Chapter 181: I've Never Regretted It

Hidden Marriage

Chapter 181: I've Never Regretted It

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Ning Xueluo used her phone to scan through the latest headlines, only to see her screen filled with titles like: ‘Ning Xi Arrogantly Bullies Others After Getting A Backer’, ‘Ning Xi Seems to be a Kept Mistress’, ‘Ning Xi Refuses to Admit Her Crime and Show Remorse’.

She finally calmed down: “Alright, you should settle the matter of public opinion. I don’t want to see any more problems!”

Just as she finished speaking, three knocks sounded from the door.

Ning Xueluo immediately shot Chang Li a look filled with nervousness.

Chang Li hurriedly hid the broken desk lamp and covered up the TV with a dust cover before going to open the door.

Outside the ward, Su Yan looked at Chang Li with some surprise, finding it curious that she would appear at Ning Xueluo’s ward at this hour, “Talking business?”

“There were some issues at work that I had to discuss with Chang-jie, we just finished talking. Yan-gege, why have you come this late at night?” Ning Xueluo changed the topic.

“You guys continue talking, I’m leaving first!” Chang Li said her goodbyes and cast a look loaded with meaning at Ning Xueluo before leaving.

Su Yan didn’t notice their interactions. He pinched the bridge of his nose and looked particularly grave.

Ning Xueluo noticed his expression and tried probing, “Is it because of Ning Xi’s matter?”

Su Yan didn’t speak.

Ning Xueluo bit her lip as her body started trembling, “Yan-gege, are you blaming me? Blaming me for forcing Ning Xi to this point?”

Su Yan sighed, “You, you like to let your imagination run wild. This was her fault in the first place, why would I blame you? I’m only… blaming myself… I didn’t handle all this properly back then, that’s why she’s in this kind of state now…”

“I didn’t expect that she would rather sell her body than come and apologise to me… Why does she hate me so much? What can I do to make her let go of her anger? Don’t tell me that I really have to leave you to make her happy?” Ning Xueluo’s face was filled with agony at the thought.

Su Yan’s expression immediately changed. With a severe expression, he said: “Xueluo, I forbid you from saying things like that. It wasn’t easy for us to get together, are you really willing to give it all up just for a small matter like this?”

Ning Xueluo hurriedly nestled into his embrace with a terrified expresison, “I’m sorry, I won’t do it anymore. I’m just scared that you’ll regret it, regret getting together with me…”

Shock flitter across Su Yan’s face before he told her in a firm tone: “I’ve never regretted it.”

As the two of them were speaking, a knock sounded on the door again.

Su Yan went over to open the door and saw that it was Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu standing there. With some surprise, he greeted them: “Uncle, Auntie…”

“Dad, Mum… Has something happened?” Ning Xueluo displayed astonishment on her face and hurriedly got off the bed to welcome them.

Zhuang Lingyu pressed her back down on the bed gently, “Don’t move, you’re still injured, just lie down properly. There’s nothing wrong, we’re just here to visit you!”

Ning Yaohua’s face was darkened: “Don’t worry, Xueluo. I’ve come here to tell you that I’ll definitely seek justice for you. Even if I have to tie her up, I’ll do it and bring her here to apologise to you!”

The corner of Ning Xueluo’s eyes were damp, “Thanks Dad, thanks Mum. Actually, I don’t mind it at all. I only hope that Jiejie can find her way eventually. With how she’s acting now, she’s going to ruin her entire life!”

Zhuang Lingyu’s expression turned extremely ugly, “I didn’t expect that she would actually do something this shameless. What kind of bad karma did our Ning family accumulate to create a bastard like this! If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have brought her back. It’s fine we just have Xueluo, but the old man wouldn’t listen! See what happened now…”

Ning Yaohua looked impatient, “Alright, that’s enough. Stop nagging! I’ll handle this matter. Also, don’t let the old man know about this!”

He was in the middle of a crucial period in the fight for the right of inheritance against his younger brother now.

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