Chapter 992: You Shall Not Pass!

Chapter 0992: You Shall Not Pass!

Facing the enemy’s last line of defense, the Sacks had all gone berserk as they followed Ahetu’s lead.

On Bai Xiaofei’s side, no one backed down. Behind them were seriously injured comrades, who could only be evacuated safely if they bought them enough time. This was a battle where no one would retreat!

“Kill!!” With a roar, Bai Xiaofei raised Mind Sunder and charged into the enemy. No one in his path was able to survive his blade, letting him rush all the way to Ahetu!

After the previous exchange, Bai Xiaofei had confirmed Ahetu could even beat him in a fight if he didn’t use origin energy. The reason why he had been able to gain the upper hand before was because it was a sneak attack. As for why Ahetu possessed such inhuman strength, Bai Xiaofei could only attribute it to racial advantage.

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei could not let Ahetu rush too far up, or his remaining troops wouldn’t stand a chance under the opponent’s huge machetes.

“Brat, die!!” Ahetu immediately ‘welcomed’ Bai Xiaofei with his blades. He still had no idea that Bai Xiaofei was the enemy commander whose life he wanted, he just wanted to take revenge for the wound earlier!

The moment Mind Sunder and the machetes clashed, a ringing metallic sound pained everyone’s eardrums and drew their attention.

The Sacks soldiers originally wanted to besiege Bai Xiaofei, but after seeing him exchange blows with their commander, they realized a cruel reality –

They couldn’t even get close, let alone intervene!

“Godly Speed, Third Realm!” Panting, Zhu Chunyang was draining his last bit of strength. His task while Bai Xiaofei stalled Ahetu was to kill as many as possible to lessen the pressure on their other comrades.

With his unmatched speed, Zhu Chunyang was like a ghost on the battlefield, and wherever he shuttled through, there would be collapsing Sacks warriors.

“Scram!!!” Crossing his blade behind his back to block the attacks of four Sacks soldiers, Zhuang Shuo then swatted them away before swinging his blade at an enemy in front and beheading him.

One whole night of high-intensity combat had set Zhuang Shuo’s blood on fire, in turn completely igniting his fighting talent. Although he hadn’t gotten any systematic martial training, his physical quality was already half a step into the rank of Martial Master!

Zhuang Shuo was not the only one exceeding his limit. Almost all of the 300 muscular men who followed Bai Xiaofei had certain advantages, and those who could still stand at the moment were the best among them.

Meanwhile, the bandits, despite not having any special physical advantages, had their own unique fighting style – Steady, precise, and ruthless! Once they attacked, the opponent would die if not become seriously injured!

The ones with outstanding performances shared most of the pressure on the field. However, there was something no one could change –

Their stamina was running out…

Everyone on Moonlight’s side had been constantly engaged in battle, while contrary to them, many Sacks soldiers had only been in a ready-to-join state.

The gap in their strength soon became noticeable as Bai Xiaofei’s group of inexperienced soldiers gradually fell to a disadvantage. As they went down one after another, the disadvantage turned into a desperate situation…

“Godly Speed, Windstorm!”

Exhausting the last bit of his strength, Zhu Chunyang turned into a blur that circled the trenches. His speed was so fast that he kicked up wind blades along the way which repelled the Sack soldiers around.

“It’s time!” shouted Bai Xiaofei.

Zhu Chunyang’s body had been covered in wounds and blood by the time he stopped. The Third Realm of Godly Speed was a burden on his body, so it was already a miracle that he was still conscious. He roared, “Don’t worry about me, detonate!”

Bai Xiaofei, who was parrying Ahetu’s slash, quickly backed away and conveniently cut down a Sacks soldier in his path. His expression was extremely serious as he panted heavily.

After a long fight with Ahetu, he found out that the man seemed to have unlimited stamina. After the reconstruction of his body, Bai Xiaofei had never felt tired before, but now he could clearly feel his stamina being drained away.

“What are you waiting for?! You don’t understand me or are you waiting to die?!” Bai Xiaofei urged upon hearing no response from the troops in the trenches.

During this brief period, the Sacks soldiers that Zhu Chunyang had just repelled had gotten up and charged forward again.

“Zhuang Shuo! Do it now!” Zhu Chunyang growled, tears mixed with blood flowing down his face. He knew very well what it meant to detonate the traps in the trenches for Bai Xiaofei, who had not returned yet…

With a loud explosion, dust filled the area and covered Zhuang Shuo’s group. When the scene was clear again, the Moonlight survivors had all disappeared. The only thing the Sacks saw on the hillside was a huge and dark underground entrance.

“They escaped into the secret passage! Give chase!”

The Sacks immediately flocked toward the underground entrance.

However, a figure suddenly rushed past them all and stopped at the mouth of the tunnel. Then, a sharp light flashed, and a Sacks soldier lost his head. The rest instantly stopped charging. There, they saw Bai Xiaofei standing ramrod straight with his blade in his hand.

“If you want to die, come!” Bai Xiaofei’s voice echoed, the surging murderous intent in it made the Sacks instinctively back away.

As he scanned the whole battlefield, Bai Xiaofei gave a bitter smile when his eyes swept through the comrades who had to leave their lives here forever. Then, he gritted his teeth and stared coldly at the enemy.

“You shall not pass!”

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