Chapter 131: Life or Death Pact

The sun had ascended high into the sky and its light was shining through the floor length muslin curtains into the entire room. Currently, Jiang Zhengkai and A-Jiao were deep asleep and thoroughly entangled each other's embrace, exhausted from last night’s ordeal. The difference between the two was that Jiang Zhengkai’s fatigue was mostly from mental overuse whereas A-Jiao’s fatigue was more emotional in nature. Even though both were psychological, the weariness that was brought differed.

It wasn’t until the afternoon that Jiang Zhengkai and A-Jiao finally woke up one after the other. Regardless of his long sleep, Jiang Zhengkai was still having trouble unwinding. He still felt the mental toll from last night and was quite exhausted. The circumstances surrounding last night's scene was giving him quite a headache. However, A-Jiao had already recovered and was in a lively mood. After running to the balcony to do some stretches, she returned to the bedroom and leaned against Jiang Zhengkai. Batting her eyes at him, she asked, “Honey, what do you want to eat for lunch?”

“It's time for lunch?!!” Jiang Zhengkai exclaimed as he yawned. “Wow, it's already past two?” Jiang Zhengkai shot a glance at the phone below his pillow. Phew, no one called looking for me.

“What time did you think it was?!” A-Jiao traced the outline of Jiang Zhengkai's lips with her fingers as she asked. “When we got home it was nearly five a.m. Quick, tell me. What do you want to eat? I'll make it for you.”

“As long as it's something that you make, I'll be satisfied,” Jiang Zhengkai smiled. “How was A-Ping’s emotional state when she left?” 

When A-Jiao heard Jiang Zhengkai ask about A-Ping's condition, she sat up and looked at Jiang Zhengkai with a somber expression as she answered, “It wasn’t too bad. I think that she was badly frightened, but she should be better in a few days. Unfortunately, A-Hui will never be able to come back.”

“Rest assured, we'll definitely crack this case!” Jiang Zhengkai leaned against the bedframe and pulled A-Jiao into his arms. “Honey, did you see everything that happened last night?”

“Yep!” A-Jiao leaned into Jiang Zhengkai's chest as she wondered, “Honey, who do you think killed A-Hui?”

Jiang Zhengkai breathed deeply. “I don't know! This case is too bizarre! Honey, I want to…… I want to discuss something with you……” 

“Say it! What do you want to discuss?” A-Jiao was still lying against Jiang Zhengkai's chest, her hands fiddling with the buttons on his shirt.

“My gut feeling is telling me that the killer’s ultimate goal is related to A-Xiu. Perhaps, he wants to avenge her death!” Jiang Zhengkai seriously stated while caressing A-Xiu’s hair. “Out of the six that were involved in A-Xiu’s murder, four are already dead and one has gone insane. A-Ying is the only one who has not encountered any misfortune since she has been under constant police surveillance. So…… so, I want to……”

“You want to use A-Ying as bait to lure the killer in?” A-Jiao blurted out before sitting straight up and staring fixedly at Jiang Zhengkai. “Then who will be A-Ying’s partner?”

“This…… I…… I…… haven’t…… haven’t thought it through yet……” Jiang Zhengkai saw A-Jiao’s expression and had to look away. He was afraid of looking into A-Jiao’s eyes. He had indeed not thought it through. However, he knew that A-Jiao would definitely assume that he wanted to take on that role.

“No! I don’t approve!” A-Jiao leaped off the bed and had both hands firmly on her hips. “I definitely don’t agree! You can’t go! I won’t let you go!” she hollered.

Jiang Zhengkai sat up straight on the bed. “But I…… I didn’t say I was going?” However, when his gaze met with A-Jiao’s, he lowered his head shamefully yet again. He didn’t know how to explain this to A-Jiao. Perhaps her intuition was right. Even if A-Ying agreed to help the police solve the case by going back to the alley, he would definitely be partnered with her. After all, deep down, he had a vague feeling that he was also one of the killer’s targets.

“Hmph! Don’t lie to me.” A-Jiao stood there fuming as she gnashed her teeth. “If you dare go, I’ll…… I’ll……” A-Jiao was momentarily at a loss for a threat. That’s right! I used to sell my body. What can I even use against the man I love? Refuse to sleep with him? Ignore him? Or end our relationship? None of these seem like blackmail material. A-Jiao pouted at Jiang Zhengkai for quite a while before she lowered her hand. “Honey! Don’t go, I beg you.”

