Chapter 145: A Frightening Disaster

After Jiang Zhengkai and A-Jiao entered the room, they briefly sat on the bed before  taking off their clothes and lying down. After they held each other closely for a while, Jiang Zhengkai whispered, "Honey, do you still feel cold?"

"Not anymore." A-Jiao shook her head. "Why is it so cold tonight? It is not warm inside either."

"Yeah!" Jiang Zhengkai agreed, then looked around. "I’ll go check the wardrobe to see if there’s a quilt."

"Hehe, this is my turf, you know." A-Jiao laughed. Her face turned red. What kind of man goes to a hooker and then tries to find a quilt for her?

"Oh! Then forget it." Jiang Zhengkai gently kissed A-Jiao's forehead. He could tell that A-Jiao couldn’t quite directly reach the cupboard from bed, so she wouldn’t be able to find a quilt either. And neither of them could touch the ground, since it was currently electrified.

"I am ready!" A-Jiao laid there, stretching out. "Let's hurry up so we can go home earlier tonight!" She looked longingly at Jiang Zhengkai. Tonight was so cold that A-Jiao just wanted to go home.

"Okay!" Jiang Zhengkai got on top of A-Jiao and they began to have sex…

"Look at their lingering affection!" Zhang Nan glanced at the screen again before commenting to Lu Xiaoqiang, "It's been cold lately. It really feels cold after it rains in the evening."

"Yes, Sergeant Zhang," Lu Xiaoqiang replied as he nodded. "Looks like I better put on some more clothes tomorrow."

"I wonder if they are cold." Zhang Nan pointed casually at the screen. The lens of the camera had been replaced, thus the image was blurred and nothing could be seen clearly.

All of a sudden, a strange crackling sound came through the voice control equipment, followed by a loud bang. The entire surveillance room turned dark. The policemen in the surveillance room were stunned by the unexpected event. They widened their mouths and gawked at the screen. The surveillance room’s power supply is completely independent of the equipment’s power supply. How could they both malfunction and go out at the same time? What exactly was that crackling sound and the subsequent loud noise?

Everyone was stunned by the sudden events for half a minute. Zhang Nan and Lu Xiaoqiang were the first to recover, and they rushed out of the surveillance room and sprinted to Jiang Zhengkai and A-Jiao’s room, shouting, "Hurry up! We need to save them! Hurry!

When they reached the south bedroom door, they were greeted by an awkward situation. The door was locked from the inside, so they couldn't open it at all. What’s going on? According to the agreement, Jiang Zhengkai and A-Jiao shouldn’t have locked the door. Was it because of the loud noise? Or did an explosion block the door?

"Jiang! Are you inside?” Zhang Nan frantically leaned on the door and shrieked, "Jiang Zhengkai! Are you there?"

"Sergeant Zhang, get out of the way!" Lu Xiaoqiang hollered as he vigorously threw himself against the door. However, the door did not budge at all.

"Let's try together!" Zhang Nan then shouted at the other policemen who were still scrambling to provide assistance. "Together! We have to open the door! Hurry!" Under his command, the policemen kicked and punched at the door altogether for quite a while, but failed to make a dent in the door. This was ridiculous considering that the door wasn’t heavy at all.

"Damn it! It can't be opened." After repeated attempts, Lu Xiaoqiang and the policemen helplessly turned to Zhang Nan again.

"Make… Make a phone call!" Zhang Nan had his cell phone in his hand. "W-which one of you has signal?" All of the policemen took out their phones, but everyone had lost signal at the same time. 

"Go out and get help!" A veteran officer snapped out of it and dashed to the door. When all the high-tech devices failed, perhaps the oldest and most primitive method would be the most effective! He ran to the door and pushed hard. Unfortunately, the door did not open. It seemed that their original scheme of "communicating through shouts and moving by walking" had broken down at this crucial moment.

"Sergeant Zhang! Damn it, we can't get in." The veteran officer tried pulling and hitting the door for a while, but could only swear in frustration in the end.

"That's it! Looks like we are done." Lu Xiaoqiang stood helplessly in front of the door with his hands on hips. But when his hand touched a hard object around his waist, it was as if he had a stimulant had been injected directly into his bloodstream. "Gun! Sergeant Zhang! Guns!" He pulled his gun out. After briefly examining the bedroom door, he decided to shoot at the door handle. But at that very moment, Zhang Nan rushed over and stopped him. "No! Xiaoqiang! Return to the surveillance room! Let's break the glass instead. You won’t be able to shoot through the iron part of the door."

"You guys stay here!" Lu Xiaoqiang shouted as he followed Zhang Nan and ran back to the surveillance room. Thanks to Zhang Nan's foresight, he had chosen an apartment on the first floor. If the apartment was located on the fifth or sixth floor, it would have been hard for them to jump off of the building.

Zhang Nan rushed into the surveillance room. He didn't try to open the window bolts. The situation in the room was strange enough that Zhang Nan would be a fool if he thought that he could simply open the window with his bare hands. He held up a chair, lined it up directly to the window, then smashed the chair against the window glass.

Clang! The glass didn't break. The chair bounced back strongly from the glass. Zhang Nan almost fell to the ground just from the rebound as he had exerted too much force.

"Is the room possessed?" Lu Xiaoqiang yelled as he raised the gun. Pa! Pa! Pa! One by one, the bullets struck the windows with a crisp sound. They neither bounced back nor broke through it; the bullets remained stuck in the glass.

"None of them went through?" Zhang Nan stared listlessly at the bullets in the glass and then collapsed back onto the ground. What's wrong with this apartment? Could it be that…

Lu Xiaoqiang remained silent as he was also stupefied by the scene in front of him. Did the killer secretly modify the room while they had been making alterations?

Just as the policemen were confused and disturbed, the lights in the surveillance room came back on. Shortly after, new images appeared on the monitors. Everything in the room seemed to be back to normal, but no one dared to move. They stayed put, horrified. 

"Sergeant… Sergeant Zhang, I… I'll go and check the door!" Lu Xiaoqiang's voice trembled. With great difficulty, he walked towards the direction of the south bedroom. When he arrived in front of the door, he reached out and twisted the handle. The door swung opened in response.

The veteran officer standing in front of the door stepped back in horror when he saw that Lu Xiaoqiang had been able to open the door with ease. Then he fell onto the sofa in the room as he stared on in shock at the open door.

"Call… Call for support!" Lu Xiaoqiang instructed the veteran officer with his trembling voice. Then he grabbed the wall to stabilize himself and reached for the door. "Call… Call for support!" he repeated. 

Lu Xiaoqiang was shaking uncontrollably by the door. The bedroom was filled with smoke and dust, and a strange rotten odor was lingering in the air. Lu Xiaoqiang tentatively took a step into the room, trembled, and cried out, "Inspector Jiang? Miss Ren? Are you here?"

There was no response. The room’s lamp emitted a dim light through the heavy smoke and dust and the entire room was filled with disturbing omens and an ominous atmosphere.

Lu Xiaoqiang stood there, trying to breathe. The air, though pungent, did not suffocate him. Lu Xiaoqiang carefully walked to the bedside of Jiang Zhengkai and A-Jiao. The electric grid beneath the floor was off for now. It seemed that the power supply system for the grid in the ground, walls and ceiling had been destroyed.

When Lu Xiaoqiang approached the bed, he saw a scene he could have never expected. Jiang Zhengkai and A-Jiao were in bed...

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