Why looks matter

Initially, when you first meet someone, you judge them based on what he/she looks like.

Some may deny it, but when we first meet someone, our minds are trying to help us figure out the person. We want to know what we are dealing with. It’s like our minds are scrambling to find the pieces of a missing puzzle.

We take what we can get. This includes what the person looks like, his/her choice of clothing, his/her posture, his/her possessions, his/her body language, and so on.

Note: At first, all the information we accumulate is very surface level, since anything internal takes time to reveal. 

Then, we come up with conclusions based on the information we gathered.

Are those conclusions correct?

Not necessarily. But that’s how it goes.

This is why most people dress up for an interview. You may be only given that one chance. And one must make an impression on the interviewer.

First impressions may not always be true, but they are definitely important. If a person puts no effort in his/her appearance, the interviewer may feel that the person is not serious about the job.

Aside from applying for jobs, looks still matter when attracting a mate.

Some may say, “Oh, if he/she loves me, it shouldn’t matter what I look like.”


Before a person reaches that level of love, he/she must be attracted to you.

As I have mentioned previously, anything internal takes time to uncover. You may have the best personality, amazing cooking skills, wife/husband material, but unless a person wants to get to know you better, it would not be revealed.

The thing is, appearance can be very subjective. What’s beautiful to you may not be beautiful to someone else. For instance, in North America, most people love to tan. Having sun-kissed skin is considered beautiful. Some people pay to get tan in tanning beds. Some go as far as turning orange!!!!

However, in Asia, they’re trying to look as white as possible. Almost every product has some sort of whitening ingredients in it. To them, white is beauty.

As for body size, most people in Asia are extremely thin. I weigh about 100lbs and I wear a medium in China. It’s ridiculous. Some people would literally starve themselves to achieve their ideal weight.

To them, skinny is the only way.

Fortunately, in North America, females of all body sizes are celebrated. However, there is still more of an emphasis and preference on being thin.

Some complain that the ideal body the media portrays is unattainable and unrealistic.

Do I think so?

Actually, I disagree.

I think it is attainable, but it takes a lot of work.

Every person I know who looks and is fit goes to the gym (or exercise) AT LEAST 3-4 times a week. Some goes every single day.

Are you willing to go to the gym every single day to work out for an hour? 

(Aside from exercising, their diets are also very restricted. There are certain foods they will not eat, and some takes protein powder to build more muscle)

Every person I know who looks gorgeous spend a lot of time on their appearances.

Are you willing to spend an hour a day on making yourself look good? 

(There are natural beauties too, but I’m talking about people who look like they’ve literally walked out of a Hollywood movie)

I’m not saying anyone has to do this. But in my opinion, if you spend a lot of time on something on a CONSISTENT basis, you will get better at it.

Looking good comes with a price too.


It really comes down to how much it matters to you.

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