Chapter 127: The Night in the Surveillance Room

Jiang Zhengkai instinctively turned his face to look at the woman talking to him. She had a small face and large plastic glasses which were framed by long and curly bangs that were a soft lilac color. But her clothes were an athletic crop top and a long denim skirt that reached all the way to the floor. No matter how you looked at it, her outfit didn’t match. 


“How old are you?”Jiang Zhengkai coldly asked the woman. “Have you graduated from high school yet?”


“High school?” The woman was momentarily stunned before she shyly responded in a coy voice, “Big brother, I’m already an adult!”


“Is that so?” Jiang Zhengkai grabbed the woman’s hand. “Then come with me!” He pulled the woman towards the alley. 


“You… What are you doing?” The woman exclaimed nervously. However, her coy tone didn’t shift. “I already have a room! It’s in the back.”


“No need! I’m a police officer,” Jiang Zhengkai replied coldly. “Oh, so you are a police officer?” The woman suddenly halted her footsteps, surprising Jiang Zhengkai. He didn’t expect her small frame to possess such a large amount of strength. “Then I’m the wife of a police officer!”


“You’re the wife of a police officer?” Jiang Zhengkai stopped. He carefully observed the woman’s face and found her features to be somewhat familiar. “Then who’s your husband?”


“Of course it's Jiang Zhengkai,” the woman answered without hesitating. “Jiang Zhengkai?” He let go of her hand, carefully observing the woman and her style. “Then who do you think I am?”


“My husband of course!” The woman maintained her firm face and replied seriously. 


“You?” Jiang Zhengkai looked at the woman incredulously. The woman finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and started giggling out loud. The way she was trembling from laughter made her appear taller than usual. “Damn it, it's you isn’t it?” Jiang Zhengkai grabbed the woman’s hair as he spoke. As expected, a wig came off easily. 


“What are you doing? Trying to take advantage of me?” After her wig came off, the woman’s voice had changed as well. She leaned closer to Jiang Zhengkai and obnoxiously taunted, “Okay then! Go ahead and take advantage of me.”


“Stupid girl!” Even if Jiang Zhengkai was slow, he had long realized that the strangely dressed woman was A-Jiao. “What are you doing? Why are you dressed like this? 


“Because I wanted to!” A-Jiao removed her glasses as well. “Honey, what do you think of my new hairstyle?”


“It’s pretty good. It’s just a little short,” Jiang Zhengkai warmly replied as he caressed A-Jiao’s hair. “How did you know that I was here?”


“You told me!” A-Jiao pursed her lips, trying not to laugh. “Honey, I’m hungry already! Where are you going to take me to eat?” A-Jiao leaned against Jiang Zhengkai while softly wiggling back and forth in his arms. 


“With your rotten behavior, I should just arrest you and take you to the station!” Jiang Zhengkai forcefully poked A-Jiao’s forehead then embraced her with his arms. “What do you want to eat?”


“Why don’t we eat noodles?” A-Jiao buried her head in his chest and answered gently. 


“You don’t want to have a banquet anymore?” Jiang Zhengkai murmured lightly before kissing A-Jiao’s face. In response, A-Jiao said, “If you let me accompany you then I don’t want it anymore” as she raised her head from Jiang Zhengkai’s chest and smirked at him mischievously. 


“You! You’re getting more clingy now.” Jiang Zhengkai tenderly stroked A-Jiao’s hair. “Honey, you know that I’m scared someone might recognize you if you’re always by my side.”


“I know, but I really want to know whether Sister Xiu is truly dead or not. Plus… Plus, I can disguise myself with makeup!” A-Jiao looked at Jiang Zhengkai and continued, “Honey, it's not like you recognized me just then, right?”


“You little devil!” Jiang Zheng Kai once again hugged A-Jiao. “Let’s go and eat first.”


That night, A-Jiao had her way and accompanied Jiang Zhengkai to the surveillance room. She stayed there and watched as A-Hui, her former sister, repeatedly entered and left the rented apartment while bringing customers in one by one.


