lonely during her pregnancy as her good friend, Cui Jing, was always by her side.


“Where’s your husband, Ziyuan?” After getting off work, Cui Jing walked A-Jiao home and grumbled, “You’re pregnant! Why didn’t you ask him to pick you up? Didn’t he enjoy doing that before?” 


“It’s okay! He’s busy,” A-Jiao always replied with the same answer as ever in a blush. “It’s not like I can’t move on my own.”


“You? What can I say?” Cui Jing rolled her eyes, thinking of words to tease A-Jiao with. But before she could open her mouth again, A-Jiao spoke first. “Don’t just talk about me. Your boyfriend doesn’t pick you up either. Where is that blockhead? When will you introduce him to me?”


“What? Him? No way!” This was the question Cui Jing most feared A-Jiao asking her. She couldn’t help but feel nervous and become reluctant to talk about her “blockhead” everytime he was mentioned. “Just forget about it. Anyways, your house is right over there. You’ll be a mom soon. Save your curiosity for your baby!”


“Oh, really? I ask because I care about you!” A-Jiao blinked her eyes and stared hard at Cui Jing. “Hey, Jing, What do you think? Am I going to have a boy, or a girl?”


“A boy!” Cui Jing replied firmly. “You’ve asked me more than a hundred times! You’ll have a baby boy and I’ll have a baby girl. And when they grow up, they’ll get married! We made a deal!” She rushed out all those sentences in one breath. Then she blinked and smiled at A-Jiao. “Am I right?”


“Hm! My girl finally sounds like an adult now!” A-Jiao replied with a smile as she smoothed out Cui Jing’s hair.


“I’m not your girl!” Cui Jing pretended to brush A-Jiao’s hand away, but didn’t actually touch her. Soon her voice turned light. “Ziyuan, I’d like to tell you something. Can you listen to me first?”


“Sure, what’s up?” A-Jiao nodded and looked at Cui Jing.


“I’ve prepared my passport, and my application to go abroad has been approved,” Cui Jing told A-Jiao, pursing her lips.


“Oh? Wow.” A-Jiao was surprised by this news. She looked at Cui Jing. “Then… what about your boyfriend?”


“My boyfriend?” Cui Jing said in a carefree voice. “I’ll just break up with him.”


“Haha, seriously? I don’t believe it.” A-Jiao wasn’t convinced at all. “Seriously! Are the two of you really going to break up?”


“Of course not! I’m just kidding!” Cui Jing pinched A-Jiao’s nose. “His application has been approved as well. We’ll be leaving for France together. Perhaps we’ll never come back.” At this point, Cui Jing’s smile began to falter. “A-Jiao, I will miss you very much!”


“You want to go abroad. That’s fine. But not coming back? That’s not okay!” A-Jiao insisted. “Don’t forget that your daughter will marry my son!”


“Okay! Okay! At least let your son’s mother-in-law work abroad for a few years then.” Cui Jing felt relieved by A-Jiao’s response and made a promise happily.


“Deal!” A-Jiao nodded. Then her face turned gloomy as she looked at Cui Jing. “When are you leaving?”


“Probably next month,” Cui Jing replied.


A-Jiao counted the days and asked, “So you won’t be here when I deliver my baby?”


“Yes, we’ll probably miss it by twenty days or more,” Cui Jing replied with a nod.


“Can’t you stay any longer?” A-Jiao pouted. Clearly, she was unhappy about Cui Jing’s early departure.


“Sorry, I can’t. The school schedule and other things have already been decided,” Cui Jing apologize as she held A-Jiao’s arm. “But don’t worry. I’ll buy presents for you and your baby. Just tell me what you want!” Cui Jing comforted A-Jiao and put a hand on her pregnant belly.


“Fine!” A-Jiao brushed Cui Jing’s hand away. “You promise? Promise me you won’t regret this!”


“Of course not!” Cui Jing nodded her head vigorously. “After all, I am your son’s mother in law! Right?”


Cui Jing walked A-Jiao to the Ju-An district and reminded her to be careful before she left. 


As she walked home alone, A-Jiao’s every step was made with careful consideration for her big belly. When she finally entered the house, she saw that Jiang Zhengkai was sitting frustrated in the living room.


“Honey? You’re home so early today?” A-Jiao closed the door and walked to Jiang Zhengkai in surprise. “What’s wrong? You look upset.”


“I have been suspended.” Jiang Zhengkai shrugged. He looked calm but also frustrated.


“What? Why?” A-Jiao looked at Jiang Zhengkai, flabbergasted. “What for? Was it Commissioner Yao? Why did he suspend you?”


“No, it was not Commissioner Yao.” Jiang Zhengkai breathed in. Then, he exhaled with a bitter smile. “I am being investigated by the Prosecutor General’s Office, so I have to be suspended.”


“The Prosecutor General’s Office? I don’t understand.” A-Jiao sat next to Jiang Zhengkai, still in astonishment.


“It’s not a big deal.” Jiang Zhengkai yawned. Then he turned to face A-Jiao and elaborated in a calm manner. “Remember Li Hongbin? They said that I was suspected in a cover up of a physical assault claim.”


“Li? Cover up?” A-Jiao frowned. “You mean that time when Li Hongbin was beaten up by A-Meng?”


“Yup!” Jiang Zhengkai nodded.


“But, wasn’t that Li Hongbin’s fault? Didn’t he act improperly at that time? Didn’t he go crazy? And, didn’t he also say that he wouldn’t press charges?” A-Jiao bursted out in a series of questions.


“Hahaha! Calm down.” Jiang Zhengkai laughed bitterly, then said, “I guess, perhaps I just made somebody unhappy. It’s easy for them to find an excuse and punish me since I’m just a regular police officer.” Jiang Zhengkai combed A-Jiao’s hair and asked, “Honey, what do you want to eat? Let me cook for you.”


“That’s so unfair!” A-Jiao sat still on the couch, pouting. “I have to talk to Commissioner Yao! It’s not even your fault!”


“It’s fine.” Jiang Zhengkai kissed A-Jiao’s forehead. “Li Hongbin’s father is a veteran police officer. So, all of this makes sense. Just let it be. Look on the bright side. Didn’t this suspension come at just right in time? Now I can stay home and take care of you! Now, rest here while I go cook dinner.” Jiang Zhengkai walked into the kitchen.


A-Jiao sat down on the couch, watching Jiang Zhengkai disappear into the kitchen. Soon, sounds of cooking rang out into the living room. A-Jiao felt extremely sad for him. She wanted to cry, but no tears came out. She knew that Jiang Zhengkai cared deeply about the investigation, and that the suspension would aggravate him very much. But he had deliberately pretended that he didn’t care about it as he didn’t to make her worry about him.


Fine! Perhaps, letting it be would be the best for him? A-Jiao touched her belly and thought. Deep down, she had wanted Jiang Zhengkai to quit his job since a long time ago. However, she had never told him because she knew that he loved his job. Maybe the end of this investigation would be a good opportunity for them to start a new life?

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