Dear Grace, why are women always after my money?

Dear Grace,

I feel like women only want my money. I want to find a woman who loves me for who I am, and not for the size of my wallet. Why are women always after my money? It’s not like I have a requirement that she must earn a certain amount before I would date her.



Hi B,

I’m sorry you feel this way. Personally, I think most women want security. They want to know that they’ll be in good shape if they choose to be with you. In my opinion, women like envisioning their futures. So, if they were considering you as a potential long term dating partner, these questions might arise in their minds:

Would I suffer if I end up with him? If I choose to marry him, would we be able to afford to have kids? Does he have his own place? Or would I be forced to live with his family?

I know you might think it’s very unfair, but generally speaking, most women want a man who can provide or is capable of providing for them.

Note: This might differ depending on the type of culture you grew up in. For instance, in North America, roles are less defined because both women and men are expected to work and take care of kids. As a result, many women may have their own careers and are not financially dependent on men.

However, even if that is so, most would still want someone who is at least on their level or above.

Basically, if she feels that being with you would lower her quality of life, she will probably not date you.

Now, women don’t all have the same needs. Some may value emotional support over stability. Some may have higher physical standards. Or perhaps, some may place religion above all else.

My advice to you would be to figure out what your needs are and to figure out what her needs are. Everyone wants someone who can meet their needs.

If she won’t date you unless you make X amount, you have 4 options:

Make X amount so you meet her requirement
Forget it and find someone else who accepts you for what you can offer
Settle for whatever you can get
Give up and remain alone
Personally, I think #2 is the best option. But it is your life and your choice. Good luck.

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Initially, I thought it was something innocent. For example: Perhaps one of the twins passed away. But based on Xu Weishan’s earlier reaction, it didn’t seem that simple.

The ghost floated in front of me and pointed at the nameplate on her uniform.

I stared at it. The three characters were particularly eye-catching.

Xu Weishan.

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