Chapter 97 The Second Puppets! (Part 1)

After they followed Feng Wuhen into a luxurious room that was over eighty square meters in size, all of them sat down in groups of two or three.

“Everyone, have something to eat and drink first. The puppets will be sent over soon, and all of you can take your time to choose one.” After he finished serving them with some refreshments, Feng Wuhen instantly walked out because, in addition to the alternative puppets, second puppets for over ten people were an entire few tens of puppets. They weren’t something that could be prepared in a short period of time.

“Big Brother Fei, Big Brother Fei, have you thought about what you’re going to choose for your second puppet!?” Mo Ka came over to Bai Xiaofei’s side and asked slyly, and the others in the surroundings perked up their ears.

Especially Xue Ying, she stared fixedly at Bai Xiaofei because the choice of his second puppet would basically decide Bai Xiaofei’s future direction – the direction he had discussed with Lei Shan not too long ago, balanced or extreme!

“We’ll see if there are any suitable puppets. I feel this sort of thing is decided by fate.” Bai Xiaofei grinned and was far less anxious than the others because he was actually anxious about why he was able to control a second puppet…

“Big Brother Fei, letting fate decide won’t do. We’re about to participate in the test soon, and your strength is an important pillar of support for all of us.” Xing Nan came over and voiced his views.

“Drop it! In which fight was I not watching from the sidelines? The true main force in a battle is all of you!” Bai Xiaofei knew his own limitations. Before he truly obtained the strength at the Master Rank, the part he could play in a battle was rather limited because the formidableness of the Mimicry Stream was mostly displayed in its utility, not in head-on battle.

The big mouth, Qi Wei, came over and spoke her innermost thoughts. “But we can’t always fight so smoothly without you. We need you to command us, so class monitor, I think you can consider improving your ability to protect yourself.”

Actually, many people from the Savage Class thought in this way.

With Bai Xiaofei’s current influence, he would absolutely become the center of attention as soon as he ascended the battlefield, so if he possessed a formidable ability with which to protect himself, he would be able to draw firepower very well for them.

Exactly, it was to draw firepower…

“F*ck! What you mean by this is you want me to be a target, right? How could you do that to your class monitor! I’ve always been nice to you, right!?” Bai Xiaofei wasn’t an idiot, and he instantly understood what Qi Wei meant. But nobody cared about his complaints.

Who the f*ck were you nice to!?

You were ruthless to everyone, alright!?

“Everyone, I apologize for disturbing you. The puppets have arrived.” Feng Wuhen knocked on the door and entered before he interrupted the internal teasing of the Savage Class, causing everyone’s eyes to immediately light up.

“For the sake of making it easier for everyone to select their puppets, I took the liberty of sending over the puppets in batches so that it’s easier for all of you to advise each other.” As a manager, Feng Wuhen considered everything in a rather thoughtful manner.

“No problem. Bring in the first batch.” Grinning, Bai Xiaofei announced that the moment of excitement had arrived.

Subsequently, under Feng Wuhen’s orders, young women in cheongsams carried numerous trays as they walked in from the entrance in a line and formed a row before everyone. There was a total of eight of them, and there were eight puppets.

“These are the puppets for three people. They are respectively suitable for an Alchemist, Puppetsmith, and Support Stream puppet master.” As Feng Wuhen spoke, Mo Ka, Shi Kui, Zhu Nuo, and Duan Yiyi were overjoyed.

Support and healing were actually both a type of Support Stream, and both studied in the Light of Protection of Starnet Academy. Many people even avoided separating them clearly and chose to cultivate both of them.

“First up is the second puppet selection for an Alchemist. According to this little brother’s requirements, I’ve chosen two ranged attack-type puppets, and they are the Floating Blade and Crystal Arrow.”

Two young women removed the red cloth on their trays to reveal two puppets, and Bai Xiaofei had seen one of them.

It was precisely the crystalline and translucent arrow Chu Gan had utilized when Fei Gou and Zhu Gan were pursuing him.

“There are similar puppets?!” Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, and the nearby Feng Wuhen was slightly shocked.

“Little brother, could it be that you don’t know?”

“Should I?” Bai Xiaofei replied with a question, and the bewilderment on his face didn’t reduce in the slightest. The nearby Xue Ying covered her face in shame.

This sort of foundational knowledge ought to have been taught by her, but she felt aversion towards teaching it. Therefore, besides the real-life combat practice during the first month of the Savage Class’s training, she was basically unrelated to the word “teacher”…

But luckily, Feng Wuhen didn’t shoot his gaze at Xue Ying, and he started patiently explaining, “Puppets are divided into animate and inanimate puppets. Regardless of if it’s an animate or inanimate puppet, it’s possible for them to possess similar skills and effects. Animate puppets would randomly inherit an ability from before it became a puppet. Inanimate puppets are manufactured in batches, and the only difference between them is their grade.

“You’ve probably seen the Crystal Arrow because many Alchemists select this as their second puppet. We usually have the corresponding puppet that’s lower by a grade called the Windbreaker Arrow, but this is a violet-grade puppet instead!” Feng Wuhen said, picking up the Crystal Arrow on the tray.

“The Crystal Arrow will shoot towards a designated target once it’s filled with origin energy, and it carries a tracking ability. Its advantages are its swift speed and ease of use, and its flaws are that it can be stopped and obstructed and that it possesses a comparatively fixed amount of destructive force.” By the time he finished speaking, Mo Ka had already walked over. 

This thing was precisely the puppet he’d taken a fancy to because it was capable of letting him escape the fate of being useless. When this thing was exerted with his full strength, its might would absolutely be more formidable than a strike from Fang Ye’s rifle puppet!

“What’s the effect of the other?” Bai Xiaofei felt great aversion towards this thing, as he’d been shot at by a Windbreaker Arrow, and comparatively speaking, he preferred the palm-sized golden blade on the other tray.

“The Floating Blade is something I personally prefer. But unfortunately, there aren’t many people who choose this puppet,” Feng Wuhen continued as he passed the second puppet to Mo Ka.

“This thing won’t attack immediately after it’s activated, and it requires at least five seconds of charging. The Floating Blade will be in a semi-invisible state while charging, and once it’s charged, it can launch an attack against any target within its area of attack. The attack range and might of the attack is entirely determined by how long it was charged for and how high in the air it was floating.

“This thing has many advantages. Firstly, it has a theoretically infinite offensive strength. Secondly, its attack speed is very swift, and it’s very difficult to defend against if caught off guard. But its weaknesses are very lethal as well. In addition to its requirement to charge, which causes it to be unsuitable for fast reactions, its greatest flaw is that the charging of the Floating Blade can be interrupted.”

After he finished introducing it, Feng Wuhen went silent and patiently waited for Mo Ka to make a choice.

Mo Ka fell into a dilemma.

Just like most people, Mo Ka liked both of them. As far as he was concerned, all violet-grade puppets were good, and he wanted both if possible.

But he unfortunately didn’t possess the strength for that, and it was also impossible for him to select two puppets with similar effects.

“Big Brother Fei…” Mo Ka couldn’t decide, and he sent Bai Xiaofei a gaze of seeking his help.


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