HSSB920: Senior Brother married Junior Sister, Junior Brother married Senior Sister

Having been teased by her elder who had imitated her earlier manner, Gao Qing chuckled foolishly.

Beside them, Gao Qingbo had a helpless, exasperated expression on his face.

He had a proper, stern personality.

With his cultivation base, it would not be difficult for him to look young again. Still, he felt that being a grandfather already, he had to maintain the proper decorum of one with his external appearance.

Sadly, besides maintaining the appearance of a youth, his father, the Dragon Spring Emperor, was also utterly unrepentant in joking around with his granddaughter.

“At that time, the relationship between the World beyond Worlds and our Roving Jade Heavens was still not as tense as it is now,” Gao Xuebo could only explain to his granddaughter, “Moving about and communication with the other side occurred more frequently. So long as both sides were willing, marriage was not forbidden too.”

While Gao Qing was rather more ignorant regarding this, she was not completely clueless.

As her grandfather reminded her of this, she gradually understood how things stood.

Back in those times, the marriage between her great grandparents had more or less represented a sort of union between the World beyond Worlds and Roving Jade Heavens.

It was just that the relationship between the Dragon Spring Emperor and the Profound Sovereign was great. After marriage, the former had remained in the Roving Jade Heavens even when the relationship between they and the World beyond Worlds had already turned extremely tense.

The Dragon Spring Emperor smiled, “I am rather more incompetent. Wanting to marry your Great Grandmother, I could only stay behind and continue slowly harassing her.”

“Unlike eldest apprentice-brother, who married your Great Grandmother’s little apprentice-sister directly away from the Roving Jade Heavens.”

Gao Qing’s big eyes stared wide, “Senior apprentice-great grandaunt married the Exalted Gold Luminary?!”

The Dragon Spring Emperor nodded smilingly with a triumphant look overtaking his face.

Gao Qing turned to look at her grandfather, Gao Xuebo, who said calmly, “That’s right.”

Long Hanhua turned to look at Long Xueji as well and saw the latter similarly nodding.

Gao Qing was rather in a daze as she thought about how the Exalted Gold Luminary had come from beyond the heavens with his sword that year, bowing the entire Roving Jade Heavens into submission as he had even married away their most outstanding descendant.

“Heehee, Senior Brother married Junior Sister…” Gao Qing suddenly laughed, looking at the Dragon Spring Emperor, “Junior Brother married Senior Sister?”

The Dragon Spring Emperor chuckled, “It is precisely so.”

Gao Qing began a whole round of applause, “Now that’s really something you don’t hear every day.”

Seeing his granddaughter’s unruly behaviour, Gao Xuebo stared at her. Still, seeing the Dragon Spring Emperor who was similarly smiling so much his eyebrows could not be seen, Gao Xuebo simply sighed helplessly, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry.

Long Xueji and Long Hanhua could not help but smile at this.

“Right, Great Grandfather, where are your eldest apprentice-brother and senior apprentice-great grandaunt now?”

Gao Qing suddenly seemed to remember something as she asked curiously, “There are only some legends regarding senior apprentice-great grandaunt here in the Roving Jade Heavens. There are also no news of them over at the World beyond Worlds. Where have they gone now?”

The room instantly fell silent.

The smile vanished from the face of the Dragon Spring Emperor as his gaze turned deep and distant. He raised his head and stared quietly at the ceiling, closing his eyes after a moment.

Seeing this, Gao Qing was taken aback.

Beside her, her grandfather, Gao Qingbo, said softly, “The two seniors are already no longer of this world.”

Gao Qing’s heart quivered as she gazed at the Dragon Spring Emperor.

The Dragon Spring Emperor opened his eyes, smiling as the atmosphere in the room turned relaxed once more, “They already passed away more than two thousand years ago.”

“Daoism deteriorated greatly with the Great Calamity. There would surely be many difficulties facing its resurgence, many sacrifices that would have to be made.”

“Sorry, Great Grandfather…” Gao Qing said softly.

The Dragon Spring Emperor smiled, shaking his head, “No matter.”

