Be a frog! Do the right thing!

Lol if you can’t tell, the title is just to lure you in. 😉

This following story has been modified as I cannot remember the exact details. However, the message remains the same. Please do not take it literally as it is the message we should be focusing on.

Once, there was a little boy who lived on a farm. Each day, he would have a list of chores to complete. On this particular day, the little boy suddenly had the urge to use the washroom after milking the cows. So, he decided to leave the pail of milk outside while he went indoors to relieve himself. When he came back from the washroom, he noticed that there were frogs jumping and splashing around in his pail of milk. The little boy was furious! The frogs had spoilt his milk! He decided to seek revenge and placed all the frogs in a big pot. He was going to cook them live.

Soon, the frogs began to feel the heat and started jumping up to escape. All of them were jumping, but none of them were able to jump out of the pot. Slowly, one by one, the frogs began to give up. Soon, all of them stopped except for one. Out of the bunch, the smallest frog kept on jumping. All the other frogs were in dismay. They said,

“You’re so tiny. If we can’t jump out, there’s no way you can either. Just give up. We’re all going to die.”

“Why are you even trying? The pot is too high. It’s impossible.”

“You’re not going to make it.”

Yet, the little frog kept on jumping. All of a sudden, he managed to jump out! The little boy was amazed. How come this little frog managed to jump out while all the other ones couldn’t? Could this little frog possess some sort of special DNA? The little boy decided to get the frog tested.

It turned out the frog was deaf.

The frog could not hear what all the other frogs were saying. He only knew he had to jump out of the pot if he wanted to escape his burning fate. He focused on his goal and kept going until he made it.

So what can we learn from this story?

There are always going to be people putting you down whenever you want to achieve something.

Most of the time, they will tell you it’s unrealistic/impossible. Sometimes, we have to block out the negativity in order to keep going.

If we let others’ opinions control our lives, we will easily falter. Never give up. When you decide to do something, stick it out to the end. You may or may not get the results that you want, but don’t stop.

I hope you guys enjoyed the story! I actually heard this story live. It was very touching and inspiring. Unfortunately, I cannot write/share it in a way that may be able to touch your heart as it did to mine. However, I believe the message of the story is very good and I hope it has affected you in a positive way. (I came up with the lessons though ;))

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