“Honey, if you’re tired, then just go and rest for a bit.” Jiang Zhengkai was sitting by her side. Every once in a while, he would ask A-Jiao this. In reality, he wasn’t worried about her fatigue but rather that this might unearth some unpleasant past memories. 


“It’s fine!” A-Jiao would always shake her head in response before shifting her gaze back to the screen. She continued to stare indifferently at A-Hui, who continued to systematically move non-stop between the alley and the room. 


Jiang Zhengkai peered at A-Jiao’s expression and softly placed her head on his shoulder. He then refocused his attention back to the screen, but his heart was already elsewhere. The cogs in his mind were spinning at full speed. If the killer behind the serial murder alley cases wants to avenge A-Xiu or has something to do with her, then aren’t I also a prime target for revenge? If I were to personally act as bait, then my ideal partner would undoubtedly be A-Jiao. She would definitely agree to help if I were to ask… But if the plan goes awry, then wouldn’t I be dragging her down with me?


“Inspector Jiang, are you tired?” Lu Xiaoqiang walked in with a bottle of water and a glass of juice in his hands. “Here! Sister-in-law, this is yours.” He handed the juice to A-Jiao and the bottle of water naturally went to Jiang Zhengkai. 


“Hey! I haven't even gotten married yet and you’re already favoring her?” Jiang Zhengkai looked at the bottle of water and joked with Lu Xiaoqiang, “It looks like you really know how to flatter your boss!”


“Of course!” Lu Xiaoqiang knew that Jiang Zhengkai was making fun of him on purpose. After all, it was late in the night and if they didn’t joke around, everyone would soon be falling asleep from staring at the screen. “Anyway, judging by the situation, sister-in-law is your superior so it’s safer to flatter her.”


“Boy! Have you not heard the saying that ‘The emperor is not as good as the official?’” Jiang Zhengkai pointed at Lu Xiaoqiang as he ‘reprimanded’ him but revealed a humorous smile. A-Jiao wordlessly sat by his side and drank the juice while smiling sweetly. After all, whenever men gathered together, they liked to joke about women; it wasn’t just restricted to police officers. If they wanted to joke around then they could go ahead! At a time like this, smart women would just turn on their selective hearing. They would pretend to not hear what the men were discussing. 


But, at this moment, a silhouette appeared on the screen at the entrance of the alley. A man carrying a huge backpack had walked into the alley. He looked extremely exhausted, and based on his pace and appearance, he didn’t look like someone who had come to the alley for pleasure. 


“Inspector Jiang, look!” A police officer in charge of monitoring the alley immediately noticed this strange person. He quickly turned around and pointed at the silhouette and reported, “Look, this man's movements are unusual.”


“Oh! Him!” Lu Xiaoqiang just happened to be standing at a spot where he was able to see the monitor of the alley entranceway. “Don’t worry about him. He lives in the alley and is a reporter.”


“A reporter?” Jiang Zhengkai was dazed and stood up to look. “Oh it’s him. It looks like he’s pretty tired.” Then, he turned around to look at Lu Xiaoqiang. “Xiaoqiang, what time does he go to work in the morning?”


“I don’t really know,” Lu Xiaoqiang answered, his gaze still on the screen. “Wu Xiuping works hard every day. Tonight can even be considered an early night for him.”


“Help me keep an eye on him! Tell me if he comes out tomorrow morning,” Jiang Zhengkai ordered before returning to A-Jiao’s side. 


“Inspector Jiang, are you really planning on staying the night with us?” Lu Xiaoqiang pointed at A-Jiao, “You may be fine but will sister-in-law be ok?”


“I’m ok. Don’t worry!” A-Jiao rushed to respond before Jiang Zhengkai could speak. “I enjoy spending time with him. Plus, I’m afraid to be by myself at home. I’m a scaredy-cat.” A-Jiao placed her head on Jiang Zhengkai’s shoulder again. 


Jiang Zhengkai waved his hand at Lu Xiaoqiang. “Ok! Enough. Tonight, the two of us will stay with you guys. She is on summer vacation right now, so it’s fine. Just relax!”


“Ok! You guys do your thing then. I’ll go find a blanket for you,” Lu Xiaoqiang said as he left the surveillance room. 

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