Chapter 137: Returning to the Red-Light District

Jiang Zhengkai parked the car outside the alley. A-Jiao sat in the car without moving to get out and instead looked at Jiang Zhengkai. "Honey, will we still be together when we arrive there?"


"There? Where?" Jiang Zhengkai looked to his side at A-Jiao. "Sweety, don't think too much! Hurry up and get to work. Oh, yes. Remember to first go to the surveillance room and get your makeup done by Mu Mingyuan. "


"What? You are not going with me?" A-Jiao looked at Jiang Zhengkai with a naughty expression. "What if I get kidnapped on the way?"


"Don’t worry, there are cameras in the alley!" Jiang Zhengkai squeezed A-Jiao's nose. "Go now! Remember to get Mu Ming..."


"To do my makeup! I know!" A-Jiao said as she opened the door and got out of the car. Then she turned around and coquettishly teased, "Sir, would you like my services?"


"No!" Jiang Zhengkai fiercely stared at A-Jiao. Then he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.


"Bad boy! Otherwise, why else would you be here?" A-Jiao exclaimed, waving her hand as she turned around and confidently swaggered towards the alley. When she arrived at the entrance of the alley, A-Jiao turned her head around and looked at Jiang Zhengkai’s car. "Don't come looking for me later!"


Jiang Zhengkai sat in the car. He shook his head resignedly yet couldn’t help but smile The heart of a woman is really as capricious as the weather. It could be cloudy one moment, and sunny the next. Could any weather pattern model really predict it? Jiang Zhengkai mused about this observation as he started the car back up. Naturally, he couldn’t leave a police car in the alley. However, there were bound to be parking lots around this type of area. In fact, there was a parking lot in a shopping mall nearby. Whenever he came here, he would always park his car there.


A-Jiao walked slowly through the alley to get to her old workplace. But this time, her mood was completely different from how she had felt working in the alley several months ago. At that time, she had come her to sell herself and to take a bit of revenge. She was also punishing herself for her sins. But now, she was here to help Jiang Zhengkai solve a case, and she only wanted to give her body to him.


"Hey babe, wanna play?" Just as A-Jiao was approaching the house Zhang Nan had rented for her, a young man went over to A-Jiao and started hitting on her. "I’m rich! Interested?"


"You have money? That’s great." A-Jiao narrowed her eyes at the man and leaned closer towards him. "How much are you willing to pay?"


"You name it!" the man replied. "I’m ok with any price!"


A-Jiao casually stretched out all the fingers on her hand, and waved it in front of the man's eyes. "What? Five hundred?" The man looked A-Jiao up and down. Then, he smiled. "Babe, I’ll give you five thousand. Why don’t you go home with me?"


"Okay!" A-Jiao flirted right back, and leaned even closer the man. Her hand roamed freely on the man's body, and when that hand reached the man's lower body, A-Jiao firmly grabbed the man's genitals.


"Ah! Hey!" The man couldn't bear the strength of A-Jiao's hand and shouted loudly. A-Jiao heard his scream but did not let go. Instead, she applied more pressure on the man's lower body part. The man had never been tortured like this before. Huge drops of sweat started beading and running down his forehead.


"Hmph! Good-for-nothing." A-Jiao loosened her hand and gave the man a look of contempt. By now, he was kneeling on the floor. "I thought you were strong! You don’t have to pay to have fun with me, but you need to be a tough guy!" A-Jiao lifted her leg and kicked the man away. "Get lost! Don't mess with me."


"Sergeant Zhang, look!" In the surveillance room of the alley, Zhang Nan was standing in front of the monitor's screen and had witnessed the whole scene unfold. The policeman around him all saw A-Jiao’s move, and couldn’t help but sigh. “That woman is really tough! That guy must be badly hurt.”


"Oh, you’re right!" Zhang Nan smiled and replied, "But she is Jiang Zhengkai’s woman, so how dare he. He asked for it!" Then, he turned his eyes to another screen. "How’s everything coming along? Has the room been properly set up?"


"Yes!" Guo Wei replied. "Officer Mu, Xiao Lu from the sub-bureau, and three married policemen are all there."


"Hey, that’s quite a lot of people! When I arrive, we’ll have enough people to play cards," Zhang Nan joked.


"Would you like me to buy playing cards for you?" Guo Wei replied playfully. Then he glanced at the screen displaying A-Jiao and the young man. "Sergeant Zhang, for some reason, this man looks very familiar to me."


