HSSB562: Burial ground of numerous dragons

Hearing that the dragon gate had officially opened and that they could now enter, Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Please convey to your sect’s Chief Gao that I will be there very soon.”

After Bai Jingkang had left, Yan Zhaoge looked at Xu Fei, “Senior apprentice-brother Xu, senior apprentice-aunt Fu and I will be leaving now. Remember to take the utmost care of yourselves in the Vast Ocean World.”

Xu Fei nodded, “Take good care of yourselves as well.”

With the Lofty Prestige Mirror already having recovered, Yan Zhaoge attempted to open a dimensional tunnel with the Mirror Dimension Traversing Technique, returning to the Eight Extremities World.

As he had expected, the entrance to the dimensional passageway was indeed within the dragon gate.

Yan Zhaoge estimated that due to the shifting and distortion of spacetime over this period of time, so long as a dimensional passageway were to open in the Vast Ocean World, it was mostly likely to be within the dragon tomb.

Now that they could enter the dragon tomb, Yan Zhaoge immediately prepared to move out.

Leaving Directionless Island along with Fu Enshu and the people of Changli Mountain, they all headed northeast together towards the distant mainland.

There, where the Brilliant Thunder Sect had once been, only a deep gully remained with the dragon gate lying just within.

On the way there, as news spread from all around that the dragon gate could now be entered, the attention of the entire Vast Ocean World was drawn as winds gusted and clouds surged for a time.

Yan Zhaoge was concerned about that legendary burial ground of numerous dragons as well. Still, he discovered that he was more concerned about being able to return to the Eight Extremities World from there.

His mind drifted away slightly as Feng Yunsheng’s bright smiling face appeared before his eyes once more.

The smile in his memories grew brighter and brighter, the dark clouds currently hanging over his heart correspondingly growing gloomier and gloomier.

Even if they had been apart beforehand, perhaps because he knew that she was most likely safe, or perhaps because he knew that he would be able to extricate himself and rush back at any given time, he had never felt before what he was currently feeling now.

This time, however, Feng Yunsheng’s fate was unknown, while he himself had been stuck in the Vast Ocean World for so long. Due to this, Yan Zhaoge felt an unprecedented uneasiness overwhelm him.

Under such unique circumstances, some things which had only been sprouts previously would grow rapidly.

Perhaps it had always existed, just that he had only truly realised it these days here in the Vast Ocean World.

Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes.

After knowing that danger might have befallen Feng Yunsheng, Yan Zhaoge discovered that foremost in his mind was not the Extreme Yin Bout or the Extreme Yin Crown.

He also did not consider what this might cause with regard to the contention between his clan and the Sacred Sun Clan.

Foremost in his mind was that something had better not have happened to her.

What came next was-the Sacred Sun Clan is courting death!

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes into slits, a cold light flashing within which only vanished a moment later.

He checked his Shadow Shrinking Pouch, his attention falling on the things within.

The pillar and beam of the Divine Palace were currently connected together. Other than that, there were also nine coiling dragons that resembled pillars.

These nine pillars supported the great beam along with the pillar of the Divine Palace. A silhouette flickered on the great beam as well, resembling a roof.

While it still appeared illusory in its entirety, an intricate, majestic palace seemed already to have gradually taken structural form.

Yan Zhaoge calmed his heart, gazing back in the direction of the mainland and the dragon gate.

“I seldom see your emotions fluctuating as greatly as that,” Fu Enshu’s voice resounded by his ear as Yan Zhaoge now turned to look at her.

Fu Enshu was looking at him as well, “You are worrying about Yunsheng?”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, answering candidly, “That’s right.”

Looking at Fu Enshu, he smiled, “You won’t be wanting to break us up, right, senior apprentice-aunt Fu?”

Fu Enshu did not seem taken aback by his candidness as she said without much of a change in her emotions, “While I am not a very reasonable person, such matters will have to depend on Yunsheng herself.”

Thinking about her usual observation of Feng Yunsheng, Fu Enshu sighed softly, “As long as you do not half-heartedly bully my disciple, I will naturally not interfere with it.”

Yan Zhaoge grinned, “It’s still not certain who’d bully who.”

Fu Enshu did not reply as she gazed into the distance, slightly out of sorts.

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, intelligently not continuing with this. This senior apprentice-aunt was clearly thinking about the matter of back then. It was best that he did not try his luck. Fu Enshu’s relationship with his father had eased greatly these past years, and he had better not stir up the hornet's nest again.

Fortunately, Fu Enshu’s mind did not wander for too long as she soon recovered, saying, “With a place like the burial ground of numerous dragons, even if we are merely passing by, there will also be unimaginable immense benefits for us.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Whether or not there are any benefits, having returned to the Eight Extremities World this time, it would be time to properly settle things with the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.”

He swivelled his head to look at his Northern Ocean Clone beside him.

Yan Zhaoge’s mind jolted as it came into contact with another Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

Within this Shadow Shrinking Pouch lay a great golden seal, soundless and without aura as no spiritual qi was emanated from it at all.

However, Yan Zhaoge remained composed as he silently thought on the secret arts of the Extreme Yang Scripture that remained in his memories, analysing and studying it.

As they arrived at the entrance of the dragon gate, martial practitioners of the other sects had already congregated there. Seeing Yan Zhaoge and the others appear, their hearts all involuntarily drew to attention.

The Chief of Changli Mountain, Gao Tianzhong, frowned, “Myriad Sword Pool, Soul Shocking Island, Green Snake Island and the Blazing Wind Sect who are located closer to this place seem to already have sent people in.”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “It’s fine. This is not a place where entering earlier might be of use.”

Saying thus, not looking at the people of the various sects who were congregated there, he directly descended towards the dragon gate.

The people standing guard outside didn’t dare to obstruct Yan Zhaoge as they just stood by the side and watched him, Fu Enshu as well as those of Changli Mountain enter the dragon gate.

Changli Mountain left people to stand guard outside as well. These martial practitioners were all not here to obstruct similarly-ranked powers. Instead, they were guarding against others coming here to try to fish in turbid waters.

As soon as Yan Zhaoge entered, he saw the space before him distorting unceasingly as though he had entered a dimensional passageway.

The dragon qi at the entrance was no longer so shocking, having become more orderly and stabilised. However, it still brought pressure upon all their hearts, causing them to involuntarily feel like bowing down in submission like ministers to their monarch.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression flickered slightly, the light of thunder indistinctly appearing within his right eye.

“Ha! While the Brilliant Thunder Sect has been extinguished, not all of its people have died. Geng Hui has indeed entered.”

A great disaster had befallen the Brilliant Thunder Sect that had virtually wiped them all out, with only Geng Hui and a few other higher echelon experts having fortunately survived.

Either they ceased their battle and gradually renewed their strength or they went all out and risked it all.

The value of the dragon tomb was too high. If the Brilliant Thunder Sect gave up on this, the gap between them and the other powers would likely only grow further.

While they had not truly interacted much before, according to the descriptions of other Vast Ocean World martial practitioners, the ‘Crimson Thunder King’ Geng Hui would not have been resigned to falling into hibernation so easily.

With the dragon gate having opened, he was likely to risk entering it.

His finger brushing past his right eye, Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly coldly, “The Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment has reacted. That guy indeed has one on him as well. He must have left it at his sect back then, not having brought it along with him?”

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