HSSB117: The problem caused by his father

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth twitched, “…Senior apprentice-aunt Fu has left seclusion?”

Fang Zhun nodded, “She just left seclusion recently.”

“She is currently in the North Heaven Region’s Cloud Pavilion Lake, which should be conveniently along the way for you. Afterwards, she will lead you in travelling to the Mountain Domain.”

Yan Zhaoge opened his mouth, but it was a while before he finally spoke, “…it’s really still conveniently along the way.”

In all honesty, Yan Zhaoge felt from the bottom of his heart that, even Fang Zhun being the one to lead their group would be better than this.

The junior apprentice-sister Fu of Fang Zhun’s was one of Broad Creed Mountain’s strongest female Martial Grandmasters, the ‘Soaring Cloud Lord’ Fu Enshu.

She was one of the old Clan Chief’s direct disciples alongside Shi Tie, Fang Zhun and Yan Di.

Of the female experts of the current Eight Extremities World, she stood rather high up in the rankings.

…other than that, she had also possessed the title of Broad Creed Mountain’s number one beauty in the past.

Now, for the longevity of her current cultivation realm, she still looked to be in her prime.

It was only that as her cultivation and position gradually rose, those who loved to gossip had unconsciously stopped discussing it.

However, Yan Zhaoge really didn’t want to have to team up with this senior apprentice-aunt of his.

Because, this senior apprentice-aunt of his, that year, towards her own little junior apprentice-brother, erm, Yan Zhaoge’s father Yan Di to be precise, had spawned some feelings of love.

A pity, it was but a one-sided love.

Fallen flowers have intentions, but flowing water is merciless.

Fu Enshu had a strong personality whilst also being a little narrow-minded. In the end, it was sort of like her love for Yan Di had turned a little into hatred.

Therefore, the relationship between the two was now extremely awkward, to the extent that even Yan Zhaoge, as a member of the younger generation, avoided meeting this senior apprentice-aunt Fu of his whenever it was within the realms of possibility to do so.

“Already left seclusion ah…” Yan Zhaoge tapped on his head with his palm, before turning to look at Feng Yunsheng.

Feng Yunsheng found this a little baffling. While she had naturally heard of the Soaring Cloud Lord before, she was completely unaware of the specifics behind this.

Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands towards Fang Zhun, “Does this mean that junior apprentice-sister Feng will be apprenticed to senior apprentice-aunt Fu?”

Fang Zhun nodded, “Precisely so.”

When Broad Creed Mountain’s elite disciples were promoted to being direct disciples like Yan Zhaoge, Lu Wen and Xu Fei, they would be apprenticed to a specific master.

Yan Zhaoge had directly been assigned his own father Yan Di; Lu Wen was Fang Zhun’s personal disciple, whereas Xu Fei, even older than the both of them, was Shi Tie’s personal disciple.

Although it was not like there weren’t cases of males accepting female disciples and females accepting male disciples, generally speaking, as long as the situation permitted it, when female elite disciples were promoted to core, direct disciples, they would generally be apprenticed to fellow females of the senior generation.

As a Maiden of Extreme Yin, Feng Yunsheng required special, individual grooming in the area of her Extreme Yin energy, whilst also not letting her fall back in her martial cultivation as a result.

It was only that with Fu Enshu having been in secluded cultivation for a long time, with no one at all knowing when she would leave seclusion, Yan Zhaoge had not had her within his calculations.

Who knew that by some stroke of chance, Fu Enshu had just so happened to leave seclusion at this time.

As a representative figure of Broad Creed Mountain’s female experts of the senior generation, Feng Yunsheng being apprenticed to Fu Enshu was but a natural thing.

Yan Zhaoge sucked in with his mouth. That way, the him who had taken up the responsibility of helping Feng Yunsheng to regain her Extreme Yin Physique would inevitably be having quite some dealings with Fu Enshu.

This time’s journey to the Mountain Domain, would only be the beginning.

Fang Zhun said, “The one of our clan who had previously been researching and making preparations with regard to the Extreme Yin Physique has always been junior apprentice-sister Fu. If you have any thoughts about it, Zhaoge, feel free to converse more with her on it.”

Although before Yan Zhaoge had brought back Feng Yunsheng, Broad Creed Mountain had never managed to get ahold of a Maiden of Extreme Yin before, they had always been working on the relevant preparations, just waiting for a candidate to arrive.

