Chapter 990: Bloody Battle at Savage Wolf Ridge (2)

Chapter 990: Bloody Battle at Savage Wolf Ridge (2)


His eyes bloodshot, a furious Ahetu had gone into a frenzy from all the killing, cutting down one person right after another.

By this point, the Sacks army no longer had commanders. The chaos caused by Bai Xiaofei’s arrangements had forced all the remaining 200,000 Sacks soldiers to take part in the fighting. As the battle was in full swing, the key targets set by Bai Xiaofei were all commander-rank figures. Commanders were the brains of an army, and an army without brains was but a group of reckless brutes.

However, when the number of brutes reached a certain level, the damage could be devastating!

As the fighting continued into the dead of the night, the noises grew softer and softer, until the Sacks soldiers were dumbstruck upon realizing. Where are the enemies?!

“Trash!! Get out here!!” Ahetu growled at the sky, but no one responded.

Meanwhile, in the central area of Savage Wolf Ridge, a panting Bai Xiaofei looked at the soldiers with varying degrees of injuries around him.

Everyone’s face was dead solemn, but they all looked at him with glistering hope in their eyes.

“How many people do we have left?” Bai Xiaofei asked slowly with grief in his voice.

“Less than six thousand…” Ye Qingtong, who had just finished counting, reported a worrying number.

And this was the result of Bai Xiaofei trying to seize the initiative all the time. Otherwise, being completely annihilated would have been the likely outcome.

“Evacuate those with serious injuries. The rest will prepare for the next battle as planned.” Bai Xiaofei clenched his jaw, his teeth gnashing together.

There was no time to grieve. Every second of delay was being irresponsible to the living.

“General, we can still fight! Let us stay! We cannot leave at a time like this!”

A man who had lost an arm immediately stood up. Around him, those with similar injuries were also rejecting Bai Xiaofei’s order to evacuate them. This was the first time they had ever directly objected to Bai Xiaofei.

“Stay? So the rest will be busy trying to save you and then everyone will die together?! My words are military orders. If you want to die, I will fulfill your wish right now!” Bai Xiaofei grabbed the man and yanked him over. The fury he exuded startled everyone.

“Motherf*ckers! Didn’t I already teach you lot?! How dare you disobey Boss’s orders? Get the hell out of here!” Zhuang Shuo stepped in just as everyone was at a loss. Then, he rushed over and kicked the man Bai Xiaofei grabbed to the ground before starting to curse at them.

Bai Xiaofei said nothing to this, because he didn’t know what else he could say…

“Just go! Don’t you believe in your general? You need to go back and get well before he can take you to kill our enemies again. You still have plenty of opportunities in the future,” Tan Xin hurriedly mediated. She knew why Bai Xiaofei wanted these people to leave, but no one would accept such a reason, no true soldier would accept it!

So Tan Xin gave them a new reason…

“General Bai!” The man suddenly yelled.

Bai Xiaofei instinctively looked back and saw this soldier kneel to him.

“Starting today, my life is yours. We will be waiting for your triumphant return, waiting for you to take us to continue to kill the enemies. If…”

“There’s no if. Go back and wait for me. You will see me again returning with our brothers, so prepare for the celebration banquet,” Bai Xiaofei cut him off, his voice full of resolution. I will definitely bring everyone back!

“We wait for General Bai’s triumphant return!”

The soldier kowtowed heavily on the ground. After him, all the seriously injured soldiers also knelt down, bawling like babies, but all chanting the same sentence.

“We wait for General Bai’s triumphant return!”

The fire reflected the vast wilderness as the 6,000-odd people then collectively fell into silence. Bai Xiaofei looked up at the sky and slowly closed his eyes.

“Let’s go. The rest of you, get to your posts immediately!” Bai Xiaofei commanded before walking toward the trenches.

Different from the previous guerrilla warfare, the next one would be true positional warfare!

“Check the supplies and prepare to meet the enemy!” Ye Qingtong ordered.

The rest of the soldiers immediately moved. At this moment, they no longer distinguished their origins. Bandits, servants, or cannon fodder, they only had one identity – Elite soldiers of Moonlight!

The previous battles of life and death had solidified them into a complete whole!