“It is a great pity for the Exalted Gold Luminary and little apprentice-aunt. With the cultivation bases and ages of they husband and wife, they can be said to have died young,” Gao Xuebo shook his head, sighing, “Otherwise, their future accomplishments would probably have been comparable to that of the Lord of Numinous Treasure, Cultivated Deity Jade Cauldron and the Purple Tenuity Emperor, bringing glory to the sword dao once more.”

Gao Qing and Long Hanhua both felt an inexplicable sense of loss as they heard this.

Long Xueji said calmly, “Trees are planted by predecessors, their fires ever burning. There will surely be new descendants to take their place.”

The Dragon Spring Emperor smiled as he looked at his son, “That’s right.”


“From this point on, we should have hope of returning to the other side of the ‘wall’, returning to the domain governed by the World beyond Worlds.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled as he distinguished the chaotic spatial flows before him.

Fu Ting nodded, “That’s right. There is at least an eighty percent chance.”

The two had fled off into distant space after taking care of the Vast Yang Exalt Pei Hua.

It could be felt that there were other powerful auras descending in the Loathing Square Immortal Realm in the vicinity of the Lofty Towering World.

With Shang Jun of the mid Immortal Bridge stage having been slain, a commotion would definitely already have arisen, much less Pei Hua who was a Human Exalt.

Moreover, Long Xueji had even slain another Exalt of the Immortal Court in the vicinity just earlier.

With two Exalts having consecutively died in the same area within a short period of time, it would really have been impossible not to notice this.

Still, with two Exalts having simultaneously perished in the Loathing Square Immortal Realm, there would be a deficiency in peak experts in the vicinity sent there by the Immortal Court.

An Emperor-level expert had been drawn away by Long Xueji and the Immortal Court still needed to clash with the Buddhists. It would not be easy for them to dispatch more experts over within a short period of time.

Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting made use of this chance to flee far away.

As he bore the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, Yan Zhaoge would not leave behind any clues as he slew someone of the Immortal Court, whose peak experts would also be unable to instantly descend and take revenge.

If he was not captured on the spot and there were no eyewitnesses, the other side would have no clues to follow up on.

Yan Zhaoge raised a hand and drew several runes in mid-air which congregated unceasingly, glowing brightly as they resembled an ocean of light.

Beside him, Fu Ting glanced at the ocean of light formed of those runes for a moment before also extending her hand and drawing runes of her own amidst space which fell into that ocean of light, aiding Yan Zhaoge in his efforts.

Yan Zhaoge watched on rather interestedly as he could not help but nod in admiration, “Miss Fu is a rare genius indeed.”

Having been able to understand his actions and even assist him in his efforts, this was not something that could be achieved just with her vast knowledge from her background alone.

People were indeed right in saying that Fu Ting was an all-rounded genius.

The so-called all-rounded genius that most people spoke of was actually boasting, being no different from being equally versed in yet also incompetent at everything.

Fu Ting was an actual all-rounded genius who was proficient in everything.

She said, “Young Master Yan overpraises me. It is you who caused Fu Ting to feel shocked. You could actually really open a passageway connecting the Immortal Court of the external dao and the worlds of our orthodox tradition of Daoism’s Three Clear lineages.”

As the Brocade Emperor’s daughter, she had already long since known of the existence of Buddhism.

She recognised that passing through this ‘wall’ was something that only those who had stepped into the Immortal realm could do.

There were just a few rare exceptions such as in the case of the Western Exalt who cultivated in the Spatial Heavenly Scripture. However, even these were experts of the tenth level of the Martial Saint realm, the Human Exalt stage.

It was truly unheard of, let alone rare to see someone like Yan Zhaoge achieving such a feat with his current cultivation base as he had not used any external treasures to help him as well.

“It is really nothing as compared to the Brocade Emperor and the rest,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Your father and them can open a door in the ‘wall’ and pass through at once, travelling between two worlds. As for me, it is a spatial passageway and some days will still be needed to traverse it.”

“The difference in efficiency is worlds apart. Moreover, I have to spend a lot of time opening up the spatial passageway. How can it be as easy and casual as for your father and the rest?”

Fu Ting shook her head, “Still, even that itself is already extremely hard to come by.”

As the two spoke, a massive vortex appeared at the centre of the ocean of light before them.

At the bottom of the vortex, space itself was distorted, emitting unspeakably bright radiance which was even more dazzling than the ocean of light surrounding it.

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