HSSB273: The Devil Saint attacks!

Hearing Lu Wen’s answer, Xu Fei sucked in a deep breath, “Who was that person?”

He felt unease within his heart.

Lu Wen, however, shook his head, “I do not know who that person was. His voice seemed to have been disguised, and I was unable to distinguish it. However, his cultivation base was definitely very high.”

Hearing Lu Wen’s reply, Xu Fei’s heart could not relax.

While Lu Wen had not revealed a shocking name, someone who was able to freely enter and exit Lu Wen’s seclusion grounds must be quite an important person.

His Master, Fang Zhun, could enter and exit this place freely, but if nothing special occurred, Fang Zhun would generally not do so.

Other than Fang Zhun, other Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster experts were also able to conceal their presence and enter this place without leaving behind any traces at all.

Even in Sacred Grounds like Broad Creed Mountain, Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters were also limited existences, all of them bigwigs of the clan.

The final possibility was comparatively better, being that a Principal Elder of Broad Creed Mountain’s Martial Inheritance Hall like Xu Fei had been the actual culprit.

But even if that had been the case, it also didn’t make for much optimism.

Xu Fei asked heavily, “How long has it been since that person came to find you?”

Lu Wen silently calculated for a moment before answering, “It was about ten days ago.”

Xu Fei nodded without any change in expression, his heart feeling heavy.

Ten days ago meant that this matter had just happened recently, a very long period of time already having passed since Elder Liu and the others had been captured. Naturally, it couldn’t be those spies of the Decimating Abyss who had already been exposed.

This meant that operatives of the Decimating Abyss still existed within Broad Creed Mountain, also very possibly having a cultivation base and position that was not low.

After Lu Wen had moderated his condition for a bit, Xu Fei said, “Junior apprentice-brother Lu, if your condition is fine now, let us go together to see the elders of the clan.”

While Lu Wen was still not in the best condition mentally, he still stood up, “Okay.”

The first person the two saw was Xu Fei’s Master, Shi Tie.

Shi Tie’s expression remained calm, not changing in the least as he questioned the two carefully, after which he said ponderingly, “Let’s first go to see junior apprentice-brother Fang.”

They proceeded to the Assignment Hall, but were informed that Fang Zhun had departed not long ago.

Fang Zhun had also not returned to his dwelling.

They discovered to their shock that they were actually temporarily unable to find any trace of Fang Zhun.

While with Fang Zhun’s cultivation, if he wanted to conceal himself, only a limited few of the entire Broad Creed Mountain would be able to discover him, if there was no special reason for it, Fang Zhun obviously wouldn’t do this.

This happening at this sensitive, volatile period, people would naturally link some matters together.

Xu Fei and Lu Wen exchanged looks, Lu Wen’s face which had originally seemed devoid of blood was tragically pale at this moment.

Only Shi Tie remained composed as always as he said calmly, “This matter is out of the ordinary, but before understanding the situation, do not overthink things.”

“Look for him first, but do not spread the matter. Only notify junior apprentice-brother Yan, senior apprentice-aunt He and the others, just informing them about this matter.”

After saying this, Shi Tie’s gaze swept across Xu Fei and Lu Wen, finally coming to rest on the latter, “I, personally, am willing to believe in junior apprentice-brother Fang.”

Xu Fei and Lu Wen both nodded in agreement, but unconcealable worry could still be seen within their gazes.

If Fang Zhun was not of the Decimating Abyss, with him disappearing now, the current situation should be greatly dangerous. It was possible that he had noticed something cropping up, currently being entangled in that situation, unable to extricate himself.

…but there was also the possibility of him having met danger, despite his great strength.

If even Fang Zhun was unable to deal with it, the viciousness and fearsomeness of the other party’s attack this time could be imagined.

This was actually still thinking on the bright side.

As for the worse side of things, if Fang Zhun had joined the Nine Underworlds and the Decimating Abyss...

Xu Fei and Lu Wen were both silent, really a little afraid to think any further down this line.