Meanwhile, the Sacks army had also realized the present situation.

Counting his troops, Ahetu’s face turned green. After several hours of playing cats and mice, he had lost more than 60,000 soldiers! The average casualty ratio was almost one to six!

His originally 300,000-strong army was left with only half at this point. Even if they could quickly destroy Bai Xiaofei’s group in the next battle, winning Red Moon Fortress would be extremely difficult with this number.

This thought made Ahetu’s fury climb to the peak.

“No matter what, those trash must die! Sound the horns and prepare to attack!”

Upon Ahetu’s order, depressing horns resounded, and the remaining 160,000 Sacks soldiers marched straight toward the central area of the ridge.

The central area of Savage Wolf Ridge was a highland, and its 45-degree slope made it easy to defend and difficult to attack. However, this was under the condition of equal strength. As far as the troop numbers of Bai Xiaofei and Ahetu were concerned, there was only one result –

Bai Xiaofei was destined to lose!

Bai Xiaofei himself knew this very clearly. Sometimes the brain just couldn’t make up for the gap in power. However, there was one thing he could do, and that was to try and delay their defeat as much as possible!

About twenty minutes or so later, Ahetu’s army had reached the defensive circle of Bai Xiaofei’s group. Despite the dim light, the Sacks army still visually imposed a terrifying pressure.

“Sword-and-shield soldiers to the front, archers cover the back!” ordered Ahetu. Since the command chain of his army was nearly all killed, he had no choice but to take over.

With a loud battle cry, the Sacks soldiers immediately moved. At least 20,000 sword-and-shield soldiers lined up and pressed forward toward the high ground while the more than 20,000 archers created a rain of arrows.

“Wooden wall!”

Ahetu was indeed a good commander, but unfortunately, he was far from enough to gain an advantage over Bai Xiaofei in commanding.

The archers already suffered a disadvantage attacking from a low position, not to mention that Bai Xiaofei had already made preparations. Wooden boards were quickly put up and received all the arrows.

After four to five waves of arrows, all the boards had turned into hedgehogs, while the sword-and-shield soldiers had approached close enough to charge.

“Ahead charge!!!” ordered Ahetu after calculating the distance.

The sword-shield soldiers instantly accelerated, their formation becoming increasingly dense due to the features of the terrain.

“Boulders,” said Bai Xiaofei calmly.

The next second, the seemingly integrated trench suddenly opened up a gap, through which huge boulders of at least five meters in diameter were rolled out.


Hot oil made by Tan Xin’s creation skill was then plastered on the boulders. The moment they were lit up, the charging Sacks soldiers were thunderstruck.


Seeing a huge row of fireballs rolling down, the Sacks soldiers’ first thought was to turn around and run. When they did, they immediately collided together with the dense crowd behind. Without any suspense, tragic shrieks became the theme song of the Sacks…

However, this was not yet everything!

“Arrows ready!”

As the boulders were reaching the bottom, all of the Moonlight soldiers collectively pulled their bows and fired. Although they were not professionals, accuracy was not needed when shooting from a high position in large numbers.

This arrow rain was not as scary as the one from the Sacks just now, but there was no need to explain how much more malicious it was!

The Sacks soldiers who planned to stop the boulders were shot into hedgehogs, letting the boulders open a path through the crowd below.

“Clean up the battlefield!” Bai Xiaofei immediately ordered to loot the dead sword-shield soldiers after making the Sacks army eat a big loss.

Since his people had gotten too close, Ahetu could only watch as his enemies rushed out, dealt final blows to his dying soldiers, looted their bodies, and ran back into the trenches.

Losing nearly 30,000 soldiers in just one wave, Ahetu’s fury once again climbed. However, this did not muddle his mind but instead gave him a valuable lesson. “Surround the highland, reduce the number of people charging up. Disperse while attacking and wait until someone reaches the destination before sending the entire troops up!” He immediately changed the method of attacking.

Watching the Sacks soldiers come together again, Bai Xiaofei gritted his teeth.

“Continue! Do not let them in just because they have few people! Kill every single one!” ordered Bai Xiaofei.

Everyone immediately prepared for the next wave of counterattacks, and this time, it would be a 360-degree defense.

The situation had begun to look pessimistic…

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