Chapter 183: Someone's Wife

Hidden Marriage

Chapter 183: Someone's Wife

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In the early morning of the next day.

Ning Xi put on a light pink dress with a pair of low heeled white sandals. She applied some light makeup and straightened her natural curls, letting them cascade over her shoulders. As usual, she placed that pink heart shaped hair clip on her head. In short, she looked exactly like a good wife.

Lu Tingxiao was sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper. His expression momentarily went blank when he saw her, “Your outfit…”

If she didn’t have to attend any special events, Ning Xi was usually dressed in a very simple and casual style. This was his first time seeing her dressing this… girly.

Ning Xi was bouncing with excitement in front of him, “How is it? How is it? Don’t I look like someone’s wife?”

As he looked at her, Lu Tingxiao’s eyes held a deeper meaning, “Very much so.”

Someone’s wife.

Those two words were extremely beautiful to his ears.

“Hehe, that’s good! I won’t get cheated if I go to the market looking like this!” Ning Xi nodded her head with satisfaction. “I’m heading off now!”

Just as she tried to take a step, she found that she couldn’t move her leg.

Little Treasure was clinging to her leg.

Ning Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she looked at her new ‘leg accessory’, “Darling! Why are you up this early?”

Little Treasure rubbed his sleepy eyes and stretched out his arms to show that he wanted a hug.

With that appearance, Ning Xi couldn’t resist picking him up, “I’m just going out to buy some groceries. I’ll be back very soon!”

Little Treasure continued clinging stubbornly to her neck.

“Can we go along with you?” At that moment, Lu Tingxiao asked from the sidelines.

Ning Xi blinked, “Eh, you guys want to go too?”

“We can take Little Treasure out for a walk.” Lu Tingxiao suggested.

From the side, Little Treasure nodded with all his might.

Ning Xi scratched her head, “Of course you can! It’s just that the wet market might be a little dirty! The place I’m going to isn’t a supermarket. It’s a big marketplace that’s a little farther away. The food there is the freshest!”

“That’s fine. Let’s go.” Lu Tingxiao put down his newspaper and picked up the car keys.

Just like this, Ning Xi’s solo trip became a three person trip with a little bun and a big bun.

In the underground garage.

Ning Xi had to swallow her drool as she looked at the row of dazzling luxury cars, especially when she saw her dream man ‘Little White’.

When he saw that Ning Xi had her eyes fixed on the white Bugatti sports car, Lu Tingxiao asked, “Shall we drive this one?”

Ning Xi regained her senses and quickly shook her head, “Of course not! We’re just going to the wet market. Driving a sports car would be way too excessive! Do you have a car that’s more low-key?”

She glanced around the garage and found that there really wasn’t one...

How could that be...

However, Lu Tingxiao nodded his head, “I do.”

After saying so, he pressed a button somewhere and a black car was transported over from another partition.

It was a sedan that cost about ‎500,000 yuan, and it looked completely new.

Ning Xi nodded excitedly in approval when she saw it, “This car is awesome!”

However, why did Lu Tingxiao have a car that looked so out of place here?

As if he knew what she was thinking, he explained, “This was prepared for you when you first came. You’ve just never driven it before.”

“Ah…” So this was the sedan that Lu Tingxiao had prepared for her back then.

Seeing Lu Tingxiao’s slightly despondent expression, Ning Xi felt as though she had committed a huge mistake and rushed to explain, “That’s because it’s usually more convenient for me to take the subway, I can even avoid traffic!”

After that, she quickly changed the topic, “Let’s hurry up and go. If we wait any longer, the good stuff will be taken away! If that happens, my performance will be affected!”

TL Note: 500,000 yuan = ~USD72,400

Wet markets are a type of market common in China, Hong Kong and Singapore~

It’s generally messy, dirty and… you guessed it, wet. Not exactly the kind of place you’d want to bring Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure!

A white Bugatti sports car…

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