Chapter 991: Bloody Battle at Savage Wolf Ridge (3)

Chapter 991: Bloody Battle at Savage Wolf Ridge (3)


Another wave of boulders rolled down as the Sacks troops rushed forward again. However, they had adapted to it. Their pace was hindered, but the casualties were much less compared with the first wave,

To make matters worse for the Moonlight party, this was the last of their boulders …

“Prepare to enter the second stage!” Bai Xiaofei commanded upon seeing the Sacks gaining momentum.

The troops on the edge of the trenches immediately became tense. The second stage allowed no room for carelessness!

“They’re out of stones! Forge ahead, my brothers!”

The Sacks army immediately noticed the change at the mountain top. With a loud cry, they excitedly rushed up.

“Arrows!” shouted Bai Xiaofei coldly.

At the same time, Ye Qingtong and the other two deputy commanders responsible for the other three directions also gave out the same order, marking the start of a battle of momentum!

As soldiers of a fighting tribe, the Sacks couldn’t be more used to arrow attacks. Their comrades falling one by one did not affect the rest from charging forward. In their view, as long as they reached the top, the battle would all be over!

“Get ready!” shouted Bai Xiaofei as he watched the enemy party getting closer and closer.

Hearing this, the troops at the trench edge started trembling… not out of fear, but excitement!

Soon, the first wave of Sacks soldiers approached the trenches with high-spirited battle cries. Right at that moment, the Moonlight troops waiting inside the trenches pulled the ropes.

Stone pikes sprang out of the trenches and skewered the Sacks soldiers at the front before being pulled back very quickly, causing over a thousand dead bodies to roll down the slope!

“Shields in front! Keep going! As long as we pass, we win!”

Rumor had it that the Sacks’ brains all became muscles once they were high in a battle. Now it seemed there was some truth to it. At present, those Sacks didn’t know what fear was!

“Don’t panic! Prepare to deal final blows!” Ye Qingtong immediately boosted morale upon seeing the soldiers in the trenches intimidated by the Sacks’ momentum.

The next wave of Sack soldiers rushed up, this time prepared for the stone pikes. However, their shields were only so big that they only managed to block some of the pikes. Some unlucky individuals were directly pierced through their heads. However, their defensive method proved effective as the survivors were able to reach the top.

Unfortunately, they were greeted by readied machetes!

“Increase the number!” Below, Ahetu’s lips curled up upon seeing that the two sides had entered into a melee battle, because it meant that the end was near. No race was ever a match for the Sacks regarding close-quarter combat. They were born warriors!

“They keep getting more and more, Boss!” shouted Zhuang Shuo anxiously as he kicked down a Sacks warrior.

“Endure a little! Wait until there are even more!” replied Bai Xiaofei as he cut down a warrior. Then, he looked around and shouted, “Beat them all back, my brothers! Show me your resolution!”

With that, he jumped down into the crowd of rushing Sacks soldiers, his Mind Sunder dancing amidst trails of blood.

“With Boss Bai!!” cried Zhuang Shuo passionately before following Bai Xiaofei.

This pumped enthusiasm into the wavering men. They all disregarded their lives and jumped down into the Sacks army.

This caught the Sacks by surprise as they never thought the other party would dare to counter-charge. For a moment, their momentum fell short.

This played to Bai Xiaofei’s plan. However, he also knew that this kind of momentum would expire very quickly. Before the next batch of Sacks soldiers approached, he jumped back up to the top with everyone.

Although having fully exploited the short-lived advantage, casualties were unavoidable. Looking at the remaining troops, Bai Xiaofei’s heart tightened. This layer can no longer be kept…

“Contract the formation!” he ordered.

The people in the trenches immediately looked delighted to hear this.

On the contrary, Ye Qingtong was not happy. Shrinking their formation meant their defense had grown insufficient. Every time they shrank, they were one step closer to losing.

However, she chose to remain silent. She could not deal a blow to everyone’s trust in Bai Xiaofei at a time like this.

