The three ways to gain fans

This is a part 2 post of my previous post on The secret to being financially rich. Please read the previous post before proceeding.

In my opinion, there are 3 ways you can develop a fan base/support group.

1.      They see the value

When people see the value in something, they are willing to invest. To them, it is worth it. That is the reason why some people get cosmetic surgeries, buy LV, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a Ferrari, purchase a home, or line up overnight to see Robert Pattinson as a sparkling vampire.

However, initially, it is very difficult to get someone to see the value in something they have never experienced or seen before. Most often, it takes a lot of exposure, time, and capital. Some might say it also takes a certain amount of luck. Sometimes, timing can make all the difference.

But once you can get people to see the value in you/your business/idea/services, you are set! It is very unlikely that people will “un-see” the value in something once they believe it.

So, can you create or provide something for people to value?

2.      They are addicted

If people are constantly using your products or services, they are probably addicted. Addiction may not necessarily be a good thing, but it generally means that people have adapted it in their lives and have made it into a habit. For example: using social media. Most of us go on facebook/instagram/twitter/snapchat/etc daily to check status updates, see what’s new, connect with others, or purely to stalk people. It’s like a habit that we have incorporated in our daily lives.

Similar to #1, it is quite difficult to get people addicted to something new. However, once you have got them hooked, it’s tough for them to escape! 😛

So, can you create or provide something for people to be addicted to?

3.      It is effective

Nowadays, unless I have to check in my baggage, I head straight to the machine to check in because I don’t want to deal with people unless I have to. I much prefer the machine because it’s easier, faster, and simply more effective. In my opinion, we humans like efficiency. We are willing to invest our money or time in something if it makes life easier for us. For example: the microwave, Mcdonalds, GPS, online banking, online shopping, and pretty much anything online.

So, can you create or provide something effective for people? Out of the 3, which one do you think it’s the easiest to achieve?


P.S. At volare, we’re aiming to get you addicted with our translations ;). *wink wink nudge nudge*

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