Chapter 262: Resurrection of the dead

Chapter 262: Resurrection of the dead

“Hehe, Florida, we meet again!” Han Shuo sneered with crimson eyes. He was terrifying, like someone possessed by a demon.

Normally speaking, once someone of the Bloodlust Realm went berserk, they would lose their mind and enter a mentality of endless slaughter, completely unable to wake up. However, during the journey to the forbidden place last time, Han Shuo and the Demonslayer Edge had taken in a lot of “specters”. When the pure power had been absorbed by the demon infant, it also seemed to have a miraculous effect on him.

This time, Han Shuo felt that most of the evil aura of hatred, terror, and savagery swirled around was actually absorbed by the Demonslayer Edge within his body, causing most of the things swirling around his body to be only pure evil power.

The negative emotions were the main reason why Han Shuo would lose control over himself once he entered the bloodlust mode. Although the infinite bloodlust within Han Shuo’s heart did not decrease when those negative emotions were absorbed by the Demonslayer Edge, his firm will allowed his mind to remain clear. This differed from when he was in the forbidden area, where he’d nearly killed Gilbert, unable to distinguish friend from foe.

“You won’t be able to run away! You’ll die today! Kill him!” Florida fled until he was in a place that he was safe before calling out hatefully.

“You’re actually not dead!” Grand magus Ferguson of the Church of Light exclaimed as he gazed at Han Shuo.

“How could I die so quickly when you haven’t died yet, kaka!” Han Shuo laughed oddly and spread his arms, as if an eagle preparing to soar into the sky. Dense bloodlust spread out with Han Shuo as the center and formed an area suffused with blood-red mist.

A terrifying and savage aura exploded out from within this area. The remaining power, that had yet to dissipate from the experts who’d just died, all coalesced within the blood mist. As Han Shuo’s aura became stronger and stronger, the area became a burning cloud that moved to cover Ferguson.

“What— What kind of magic is this?!” Even with Ferguson’s insight, he was unable to understand Han Shuo’s methods of attack. However, he instinctively sensed danger. The magic staff in his hand shone brilliantly as he cast an “Illuminate”, quickly backing away to hide like Florida.

Once the spell “Illuminate” had been cast, it was as if another sun had appeared in the sky. A ball of piercing light, carrying pure and holy power, surged towards Han Shuo.

Unfortunately, while “Illuminate” had the power to exorcise evil, it was completely ineffective against Han Shuo’s demonic techniques. As the people underneath him died gruesomely, the aura from Han Shuo became stronger and stronger. A mist of blood, covering a large patch of area, spread out, causing the eight Rainbow Sickles to feel as if an evil power had surged into their bodies. They cried out in anguish until their bodies bulged and exploded.

“Who— just who exactly are you? You’re more evil than the Calamity Church! I won’t allow you to get away with this!” Ferguson grew furious and roared while pointing at Han Shuo, as the Rainbow Sickles instantly exploded without any hope of resistance.

“Old fart, I reminded you last time and you didn’t listen,” Although Han Shuo still retained control over his mind in the bloodlust realm, his desire for slaughter was nowhere close to being suppressed. Thus, he spoke coldly as he controlled the demonic cloud to move towards the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band.

A blood-red fan flew out from the bloody mist. The intense murderous aura around Han Shuo surged crazily into the blood fan, causing the pictures of hundreds of demons on the fan to release an intense blood mist.

The Bloodlust Fan was a demonic treasure that Han Shuo had refined during his three months of closed door cultivation. It was specifically used by those within the bloodlust realm. Han Shuo’s blood essence was in the Bloodlust Fan, and it was able to transmute the murderous aura wreathing Han Shuo’s body into a bloody mist that would cause blood to boil and bodies to explode.

Now that it’d been released by Han Shuo, it immediately showed a spectacular effect by converting the murderous aura. As the number of deceased in the surroundings increased, the terrifying aura of blood around Han Shuo became more and more powerful. Wherever the blood fan passed, those ensconced by the mist were unable to control the blood in their bodies from boiling, and they all imploded with gruesome deaths.

“Use wind magic to blow away the bloody mist, quickly!” Seeing that the bloody mist was traveling over, Florida immediately lost his calm as he gave this quick order.

The wind mages on the side immediately cast tornado and gale wind spells as soon he had shouted. The dozen or so small tornadoes churned over and destroyed everything like a knife. The bloody mist that had been gathered by the blood fan was blown apart, no longer able to coalesce as Han Shuo wished.