Very quickly, the next batch of Sacks soldiers arrived. The soldiers in the trenches waited until they got close to activate the last defense mechanism.

With a loud noise, the trenches burst and stones shot out. The dust this explosion kicked up immediately engulfed the vicinity. Within the dust cloud, the archers started firing. Although they couldn’t see the opponent, the short distance and the density of the enemies made it impossible to miss.

When the dust cleared, the Sacks soldiers were revealed to be either dead or injured, while Bai Xiaofei had retreated to the second layer of trenches with his troops.

“Keep going! No matter what, we must destroy this group!” The situation did not make Ahetu angry. Instead, he grew even more composed, knowing that his remaining troops were no longer enough to capture Crimson Moon Fortress.

At the moment, as far as he was concerned, the opponent in front of him must be destroyed. Or to be more precise, the person leading them must be eliminated!

To be able to drag his 300,000 troops to this state with only 10,000-odd soldiers, such a character would be absolutely devastating to the Sacks in a grand-scale battle. In Ahetu’s view, destroying this person had even more value than winning Crimson Moon Fortress!

Perhaps he wouldn’t have been able to realize this before, but after that strategist appeared in the Sacks, he deeply understood how horrifying a good commander could be…

The horn sounded and the Sacks soldiers fiercely and fearlessly charged forward again, having no intention to give Bai Xiaofei’s group any rest.

“It’s getting bright.” Looking at the charging enemies and the sun slowly rising in the east, Bai Xiaofei shook his head with a bitter smile.

“You have done very well. Now, there is only one thing we need to consider.” Ye Qingtong walked to him, her tone indifferent as if she didn’t see the enemy party rapidly approaching.

“Yeah, we need to think about how to get out safely. We should have less than 3,000 people now,” saying this number, Bai Xiaofei grew anxious.

“No. Even if we count the seriously wounded, we only have slightly more than 1,800 left,” Ye Qingtong corrected him with a heavy tone.

“You take the wounded into the third layer. I’ll buy you time,” Bai Xiaofei said and drew out Mind Sunder. “This is a military order, so you know what you should do.” He didn’t give her a chance to object. “Also, take Tan Xin with you, but don’t tell her any specifics, just say you’re taking her to get reinforcements.”

During their talk, the Sacks soldiers had arrived. Without any hesitation, Bai Xiaofei jumped out with the remaining troops.

“My brothers, this is the last battle! Hold through this and we can all live!” shouted Bai Xiaofei as he cut down a Sacks warrior in one chop.

The Moonlight troops in the trenches once again started to work the traps. Kill, adjust, kill, adjust… The two parties fought like tireless machines, constantly repeating the same actions. Death never ceased and the land under their feet had been soaked with blood…

“Prepare to retreat!”

The see-saw battle had lasted for nearly three hours, from dawn till the sun was high up in the sky. After detonating the second trench layer, Bai Xiaofei brought the survivors into the third and final one.

“Brothers, they can’t hold out much longer. Archers, get ready. Sword-and-shields, forward with me and take this highland!” shouted Ahetu. This time, he was personally leading!

Ahetu held two shiny machetes taller than himself, and a ferocious scar on his chest was still seeping blood. This was caused during the previous guerrilla warfare where he was cut by Bai Xiaofei during their confrontation. To be able to survive a fight with Bai Xiaofei already proved his strength.

“They’re coming. Get ready!” Bai Xiaofei’s face was extremely solemn. After losing over a thousand soldiers in the last wave, he only had less than five hundred who could still fight alongside him.

However, he could not retreat. If he did, the seriously injured who were being evacuated in the secret tunnels would not have enough time to leave…

“Twenty minutes! Hold on for twenty minutes! This is our last mission!”

Taking a deep breath, Bai Xiaofei, whose armor had been dyed red with blood, gave an order that everyone wanted to hear most.

“After twenty minutes, we will be the living history of Moonlight! No one will ever say that Moonlight men are useless ever again! We are real soldiers!”

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