Shi Tie said, “Whatever has happened with junior apprentice-brother Fang is something we currently still do not know. However, from the problem in junior apprentice-brother Yan’s family, your, Lu Wen’s encounter, as well as his abnormal disappearance, it is for certain that the other side is already raring to make their move, having accumulated their strength and being about to exert it.”

“Do not spread the matter of looking for junior apprentice-brother Fang. However, our clan must increase our vigilance for dealing with outside enemies as well as the spies that might exist internally a step further, being fully prepared for any occurrences. The enemy is right about to move.”

On their way to find Shi Tie, Lu Wen had already heard Xu Fei’s narration of the major incidents related to the Decimating Abyss that had occurred in the outside world while he had been in seclusion.

Now, he and Xu Fei both answered solemnly, “Yes, this disciple understands; we will inform the others now.”

Raising his head to look at the dense sky of dark clouds, Xu Fei’s gaze hardened, “It looks like this time’s storm will truly not be small.”


At this moment, in the Central Heaven Region’s Yunzhen County, at the Yan Family ancestral mansion, standing within a courtyard, Yan Zhaoge was similarly looking upwards at the sky.

Here, the sky was clear for thousands of kilometres all round, the sunlight bright and beautiful.

However, Yan Zhaoge didn’t relax, still pondering non-stop, “If I were the other party, what would I do?”

“If Grand Master successfully achieves his breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm, it would be assurance as well as hope for our clan to progress further in the near future.”

“However, from a certain perspective, it is also just that Grand Master is currently in his weakest state. If there are enemies cooperating from both the inside and the outside, he would be the most ideal target. Pulling out the firewood from beneath the furnace-such is the meaning.”

“With father possessing control of the Clear Qi Robe and the Broad Creed Grand Formation, he is currently the most powerful person of our clan. However, with that in mind, if father is defeated, our clan will immediately collapse.”

“Eldest apprentice-uncle and I both have devilish marks on us, having yet to completely disperse. If anything happens to the both of us, there would be the possibility of the Sand Region’s Great Nine Underworlds Door opening once more, and this is also a possibility that the clan cannot not guard against.”

“Eldest apprentice-uncle’s cultivation base is high, and with me having continuously wrecked the Decimating Abyss’s Devilish Domain Grand Formations and plans, this should also lead to their attention, marking me as an important target.”

Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temple, “The most important thing is whether or not there are people of the Decimating Abyss amongst our clan’s higher echelons. Otherwise, many plans will be unable to be executed, otherwise being leaked and counteracted, with the situation ending up even worse.”

“That’s why they say that guarding throughout the day and night, it is thieves within one’s own family that are hard to guard against ah…”

As Yan Zhaoge was pondering, Ah Hu rushed hurriedly over, “Young Master, the Principal Elder of Lianhu County has sent over an urgent message; someone has established a formation there, wanting to bring about the descent of the Nine Underworlds!”

“Cough, there is no need to guess whether there are spies this time; there definitely are, the problem just being who they are,” Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes.

Like Yunzhen County, Lianhu County was also in the Central Heaven Region, being an important land of Broad Creed Mountain.

With people having infiltrated into this place, establishing a formation as they attempted to open the Great Nine Underworlds Door, if there had not been anyone helping them internally, that would really be like meeting a ghost.

And the person helping them internally also had to be one whose position and status were not low.

After Yan Wenzhen and the others heard this news, their moods also turned heavy as Yan Zhaoge said, “It’s not that simple. Setting a bit of fire at our clan’s doorway, a random basin of water would be enough to extinguish it. Wanting the fire to truly blaze, other methods will definitely be waiting to obstruct us who would extinguish the fire.”

As he said this, immense pressure that caused Yan Zhaoge’s mind to numb and tremble suddenly arose from afar, instantly enveloping the surrounding heavens and earth all around!

“Hell!” Regaining his wits, Ah Hu directly cursed, “Martial Saint?!”

Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, “He’s come indeed. Devil Saint, Yuan Tian.”

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