5 signs they like you

Do you think your crush likes you? Here are five signs to look out for!

Note: In the explanation, I replaced “he/she” with “they” instead. It sounds less awkward.

  1. They are willing to invest in you continuously.

There are only 24 hours in a day. Time is limited and money is scarce. So, pay attention to how much time and effort they are willing to put in. If they are willing to invest a lot of resources in you on a continual basis, you’re important to them.

Note: It has to be consistent and continual. A one-time investment doesn’t count.

  1. They will try to make you happy.

When we like someone, we want them to be happy. If we know there’s something within our abilities that we could do to increase their happiness, we would probably do it. For example, they might go shopping with you simply because you like it.

Basically, if your happiness matters to them, that’s a good sign!

  1. They have open body language.

Don’t underestimate the power of non-verbal communication. Notice whether they are shifting towards you or away from you. If they are finding any excuse to touch you in a playful or teasing manner, they are probably attracted to you.

  1. They make an effort to dress or look nice.

This means that they want to be perceived as attractive. This may or may not be influenced by you. However, generally speaking, we make an effort to dress nice if we want to impress someone. So, if they want to impress you, it means you hold some value in their hearts.

  1. They want you to meet their friends.

This is under the assumption that you guys do not have the same group of friends. If they want to introduce their friends to you, that is a very good sign they are into you. We wouldn’t bring someone into our close circle for no reason. Usually, we do it because we see you as a potential significant other and are curious to know what our friends think of you.

If they do all of the above, I am almost 100% certain they like you! I wish you the best of luck! Can you think of any more signs? Leave it down in the comments below!

P.S. I actually made a youtube video last year. LOL You guys can enjoy! (Sorry, it was the first time I ever edited anything so it wasn't very smooth) 


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