7 deep relationship quotes that stimulate thought

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I haven't written a Grace Time post in such a long time! (Sorry). Today, I would like to share 7 deep relationship quotes that I have come across from online dating. As a blogger, whenever I hear compelling words, I have the tendency to jot them down. These were a few lines that really resonated with me during my conversations with guys. Enjoy!


Word are meaningless unless you are going to follow through. 

Judge people by their actions, not words. What have they done? 

What you want and what you can get is completely different. 

You may want a specific person but he/she is unattainable. 

I am not going to describe myself. You can decide on your own. A person can say he's shy but it doesn't mean he is. 

That's true. You can say anything. Long term observation is definitely more accurate. 

If you accept me at my worst, then you deserve me at my best. 

Find someone who wants you despite knowing your flaws. 

It's not what you're doing that matters, but the person you're with. 

Self explanatory. 

I like the attention but not the commitment. 

Very common for online dating. Just because someone finds you attractive doesn't mean they want to commit to you.

If there is no progression, then he doesn't really want it. 

This is so deep. Does he try to progress the relationship?

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gchan7127's Thoughts

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this short post! I find these quotes very thought-provoking. What are your thoughts? Feel free to share more deep quotes in the comments below!