Chapter 989: Bloody Battle at Savage Wolf Ridge (1)

Chapter 989: Bloody Battle at Savage Wolf Ridge (1)

“Charge in from five roads, twenty thousand people on each. Ignore the terrain and directly sweep through the ridge. Follow-up troops, be ready to aid!”

Although Ahetu couldn’t see Bai Xiaofei’s troops, he had no intention to treat it lightly at all, immediately using a careful and most ruthless move possible.

“Shield troops, go to the front! Cavalry, dismount! Archers, at the rear!”

“Watch your feet! Pay attention to dead trees!”

“Keep a distance between all units; pay attention to your speed, keep it constant!”

The previous failures weren’t eaten in vain. The Sacks army had gained sufficient experience in dealing with traps. Instructions never ceased along all five routes. Since they had two days, they could make it even if they crawled over the ridge, so they didn’t have to worry about moving too slow.

The Sacks army’s tactics rendered many of Bai Xiaofei’s tricks useless. All the traps in the outer layer were eliminated one by one without any casualties from the Sacks army.

However, as they entered the depths of the Savage Wolf Ridge, Bai Xiaofei’s people finally moved. Unlike the Sacks, his tactic was to concentrate all his forces on one position. Without a sound, the Sacks team on the far right welcomed the first round of attacks. Ambushers popped out from underground tunnels with their blades, cutting down a large number of enemies.

However, Bai Xiaofei only had so many people. There still wouldn’t be enough to kill all of the Sacks in their army even if every person killed an enemy. Not to mention that the Sacks were natural-born warriors. Being ambushed did not strip them of their resistance as the survivors fought back almost instantly!

“Die!!!” shouted Zhuang Shuo, kicking down a Sacks soldier before slashing down another with his blade, fully demonstrating that his muscles weren’t trained for nothing.

Yet he was not the one kicking up the biggest ruckus on the field. Bai Xiaofei, setting a good example for his men, was making the Sacks soldiers desperate. Although his energy was sealed, his physical quality was still among the top on the continent. Taking a life each time his hand chopped down, he became a grim reaper on the battlefield.

And the one with a record second only to Bai Xiaofei was not Ye Qingtong, but Zhu Chunyang!

“Godly Speed, Second Realm!”

His muscles vibrating, Zhu Chunyang’s speed soared and before the opponent could react, a thin line of blood had blossomed from his neck.

“What was that?! Your energy isn’t sealed?!” Bai Xiaofei, who had just killed his way to Zhu Chunyang, was very surprised that the latter could still use his energy skill.

“I never said God Speed could only be driven by energy. Although relying on the body alone only lets me reach the Third Realm, it’s already more than enough!” explained Zhu Chunyang before rushing out again.

Bai Xiaofei didn’t waste his time any further either. One second wasted could result in a life lost in a place like this…

“Their reinforcements are coming! Prepare to retreat!” shouted Ye Qingtong.

The intense all-out battle suddenly sizzled out as the Moonlight people fell back without hesitation. When the Sacks’ fresh troops arrived and wanted to pursue, they were hindered by blazing fires along the tunnels.

However, this also exposed the position of Bai Xiaofei’s group. The other Sacks teams immediately encircled the area and tightened the circle while moving in the direction of their escape.

“Come, I’ve prepared a big gift for you all!” As the only one who did not directly participate in the head-on battle, Tan Xin, while still in the shadows, revealed a crazed smile and activated her trap.

The Sacks team in the middle route then encountered their darkest moment. The ground under their feet collapsed into a huge pit several hundred meters wide that swallowed up more than half of the team. Falling onto dense earth spikes below, the victims all bid farewell to the rest of their lives.

It did not stop there, however, as Tan Xin detonated the bomb traps right after and blew the lucky survivors to death…

After all this, she fled into a tunnel. Thus, the Sacks remained completely in the dark about the culprit who took down their entire third squad of 10,000-odd soldiers.

“Xin’er succeeded! We go to the middle!”

Hearing all the noise coming from Tan Xin’s direction, Bai Xiaofei’s group who was escaping along the tunnel, immediately turned around. Tan Xin’s mission was to create an opening in the enemy’s formation and cover for their second round of attacks.

By the time the Sacks had finished the encirclement, Bai Xiaofei had already taken his men and left.

This was why Zhuang Shuo’s group had been sent here ten days in advance. It was to transform the whole Savage Wolf Ridge into their back garden. A map of after the modifications had been sent to everyone and Bai Xiaofei insisted that everyone memorize them, which in his words, would be the basis for their survival!

“Proceed as planned! Flowers bloom everywhere! Gather at the center before dawn!” Bai Xiaofei instantly ordered the next part of the plan to start after escaping the encirclement.

The men immediately dispersed and found their ideal ambush points. 10,000 against 200,000, the only thing they could rely on was agility. They had to make it so that the effect would be that of 100,000 people!

Upon losing their targets, the Sacks army once again dispersed. After suffering great losses from the ambush, they had become much more careful, constantly on guard against underground enemies that might leap out at any time.

Unfortunately, their thoughts were a little too simple.


Zhuang Shuo, hiding under the grass, sent out a signal upon hearing the footsteps above.

Prepared materials were instantly set on fire. The blaze was so conspicuous in the night that they attracted the attention of the nearby Sacks. The moment they instinctively turned around, Zhuang Shuo’s group sprang out from the tunnels.

“Kill!!!” shouted Zhuang Shuo as he hacked to death the nearest Sacks soldier, then proceeded to flee with his group.

The Sacks soldiers immediately turned around in fury, wanting to give chase, but the moment they turned around, the people who had just set the fires emerged and slashed at their backs before fleeing in the opposite direction of Zhuang Shuo’s group.

Such a diversion play was repeated everywhere in Savage Wolf Ridge. When a fleeing Moonlight team came across another they would form a new team, and those who would be the team leaders had already been appointed in advance to achieve seamless connections!

The initiative was still in Bai Xiaofei’s hands!

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