No treasure was perfect. Thus, Han Shuo was neither surprised nor discouraged when the bloody mist of the Bloodlust Fan was torn apart by wind magic. As Florida yelled loudly and the remaining Rainbow Sickles attacked, Han Shuo’s body flew backwards, and swiftly stopped in the air over Laureton’s head.

“Laureton, I’ll help you break through the encirclement, but that cursed shop belongs to me. Furthermore, the Soul Destroyers will have the right to publicly recruit mercenaries in the Valley of Sunshine. How’s that sound?” Han Shuo stood straight in the air surrounded by his murderous aura and threw out these suggestions whilst looking down at the wound riddled Laureton.

It was obvious that three of the great factions in the Valley of Sunshine had plotted together against Laureton in this battle. If Laureton died here, then the Valley of Sunshine would immediately be plunged into chaos. The Rainbow Sickles would then be most likely to take charge. This was something that Han Shuo didn’t wish to see, and it was also detrimental to the Soul Destroyer mercenary band’s development.

Due to this, even if it wasn’t for Laureton and purely for Trunks and himself, Han Shuo would’ve helped Laureton break free as well. Of course, it would be all the more perfect if Han Shuo could secure some benefits before helping him. Han Shuo also believed that Laureton would not refuse in this situation.

As he expected, Laureton did not hesitate. He looked up and yelled back at almost the same moment Han Shuo had finished speaking. “Agreed. If our people can leave the valley alive, I’ll also give you an extra ten thousand gold!”

“Deal!” Han Shuo replied calmly.

As spell after spell was chanted and the Canopy of Necromancy was released, the sky became covered by dark green clouds that were dense and unable to be broken apart. Meanwhile, several acidic swamps suddenly formed in the middle of the Katar orc tribe and House of Menlo troops. As Han Shuo chanted out various mystic spells whilst forming strange signs, rays of strange light shot out beneath the Canopy of Necromancy, landing onto the bodies of the experts who had died not too long ago

A terrifying scene occurred. The people, that had been killed not long ago, began to struggle to their feet without a hint of humanity left in their eyes. The wounds on their bodies still bled, and some even had their intestines visible. What was more horrifying was that some of them had their guts dangling from their waist, as if they hadn’t properly buckled their belts.

When the deceased stood up one by one, it was enormously shocking and absolutely horrifying to those who were still alive. Every single live person who noticed this scene let out terrifying screams, causing the entire valley to sink further into chaotic uproar..

Resurrection of corpses was one of the most horrifying and memorable magics of necromancy. It was something that had become an ancient legend, having disappeared from the continent for several thousand years. There was no record of this spell in the now forlorn branch of necromancy magic.

However, on such a night and in such a place, the four great factions of the Valley of Sunshine had the fortune of witnessing this long lost evil magic. Legends were legends after all. When corpses stood up one by one and attacked their former comrades while waving their weapons, the shock completely destroyed their companions’ minds.

“Oh, gods! How is this possible!” Ferguson let out an anguished wail as he looked at everything that was happening in disbelief.

“Laureton, don’t say that I didn’t help you. Quickly use this chance to break free!” Han Shuo grinned coldly as zombies and skeletons appeared out of nowhere and rushed towards the three shocked great factions, alongside the resurrected corpses. Under the cover of the Canopy of Necromancy, these beings of darkness were like fish in water, having their power and speed greatly increased.

After being reminded by Han Shuo, the immensely shocked Laureton quickly came back to himself and immediately yelled, “What are you guys spacing out for?! Charge!!”

The immense roar made the dumbly staring Cairo mercenaries return to themselves. As they looked at their intimate companions, who’d already passed away, stand up in terrifying form, the mercenaries were absolutely shocked senseless. If it weren’t for Laureton’s shout waking them from their stupor, they might have needed quite a while to return to their senses.

However, since they were Han Shuo’s protective targets, they were still fine even when they were staring off into space. As for the other three forces, the dead suddenly latched onto some of their ankles, the subsequent terror from which might become engraved on their hearts for the rest of their lives. Some who reacted a bit slower were stabbed to death by their former comrades.

Han Shuo stood in the air and gazed coldly at the savage landscape underneath. The murderous aura from his body surged and flared, releasing an evil atmosphere. When coupled with his savage look and red eyes, it caused him to look like the epitome of terror.

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