“He looks familiar?” Zhang Nan turned his attention back. “Who does he look like to you?”


"Don’t you think he looks a bit like the second son of Vice Mayor Li?" Guo Wei was somewhat uncertain. For the police department, Vice Mayor Li wasn’t just any ordinary person. He was the deputy mayor who specialized in Public Security Organizations, Procuratorial Organizations and People's Courts. In other words, he was Yao Tianyu’s direct boss.


"Li Kunpeng?" Zhang Nan muttered. He carefully scrutinized the screen. "FUCK! It really does look like him! Look at his bad boy demeanor. He’s so different from his dad!"


"If the upper beam isn’t straight, then the lower beams will definitely be crooked. Corrupt officials won’t raise upright sons," Guo Wei quietly mumbled next to Zhang Nan.


"What did you say?" Zhang Nan immediately turned his head and looked at Guo Wei. "Don’t ever say that in public again! If you want to make comments, do it at home."


"Yes, sir." Guo Wei also knew that he had made a mistake and immediately lowered his head. Zhang Nan turned his attention back to the screen, but A-Jiao had already walked away proudly. However, Mr. Li, a socialite of the city, was still lying on the ground and painfully twitching as he cradled his crotch area.


“Should we go help him?” asked another policeman next to Zhang Nan.


"No!" Zhang Nan replied. "Let him cool down for a while!" Then, he shouted loudly at the policemen in the surveillance room. "You guys are forbidden from talking about this! Got it?"


"Yes, Sir!" The policemen quickly promised. Ugh! Too bad these policemen here are not all from the Ju'an Road Police Sub-Bureau. I likely won’t be able to handle it if news of this leaks.


"Late for work on the first day?" Mu Mingyuan stood to greet A-Jiao as she walked into the room prepared by Zhang Nan. "We all thought that Jiang’s love for you had finally reached the point of not letting you come!"


"Oh, him? He wanted me to come very much." A-Jiao smiled sweetly, but did not give any face to Jiang Zhengkai. She seemed to have forgotten what happened in the alley just now. In actuality, A-Jiao had done many similar things before. However, she had hit the wrong target this time.


"Okay! I will apply your makeup now." Mu Mingyuan took A-Jiao into another room in the surveillance building. He pointed to a vacant chair and A-Jiao sat down. Then he pointed to the screen of the monitor, "Miss Ren, you can rest assured! Look, the lens have been changed. No one will be able to see what you are doing with Jiang."


"Oh, I see." A-Jiao's face turned red.


"Don't forget to invite me to your wedding!" Mu Mingyuan looked at A-Jiao's facial expression and joked, "I expect an extra box of wedding candies then!"


"Then does that mean that I can also ask you for two red packets?" A-Jiao cleverly shot back.


After Jiang Zhengkai parked the police car in the parking lot, he did not immediately get out of the car. According to the plan, he had to wait for the police in the surveillance room to give him a signal before he would then leave his car and slowly approach A-Jiao. The killer may not believe that Officer Jiang would look for a hooker, but if the murderer’s purpose was truly to help A-Xiu revenge, then it would be hard to say whether Jiang Zhengkai was on the murderer’s kill list or not. Judging from all of the past crimes, the murderer did not seem to have any respect for the police at all.


Approximately half an hour later, Jiang Zhengkai, who was still waiting in the car, had become a little restless. Now he was starting to worry for A-Jiao's safety. What’s taking so long? Why haven’t Zhang Nan or Lu Xiaoqiang given me a signal yet? At this moment, Jiang Zhengkai’s mobile phone finally rang.


Jiang Zhengkai looked at the phone number flashing on his screen. It was Zhang Nan. "Zhang, how’s everything?" Jiang Zhengkai asked Zhang Nan fretfully, "What’s taking you guys so long?"


"No worries!" Zhang Nan replied, "There was a little incident, but everything is fine now. The makeup took a little more time to apply than usual. It’s all fine now. You may proceed."


"Okay!" Jiang Zhengkai answered and hung up. Yet, Jiang Zhengkai still did not exit the car immediately. He sat in the car for a while longer as it felt like there was a pair of eyes staring at him from the shadows. He could feel his heart pounding. When humans really come face to face with a life-threatening moment, they will instinctively feel nervous and afraid. This effect is amplified even more when one purposefully took steps towards that life-threatening moment on a path of no return. 


After about five minutes of calming his nerves, Jiang Zhengkai finally gathered his courage and slowly got out of the car. Then, he turned around and walked slowly towards the alley...

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