“I’m not going.” Jiang Zhengkai gave A-Jiao a smile and then stood up and finally got out of bed. “I was just contemplating! There’s plenty of policemen in the division, it won’t necessarily be me,” he consoled while stroking A-Jiao’s hair. “Don’t worry, honey! Besides, even if I went, I wouldn’t do something like that with A-Ying.”

A-Jiao buried her head in Jiang Zhengkai’s chest and whimpered in a low voice, “You’re so annoying! I’m scared. I’m going to kill myself if you die!” 

“Silly girl! That’s not going to happen!” Jiang Zhengkai continued trying to placate A-Jiao. However, what comforted him the most was that A-Jiao’s hysteria wasn’t because she knew that Jiang Zhengkai might have to sleep with another woman. Rather, it was because she was worried that Jiang Zhengkai would never wake up again after sleeping with another woman.

“Why won’t it happen?” A-Jiao pouted and looked at Jiang Zhengkai, “Haven’t all the men died in this case?”

“Oh! Haha.” Jiang Zhengkai paused for a bit and then continued, “That’s just a coincidence. Besides, that’s probably because there were no policemen nearby to protect them. Rest assured! I’ll be fine.” 

“Give me a break! Anyway, I forbid you from going no matter what you say!” A-Jiao got on her tiptoes and bit down fiercely on Jiang Zhengkai’s neck. “Go ahead and keep talking! If you dare do it, I’ll kill myself in front of you right now!”

“Ouch!” He grimaced, unable to bear the pain. “Honey, I wouldn’t dare! I definitely won’t do it anymore. Even if I act as bait, I’ll only do it with you!”

“Oh?” A-Jiao relented when she heard Jiang Zhengkai’s capitulating screams. As soon as she saw the bite marks on Jiang Zhengkai’s neck, she felt guilty and distressed. But then another thought occurred in her mind. She bit her lips and looked at Jiang Zhengkai. “Honey, I also know Sister Xiu! Will the killer want to murder me too?”

“Murder you?” Jiang Zhengkai lightly rolled his neck, the area that A-Jiao bit felt like it was on fire. He gazed gently at A-Jiao. “Honey, why do you think that the killer wants to murder you?”

“Because I also knew Sister Xiu! Perhaps the killer doesn’t know exactly who killed Sister Xiu either! Look, aren’t A-Li and Xiaomei dead too? They were innocent!” A-Jiao exclaimed earnestly. 

Once again, Jiang Zhengkai pulled A-Jiao’s head into his embrace. “A-Li and Xiaomei? Sigh! That’s true. It doesn’t look like they had anything to do with A-Xiu’s death,” Jiang Zhengkai gently murmured. A-Jiao had a point. Zhao Renchu, who had died together with Xiaomei, may have had a relationship with A-Xiu. However, A-Li and Liu Nanquan definitely did not.

“What? You have nothing else to say?” A-Jiao saw that Jiang Zhengkai was at a loss for words. She raised her head to look at Jiang Zhengkai’s face. “Anyhow, don’t you dare go to the alley and solicit women! If you want to go, then I’m coming with you.” When she finished speaking, she pushed Jiang Zhengkai away. While walking towards the kitchen she declared, “Then it’s decided! I’ll accompany you to the alley and lure out the killer. If you want to go by yourself, then I’ll commit suicide in front of you!”

Jiang Zhengkai watched as A-Jiao’s figure disappeared through the kitchen door. He sat at the bed’s edge, disappointed. He had considered letting A-Jiao accompany him to the alley, but how could he risk anyone hurting the woman he loved? But, looking at it now, he really didn’t have any other choice. It was either A-Ying or A-Jiao. One of the two had to be his partner and enter the alley. 

In his opinion, A-Ying would have been the most suitable partner without a doubt. However, since A-Jiao was strongly opposed to this, he naturally couldn’t partner with A-Ying. Jiang Zhengkai sat in a daze and thought about it for a long time. However, in the end, he still could not come up with a solution. He could only sit there dumbstruck, staring foolishly at the white walls.

“What are you doing?” A-Jiao had already finished cooking in the kitchen, but Jiang Zhengkai was still in the bedroom when she carried the dishes out. So, she shouted, “Honey! Hurry up! Come and help me with the food. What’s wrong? Did you become a vegetable?”

“Oh! Okay.” Jiang Zhengkai stood up quickly with a bitter smile. “Forget about it! I’ll just resign myself to my fate,” he murmured quietly as he walked towards the kitchen. They may not have been born on the same day, month, and year. But dying on the same day, month and year wasn’t a bad alternative either!


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