Therefore, from the current Broad Creed Mountain’s standpoint, they already had sufficient preparations for grooming a Maiden of Extreme Yin, the key point being Yan Zhaoge helping Feng Yunsheng to make a full recovery.

Hearing Fang Zhun’s words, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes instead narrowed slightly.

The wording with which Fang Zhun had spoken to Yan Zhaoge on the matter of the Maiden of Extreme Yin had been very polite, completely not treating Yan Zhaoge as an ordinary member of the younger generation at all as he instead conversed with him on level terms.

However, speaking with Fu Enshu who didn’t like the sight of him and his father, who knew whether it would be as easy as that…

Taking his leave of Fang Zhun and leaving the Assignment Hall with Feng Yunsheng, Yan Zhaoge rubbed at his temple, somewhat feeling a bit of a headache coming on.

According to the memories of his body’s original owner, that senior apprentice-aunt Fu of his, when talking about her good points, was a candid and straightforward person who acted based on her feelings, not minding other people’s gazes.

When talking about her bad points, she was unbridled and wilful, doing whatever she liked as her personality dictated.

“Important matters are to be prioritised,” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “Before official matters, there shouldn’t be a problem…I guess?”

Following by Yan Zhaoge’s side along with Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu suddenly spoke in a low voice, “Young Master.

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge lifted his head and gazed over. He saw that on the mountain road ahead of them, a girl had suddenly appeared, dressed in white clothes over which was worn a blue robe, her features cold and beautiful. It was precisely the Sikong Qing whom he had not seen in quite a while.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Sikong Qing cupped her hands in greeting, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan.”

“Long time no see,” Yan Zhaoge nodded, just wanting to return the greeting when he suddenly felt something, “Eh? Your inhalations and exhalations seem not to contain any impurities whatsoever; you have already stepped into the mid inner aura Martial Scholar realm?”

The breathing of a martial practitioner and the flow of their blood was naturally far from what ordinary people could compare to.

However, when the breathing of martial practitioners no longer contained any impurities whatsoever, that meant that they must already have washed and refined their lungs with their aura-qi.

The aura-qi washing and refining the internal organs was something that only mid inner aura Martial Scholars could do, also being one of their special characteristics.

Sikong Qing nodded, “I broke through previously. Now, of my internal organs, there only remain the heart and the three truncal cavities that have yet to be washed and refined.”

From her half year at Broad Creed Mountain, while Feng Yunsheng also knew Sikong Qing, she didn’t have much of an understanding towards her. Thus, hearing her words, she didn’t feel much.

Ah Hu, however, stared wide-eyed as he appraised Sikong Qing all over.

Half a year ago, in the Eastern Tang, Sikong Qing had only just stepped into the early inner aura Martial Scholar realm. Now, in only half a year’s time, she was actually already in the mid inner aura stage.

And it was also not that she had just stepped into it; of her internal organs, only her heart and her three truncal cavities had yet to be washed and refined by her aura-qi.

After all of that was complete, her foundation made stable, she could already begin preparing for her breakthrough into the late inner aura Martial Scholar realm!

Such a speed, was really too utterly shocking.

Ah Hu himself actually also possessed an extremely high talent in the martial dao. However, when he had been in the inner aura Martial Scholar realm in the past, he had also not been able to raise his cultivation so quickly.

It was not just him; as Ah Hu was aware of, even his own Young Master’s progress from the early inner aura stage to the mid and late outer aura stages had also not been so swift.

Lu Wen and the others, similarly could not match this!

Such a speed of improvement made Ah Hu feel for a moment like he was looking at his Young Master’s crazy speed of progress after having stepped into the late inner aura Martial Scholar realm all over again.

“Seeing a ghost in broad daylight!” Ah Hu suddenly felt like his own brainpower was lacking somewhat, “Although she was also a rare genius in the Body Refinement realm, how was it so crazy as this?”

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered momentarily, then regained its former calm as, thinking a little, he had already realised, “You have already completed the tempering mission? As long as you pass that final test, you can become a core, direct disciple?”

Sikong Qing nodded, “Indeed.”

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips in secret, “You are to be apprenticed to the Soaring Cloud Lord, senior apprentice-aunt Fu?”

Sikong Qing nodded once more, “Yes, our clan’s Elder asked me to accompany senior apprentice-brother Yan to the North Heaven Region’s Cloud Pavilion Lake to meet Elder Fu.”

“This time, I will be travelling with senior apprentice-brother Yan again; I still have to trouble senior apprentice-brother Yan to help me along as much as possible.”

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