Chapter 988: The Real Confrontation!

Chapter 988: The Real Confrontation!

From Starcold Trail to Crimson Moon Fortress would take eight days at most for the highly mobile Sacks, but so far eleven days had passed and the army led by Ahetu hadn’t even seen what the fortress looked like. Not only that, the traps Bai Xiaofei conveniently left along the way kept sapping away at his 300,000 troops, leaving as many as two-third injured or dead!

On the contrary, Bai Xiaofei’s party suffered from no injuries except for a few foot blisters.

However, Bai Xiaofei had no intention to relax. They had arrived at the Savage Wolf Ridge. There was no more room to kite the enemy. When they saw Ahetu again, fighting to the death would be the only option!

“Fickle!! Bai!! Why didn’t you just f*cking tell me?!!”

After Bai Xiaofei’s group joined forces with Zhu Chunyang’s, the guy immediately asked around to learn what they had been doing. Upon hearing about how they had traded blows with the Sacks, Zhu Chunyang who had been doing heavy labor for the past ten days, could no longer remain calm.

“Hey, hey, watch your mouth. I specifically asked if you were sure, but you strongly requested to come here. Don’t blame me now,” Bai Xiaofei retorted righteously, rendering Zhu Chunyang speechless.

The people around tried to hold back their laughter, but it only served to trigger Zhu Chunyang even more…


“Me what? What did I say wrong?”

Being refuted again, Zhu Chunyang looked desperate. In the end…

“Big Bro, I was wrong, alright? Can you not keep things a secret from me from now on?” he wisely chose to admit his wrongs, realizing that he was still too green against Bai Xiaofei.

“No can do. If you know, where are we going to find fun in this boring life? You don’t know what a person like you means to an army!” Bai Xiaofei said with a serious face.

If it wasn’t that the person being played was himself, Zhu Chunyang would have believed this nonsense.

You’re making me a mascot now!? Me, the king of a country!??

Okay, wait… There is nothing wrong with the king of a country being a mascot! This will show how much the mascot is valued!

“Can we discuss this again…” Zhu Chunyang pitifully asked. He had given up all resistance.

“Well, that’s not impossible,” replied Bai Xiaofei with a thoughtful expression.

Zhu Chunyang’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Let’s discuss becoming my underling. I always treat my people very well,” continued Bai Xiaofei with a cheap smile.

Everyone thought he was joking, but Tan Xin, who had been with Bai Xiaofei for quite a long while now, thought otherwise. The more Bai Xiaofei tried to act like he was joking, the more serious he actually was!

This fellow definitely has ulterior motives!

“Impossible, a mighty…”

“Ahh, then forget it. I knew it, how can the ruler of a country be curious about a commoner like me, right?” Bai Xiaofei interrupted Zhu Chunyang with a ‘regretful’ expression.

His words choked at his throat, Zhu Chunyang stared blankly at Bai Xiaofei. After a long silence…

“Big Brother Bai, you got me!” He finally gave in…

Years later, whenever someone mentioned this matter, Zhu Chunyang would earnestly tell them, ‘That’s probably the most worthwhile time that I’ve been tricked!’

“Ah! Good boy! Alright, I’ll tell you what’s next. We wait for the Sacks to come and try our best to stop them!” Bai Xiaofei chortled.

Zhu Chunyang’s expression froze…

Yeah, no sh*t! As if everyone doesn’t already know this!!

“Alright, the Sacks are coming anytime soon. Now is not the time to play around,” Tan Xin interrupted the two men’s emotional communication and reminded them of the urgent matter at hand.

The upcoming battle would be the toughest of all!

“Strengthen the arrangements that Zhuang Shuo’s group has made. Those are our only resort to stop the Sacks.” Bai Xiaofei instantly became serious. “Let’s just minimize our casualties as much as possible.” He let out a long sigh and looked at Ye Qingtong. “Sister Qingtong, send this news to Second Leader along with these bags so that they can prepare accordingly. Maybe they can save our lives at a critical juncture.”

Bai Xiaofei gave Ye Qingtong several small brocade bags; she called for some people to deliver them.

“Zhuang Shuo, gather everyone,” said Bai Xiaofei.

Zhuang Shuo immediately ran out to gather their people. Although Bai Xiaofei was talking with a smile as usual, everyone could see how urgent the situation was.

In less than five minutes, the 16,000-odd people stood neatly in front of Bai Xiaofei, having greatly improved compared to the disorganization at the beginning. These people were not undisciplined, they just had never met someone who required their discipline until now.

“This battle is an opportunity for us to make a name for ourselves. I don’t know how many of you will still stand in front of me after, but I promise that as long as I’m still standing here, the Sacks will never get through this Savage Wolf Ridge!” Bai Xiaofei had completely put away his sleazy side as he who once dominated the Command Ranking was about to enter a real battle for the first time. “Next, I’ll be assigning tasks!”

The first round was going to be a life-and-death battle, which would make Moonlight truly recognize its men!

As Ye Qingtong had said, this mission was impossible for any other Moonlight troops!

With Bai Xiaofei assigning tasks in detail, Savage Wolf Ridge gradually developed a bleak atmosphere – a sign that everything was ready, only awaiting the arrival of the Sacks…

Time trickled by, and Ahetu, who had been nursing a whole belly full of anger, finally arrived at the vicinity of the ridge with his people. Having learned his lesson, he refused to believe that there weren't ambushes along the road.

However, he also knew that Savage Wolf Ridge was the last place that the enemy could try to stop them. As long as they passed through safely, the road to Crimson Moon Fortress would be nothing but smooth!

“Two days. Capture Savage Wolf Ridge!” Standing in front of his army, Ahetu gave them his most conservative estimate and also his limit.

They had spent too much time on the road. If this dragged on, he wouldn’t have enough time to capture Crimson Moon Fortress. According to his calculations, Divine Light should be on the verge of falling by now.

Therefore, a quick victory was required!

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