Chapter 993: Stopping Thousands with the Strength of One, Finding Life in Despair!

Chapter 993: Stopping Thousands with the Strength of One, Finding Life in Despair!

“If you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wish. Once you die, those trash won’t be able to escape!”

Ahetu stepped forward with a cold snort and immediately stabilized the morale of his troops. A general, besides commanding an army, was more important as its spiritual pillar.

“You can try and see how many of you I can drag down with!” Bai Xiaofei was not shaken by Ahetu’s threat. He refused to move a single step.

“Very well then, I’ll see what you can do!”

Ahetu sneered and waved his hand. The archers behind immediately stepped forth and pointed their arrows at Bai Xiaofei.

“Fire!” ordered Ahetu, and sky-blotting arrows immediately shot at Bai Xiaofei from all directions.

Mind Sunder danced in a frenzy. Amidst the metallic noises, Bai Xiaofei stood immobile as a part of the arrows he couldn’t deflect hit him. However, those arrows couldn’t even scratch him as his body was stronger than steel.

“That tickles, but still a long way from killing me!” Bai Xiaofei snorted.

Ahetu’s response was only a sneer as he ordered, “Fire!”

Another wave of arrows covered Bai Xiaofei. Repeating the same action over and over to defend the underground entrance, Bai Xiaofei realized something was wrong after a few rounds as an arrow penetrated his right leg!

“All-round reduction on bodily functions, the Sacks are really an interesting race to be able to limit others’ energy on top of having such special abilities. But did you think I was just joking? I will bury you all with me!”

Pulling out the arrow from his leg, Bai Xiaofei suddenly burst out laughing. At that very moment, bright flares rose in a distance from every direction except where the Sacks army had come from.

“Don’t forget that men aren’t the main force of Moonlight. One person for a hundred thousand of you, I, Fickle Bai, can’t ever be worth more than this!” Bai Xiaofei said and detonated the mechanism behind him.

The tunnel entrance collapsed, and he rushed straight at the archer group in front of him.

“How dare you!!!” Ahetu immediately rushed forward to stop him.

Unfortunately for Ahetu, despite his tremendous power, his speed was far behind Bai Xiaofei. The latter nimbly dodged his attack and leaped into the archer group like a wolf pouncing into a sheep herd. A massacre played out in just twenty seconds.

Bai Xiaofei didn’t stop there. In his killing spree, he turned to target the remaining Sacks fighters.

Meanwhile, Ahetu’s heart was full of horror at what had just happened. How can those Moonlight people return so soon? Did our troops at Divine Light lose so quickly?!

“Are you all dead?! Fight back! He can’t resist your attacks now!” shouted Ahetu upon returning to his senses.

Hearing this, his troops calmed down and quickly stood back to back with each other and formed a small wall, defending and counter-attacking Bai Xiaofei at the same time.

To their surprise, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t care less about his own defense. He directly ignored their attacks and kept on reaping lives. He was trading his life for theirs!

“Hahaha! How refreshing!! You shall all die with me!! None of you can escape!!!” Bai Xiaofei laughed hysterically. His murderous maniac appearance that looked devoid of sanity dealt a heavy blow to the mentality of the Sacks soldiers.

At the same time, the support flares of Moonlight were getting closer and closer, and the Sacks were unable to hold on. This included Ahetu, their commander and spiritual pillar. He, in fact, did not care about his soldiers’ lives, but he cared about his own.

Bai Xiaofei obviously couldn’t be dealt with quickly. If they kept being entangled with him like this, they would lose their only chance to retreat!


After five minutes of watching Bai Xiaofei’s killing spree, Ahetu finally gave an order that he least wanted to make. With the issuance of this order, the Sacks army lost all will to fight.

However, Bai Xiaofei refused to let them go and kept biting at their heels like mad while they retreated. Only after they completely withdrew from Savage Wolf Ridge did he finally stop…

Meanwhile, in the direction of the support flares, the faces of the Black Dragon Swarm bandit group led by their Second Leader were full of worries.

Bai Xiaofei had tasked them with scouting the vicinity to see if there were scattered Sacks troops. Later, after the main attack direction of the Sacks had been determined, his new order came before they could return, which was to disguise themselves as Moonlight reinforcements and after the main group could no longer hold on, move closer to the hill from different directions while releasing the rescue flares of the Moonlight military. When Ye Qingtong had first evacuated with the heavily injured, she had launched the go-ahead signal.

However, this was only Bai Xiaofei’s plan, no one could be sure whether the Sacks would really be scared away. If they wouldn’t, then this arrangement would be meaningless. After all, there were only a dozen of them in each direction…

Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei had performed his play to perfection.

He had not blown up the tunnel entrance until the very last minute as bait to stall Ahetu’s army. Then, he blew it up and acted like a madman in desperation to convince Ahetu of the authenticity of the reinforcements.

Who could have thought that someone who was disregarding his life, was considering so many things in his craze? Therefore, Bai Xiaofei won the bet!

He found a way to live in despair!

However, when the ‘reinforcements’ arrived at the scene, they all froze in place…

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