Chapter 124: No Cure for My Idiocy

Hidden Marriage

Chapter 124: No Cure for My Idiocy

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It was late at night.

Platinum Palace No. 6.

A blond fellow was rolling on his bed like a top, “Damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn…”

Lei Ming sat on the sofa opposite him. With a helpless expression, he yawned, “You’ve already cursed for the 250th time. What happened tonight?”

Jiang Muye immediately revealed a harsh glint in his eyes, even his little canines looked a little fierce in the light, “Don’t mention the numbers 250 to me! I’m a freaking living 250! That little Ning Xi was right, telling me that she took away that 0.1 point because of my IQ! Damn it damn it damn it… I’m so stupid that there’s no cure for my idiocy! What was the use of switching on the recorder! Why didn’t I film that secretly! Why, why, why…”

The corner of Lei Ming’s mouth twitched as he sweated, completely not understanding why Muye was in a craze.

However, there was one point that he could understand. Every time Muye went crazy like this, it had something to do with Ning Xi. “Muye, are you trying to get back together with Ning Xi?”

Jiang Muye froze as if he had been turned to stone. He snorted fiercely before saying, “I would have to be crazy to get back together with that bastard! Because of what she did, I’m still having nightmares at night!”

Lei Ming looked at Jiang Muye speechlessly; he looked completely like a spurned housewife right now. It was clear that Muye liked her, but he was still denying it.

Actually, he had always suspected that back then while Jiang Muye and Ning Xi had been together, that Jiang Muye had really fallen in love with Ning Xi. Otherwise, why would he have gotten that angry when he discovered the truth?

As for his feelings towards Ning Xi now, perhaps it was because there was a fine line between love and hate? However, he might also be having feelings for her because he couldn’t have her!

Jiang Muye was still in the midst of tossing and rolling about when the phone by his bedside rang.

Jiang Muye wasn’t in the mood to answer it, so finally, it was Lei Ming who picked up his phone and glanced at it, “Your father called.”

“My dad?” Jiang Muye immediately sat up.

Because he had entered the entertainment industry, his old man had quarrelled with him until they were like enemies. Why would he take the initiative to call him now?

Unease flashed across his heart as he immediately picked up the call.

Because it had been too long since they had last talked, and he was still feeling a grudge in his heart, Jiang Muye didn’t even greet his father. He said in a cool tone, “Chairman Jiang, what business do you have, calling me this late at night?”

A helpless sigh came from the other end of the phone. The man spoke with an extremely tired tone, “Muye, just come home. The company’s about to collapse...”

Jiang Muye’s expression immediately changed, “What do you meant the company’s about to collapse? What happened?”

“There was a spy in the company, and something went wrong with the collaboration we had with HN. Right now, I can’t trust anyone. The only one I can trust is you. Do you really have the heart to watch the company that dad has been building for most of his life be destroyed in a single day?”Jiang Tingguang was practically begging.

Jiang Muye’s hand tightened around his phone, “I won’t retire from the entertainment industry! I’ve also said that I’ll never return to take over your company!”

“Muye, I’m not asking you to retire from the entertainment industry. Do as you wish about taking over the company. I only hope that you can find some time to come back and help me!”

Jiang Muye was the kind of person that would only yield to coaxing, but not to coercion. This was the first time that his old man was lowering himself and talking to him like this as he had always acted like a tyrant at home.. He couldn’t bear to see his old man acting like this, so he didn’t reject the request immediately, but he sat on the fence and said, “I’ve been very busy lately… let me think about it!”

After Jiang Muye hung up the call, Lei Ming immediately said with concern, “Something happened with your dad’s company? Family matters are more important, so I can help you adjust your schedule for work.”

TL Note:

250 = idiot in Chinese internet slang

I hope the wordplay got across to you :D

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