HSSB163: Embarrassing them all the way back to Infinite Boundless Mountain

Yan Zhaoge came before Liu Shengfeng.

Lying spread-eagled on the ground, a strange, unpredictable black light suddenly flashed within Liu Shengfeng’s eyes.

He lowered his head, seemingly hesitating.

Feeling Yan Zhaoge’s killing intent that was not concealed in the slightest, Liu Shengfeng suddenly raised his head, a self-humbling expression close to the point of toadiness revealed on his face, “You are right; these eyes of mine truly didn’t know the true dragon.”

“Before, I thought that not long into the future, your strength would surpass mine. Therefore, if I wanted to make a move, I had better make it now.”

“But events proved that it was me who did not recognise Mount Tai. Not having to wait for the future, I am already not a worthy opponent for you now.”

“I should have stayed away from you from the beginning,” Liu Shengfeng pleaded earnestly, “You are a magnanimous person; do not lower yourself to bother with the likes of me.”

The giant panda blinked, seemingly not really comprehending the situation before him.

Zhang Yao and that middle-aged martial practitioner were both wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

Was this something that a late Xiantian Martial Scholar could say?

Was this something that a core, direct disciple of the Mountain Domain’s Sacred Ground Infinite Boundless Mountain could say?

Was this something that the cruel and arrogant Liu Shengfeng, who had just been overbearingly terrorising someone a while earlier, could say?

Liu Shengfeng, however, seemed not to care about this at all as he spoke in an incomparably slick manner, “I am willing to offer up this low-grade spirit artifact on me, the Lofty Mountain Armour, as compensation.”

Pausing slightly, he continued, “Of course, if you kill me, you can also obtain the Lofty Mountain Armour. However, I also have some things accumulated up over the years, and while they may not be all that valuable, they are also rather rare commodities. I am willing to give them all to you as well.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Liu Shengfeng, but did not speak.

Liu Shengfeng smiled in a friendly manner, “You don’t have to worry about there being any further problems from me if you let me go. As you’ve said, I bully the soft and fear the tough, after all.”

“Clearly knowing that you are stronger than me, why would I still go and hit a rock with an egg?”

“On the contrary, I would be quicker to stay away from you. In the future, as long as you show up somewhere, I will immediately make sure to keep away.”

“You are a new generation of Yan Wudi, and will definitely be like your father in the future, and also like your clan’s Ancestor Heaven Shaker, leaving behind your name in history for all millennia.”

“I am a minor character; you have no need to pay me any mind. Just take me as a fart, and just release me.”

Liu Shengfeng spoke extremely rapidly, as though fearing that if he spoke just a little slower, he might immediately be executed by Yan Zhaoge.

Zhang Yao really couldn’t watch it go on any longer, as she blurted out, “You do not just represent yourself ah; you are a disciple of Infinite Boundless Mountain!”

Liu Shengfeng chuckled, “I am the shame of my clan; if I can somehow make it through this alive today, I am willing to receive any form of punishment after I return to the Mountain.”

“However, there is no need to drag my clan into this now. Anyway, this Junior Brother Yan…oh, no, it’s Senior Brother Yan. Anyway, this Senior Brother Yan now won’t have any misgivings from this.”

“Otherwise, if he thought that I was threatening him and became more worked up as a result, wouldn’t my lowly life be more at risk?”

Zhang Yao was rendered completely speechless as she just stared at him.

No longer looking at her, Liu Shengfeng turned to gaze at Yan Zhaoge, struggling to move his body as he raised both his hands and slapped himself a few times, “I deserve to be beaten; I know full well that I fully deserve to be punished. I only ask that you spare my life.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Liu Shengfeng calmly, “Didn’t you say earlier that you feel uncomfortable looking at me, and can only feel at ease after having killed me?”

Liu Shengfeng hurriedly gave himself two more hard slaps, “Senior Brother Yan, those were all nonsensical ramblings-please, please do not take them to heart.”

“I have always been fully respectful towards those who are stronger than me, lowering my head to them and listening to their every word.”

“I only ask that you spare my life and do not kill me; whatever you want me to do, I’ll also do it.”

Yan Zhaoge didn’t answer, reaching out to grab the Jade Dragon Sword that was still embedded in Liu Shengfeng’s Lofty Mountain Armour and shaking it.

The Purple Gold Thunder Sword and the Flying Thunder Sabre shook simultaneously as they shone alongside the Jade Dragon Sword.

