Chapter 146: Waking Up

Two days after the explosion, A-Jiao and Jiang Zhengkai woke up one after the other in the evening. Because they did so at the time of the hospital staff’s shift change, there was no medical personnel in their room. A-Jiao was the first to open her eyes, staring blankly at the white ceiling above her eventually turning her eyes to Jiang Zhengkai who was laying on the bed next to hers.

At this moment, Jiang Zhengkai was still lying there peacefully as if he was asleep. There were no tubes inserted into their bodies. According to the diagnosis of the doctor, they had inhaled an excessive amount of toxic gas caused by the explosion. Combined with the shock, they had lost consciousness. Fortunately, the doctor hadn’t found a high level of toxic gas in their bodies. Therefore, no further medical treatment was needed. It was best to just let them rest and wake up naturally.

“Honey?” Lying on her bed, A-Jiao called out to Jiang Zhengkai gently. However, he didn’t respond. Seeing this, A-Jiao slowly shifted her body until she managed to sit upright. She could feel a swelling headache and her body also lacked strength, but she was lucky to be alive. She attempted to leave the bed, but struggled to take even two steps forward. Leaning against Jiang Zhengkai’s bed, she cried out, “Honey? Are you alright? Don’t scare me!” Tears brimmed in her eyes until they spilled over and streamed down her cheeks.

Wait! His face is still warm. He should be fine. A-Jiao was relieved to feel the warmth of his body heat up her hand.  She continued to carefully touch Jiang Zhengkai’s face and body as if she was examining a delicate piece of art. She feared that she might hurt him or worsen his wounds.

A-Jiao was startled and froze when her hand reached Jiang Zhengkai’s necklace. The Buddha had completely vanished from the necklace. Perhaps it had disappeared because of the incident. A-Jiao gently unbuttoned Jiang Zhengkai’s shirt and found a slight burn mark on Jiang Zhengkai’s chest where the amulet had previously rested. Maybe the Buddha saved Jiang Zhengkai’s life after all.

“Honey, you’re awake?” A familiar voice lightly called out from the bed. A-Jiao raised her head and met Jiang Zhengkai’s eyes. “I’m so tired. You woke up earlier than me, huh? Come up here. It’s cold on the ground.” Lying on his bed, Jiang Zhengkai mumbled all his words slowly in a weak voice. 

“Oh my goodness, are you okay?” Once again, A-Jiao’s eyes filled with tears. She moved up to Jiang Zhengkai’s bed so that she could lay next to him. Fortunately, the beds in the ward were just wide enough to allow two people to cuddle.

“I’m fine! I just feel tired,” Jiang Zhengkai replied to A-Jiao in a small voice. It also took him a lot of effort to move his arm. Finally, he managed to wipe away the tears on A-Jiao’s cheek. “Hey, don’t cry… I am fine.”

“Yeah, I know. Thank God,” A-Jiao replied and rested her head on Jiang Zhengkai’s chest. “Is it okay for me to rest my head on you?” 

“Of course!” Jiang Zhengkai answered. “You can lean on me however you like. It’s never too heavy!” Clearly, he was trying to cheer her up with the latter half of his sentence.

“Mm, okay.” Tears swirled in A-Jiao’s eyes again. But this time, she was smiling. “I was so scared when I woke up alone before you did.” A-Jiao wrapped her arms around Jiang Zhengkai’s neck and lay there with him contentedly.

The news of Jiang Zhengkai and A-Jiao waking up traveled fast in the hospital soon after the new shift of medical personnel discovered them. At the same time, the news spread to the police department as well. That very night, Yao Tianyu came to visit them with the city bureau and sub-bureau team. In China, this could be seen as a gesture of great care and honor.

After the police officers left, Yao Tianyu returned to the ward. Looking at the couple lying on the same bed, he joked, “You two have already experienced an explosion together, yet you’re still cuddling? Just get married already! When are you going to invite this old man to your wedding?” At this moment, Yao Tianyu could finally express his care to Jiang Zhengkai and A-Jiao.

“As long as my wedding leave is granted, we can get married at any time.” Jiang Zhengkai shamelessly replied with his arms still wrapped around A-Jiao. Although he was lying on the bed with his woman in front of his supervisor, he didn’t feel embarrassed. The police officers that had left also found their behaviour to be quite normal.

“That’s great! After you are discharged from the hospital, I’ll grant you a month off and you can get married then.” Yao Tianyu was joking but also half-serious about it. 

“Awesome! Let’s say ‘thank you’ to Commissioner Yao.” Smiling, Jiang Zhengkai excitedly urged A-Jiao with his arms.

“Say what!” A-Jiao didn’t join Jiang Zhengkai in this half-joke and remained in his arms with her eyes closed. Her cheeks were flushed. “Did I ever say I wanted to marry you?”

“Well, well. It seems that Miss Ren doesn’t want to marry you!” Yao Tianyu joked again, “Now, now, Jiang. Look at you. How dare you still hold onto Miss Ren. She has no plans to marry you!”

“Commissioner Yao, I didn’t reject him either.” A-Jiao finally opened her eyes and bashfully replied. Then she quickly closed her eyes and burrowed her head back into Jiang Zhengkai’s chest.

“Hahaha!” A-Jiao’s reaction made Yao Tianyu laugh. Waving his hand, he returned to his usual self. As a commissioner, he obviously hadn’t come just to watch Jiang Zhengkai cuddle with A-Jiao. He had remained simply because he wanted to know whether they had found any new leads for the case. Yao Tianyu sat upright and slowly asked, “Did you see anything in the room that night? Has there been any progress on the case?”

“I did see some strange stuff.” Jiang Zhengkai leaned back so that he could also sit up straight. A-Jiao extricated herself from Jiang Zhengkai’s chest and sat upright as well. Now that the two of them were sitting side by side, the patient bed definitely felt a lot more crowded. After all, it was just a wide single bed.

“Tell me about it!” Yao Tianyu looked into Jiang Zhengkai’s eyes and eagerly asked for more details.

“Well…” Jiang Zhengkai considered for a moment. Then he looked at Yao Tianyu and said honestly, “Commissioner Yao, what happened was so weird that I still can’t even find the words to describe it. I need a few more days to sort out my thoughts before I report to you. After I’m discharged from the hospital, I would like to do some investigations first to confirm that what I saw was true.”

“Sure! No problem.” Yao Tianyu nodded and agreed. Although he didn’t praise Jiang Zhengkai, he did appreciate his plan. During these past two days, he had already heard several rumors tying the mysterious incident to ghosts or something supernatural. He only had contempt for these theories. As an experienced veteran police officer, he would never believe in ghosts or supernatural beings.

“Commissioner Yao, when can I be discharged?” Since Yao Tianyu had granted his request, Jiang Zhengkai was curious to know when he could start. 

“As long as your body permits you, you may leave the hospital at any time,” Yao Tianyu replied immediately. “The doctor has already concluded that both of your bodies are fine.”

“Really?” Hearing Yao Tianyu’s reply, Jiang Zhengkai felt even better. “How about I leave here tomorrow and go to work directly?” Perhaps it is the desire to work, but men are always more driven to work at their jobs than to spend quality time with their family. As long as men have work to do, they will devote themselves into it, leaving their family and lover to the side. But what happens after work ends? What will they have then?

“No! I object!” A-Jiao pouted angrily with a red face. “He can’t go to work tomorrow without my permission. He still hasn’t fulfilled his promise yet!”

“What promise?” Jiang Zhengkai and Yao Tianyu both looked at A-Jiao and asked in confusion.

“We have to get married first!” A-Jiao yelled obstinately.

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