With Liu Shengfeng currently not having the strength to move, while his Lofty Mountain Armour was stimulated into action by this, it still couldn’t stand against the spirit artifacts controlled Yan Zhaoge as it instantly left his body.

“This Lofty Mountain Armour should naturally be offered up in tribute to show my respect for Senior Brother Yan,” Liu Shengfeng seemed not to care about this in the slightest.

Zhang Yao opened her mouth, but could not say anything.

This was a spirit artifact ah!

Even if it was a core, direct disciple of a Sacred Ground like Sikong Qing, Chao Yuanlong, Xiao Yu, Li Jingwan and herself, they would also generally be unable to gain possession of a spirit artifact.

A high-grade artifact or even a mid-grade artifact was really the benchmark.

Generally speaking, a Sacred Ground-level power would only bestow upon their core, direct disciples a spirit artifact after they had reached the Xiantian stage.

Those who had spirit artifacts even before reaching the Xiantian stage either gained it adventuring outside having had special, fortuitous encounters or were like Yan Zhaoge, Xiao Shen and Lin Zhou, possessing an extraordinarily remarkable family background.

Whether it was the former or the latter case, they were both extremely rare.

Even so, to Martial Scholars, spirit artifacts were still precious treasures that they valued as they would their lives.

Even though Liu Shengfeng’s lowly life currently looked to be in Yan Zhaoge’s hands, such a reaction still left Zhang Yao stunned.

As for that heavily injured middle-aged martial practitioner by the side, he felt jealous as well as bitter. Of the power he hailed from, of that entire clan, there was only a single spirit artifact, which was held in high regard by them as the clan’s most precious treasure.

Having stripped off Liu Shengfeng’s Lofty Mountain Armour, Yan Zhaoge suddenly laughed, “There’s still some killer trump card of yours, right?”

“Still, I have no interest in waiting to see what your trump card looks like.”

Saying thus, the Jade Spirit Sword within his hands flashed.

Liu Shengfeng’s eyes widened.

A vast sigh suddenly resounded in mid-air. Yan Zhaoge was still rather familiar with this voice; it originated from Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Elder Shan Shiweng.

“The clan’s misfortune; the clan’s misfortune ah.”

Above the island where the winds and the clouds changed, a giant hand that resembled a mountain reached out; a massive suction force was emitted from its palm as it grabbed Liu Shengfeng.

Shan Shiweng had not come over personally; this was an extraordinary effect borne of the experts of Turbid Wave Pavilion through the use of their formation.

Everything that had happened just now had not just been seen by Shan Shiweng; the bigwigs of the other clans had all seen it too.

Even with Shan Shiweng’s years of worldly experience, he still felt a burning sensation on his face at this moment.

Embarrassing them, from Clear Concealed Lake, all the way back to Infinite Boundless Mountain!

“This disciple will be strictly looked over; this old man guarantees that he will not start any more trouble,” Shan Shiweng sighed as he said to Yan Zhaoge, “This Little Friend Yan, please forgive my clan’s disciple for all the trouble that he has caused; we welcome you to visit Infinite Boundless Mountain again as a guest.”

This last part meant that he would be recompensed on this matter.

“Senior is too kind,” Yan Zhaoge did not really care about being compensated; in comparison, he felt more that he wanted to kill Liu Shengfeng.

If spoken harshly, this person bullied the soft and feared the tough,  and possessed no sense of shame whatsoever. From another perspective, it could also be said that he knew when he could advance and when he should retreat;  while acting as a big boss, also knowing how to pretend to be a grandson.

Brutal and unbridled when in power; humbling himself and getting on his knees having lost power.

Not long after, Ah Hu and Xie Youchan also arrived.

After learning of what had happened, Ah Hu grinned as he showed his teeth, “A pity that it happened in Turbid Wave Pavilion; a pity that a bigwig of Infinite Boundless Mountain intervened. Otherwise, even if he is someone of Infinite Boundless Mountain, having come, he wouldn’t be able to leave.”

Hearing this, Xie Youchan and Zhang Yao exchanged bitter smiles.

“With this, Liu Shengfeng definitely has no face left to attend the Heavenly Connection Meet,” Having finished hearing Zhang Yao’s narrative, Xie Youchan praised Yan Zhaoge as she looked at him, “Junior Brother Yan, you are even stronger than rumoured. In this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet, even with Senior Brother Xu and those others attending, it seems like you will still be outshining everybody else.”

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