Chapter 987: Death is the Theme of Wars!

Chapter 987: Death is the Theme of Wars!

The moment the pursuers rushed into the forest, the death symphony written by Bai Xiaofei and Tan Xin officially started!

Without warning, earth spikes sprang up from the ground and pierced the first row of horses, which tripped and caused a chain reaction leading to the ones behind trampling on each other. Such simple spikes became the nightmare of the cavalry.

Yet, the nightmare had only begun!

As the troops stirred up the surrounding environment after being thrown into disarray, not a single person noticed that the leaves on the trees around them flashed with a unique metallic luster. The next second, all the leaves pointed their tips at the unsuspecting Sack soldiers and shot out!

Those leaves were as sharp and hard as steel blades – the work of Mind Sunder!

The pursuers’ reactions were quite fast as they almost immediately put up their shields and blocked the majority of the damage. However, their horses were not so lucky. After only the first round, over a thousand horses had fallen in pools of blood!

When the pursuers calmed down, the traps also stopped raging. They looked around at the surroundings that were dyed red with blood in shock.

What is this?! Don’t tell me they set up traps here a few months in advance?!

What the hell are those leaves?! Is there a puppet master nearby?!

All kinds of doubts plagued their hearts, and none dared to mention anything about continuing their pursuit.

However, the squad captain was gradually unable to sit still. Ahetu’s temper was known throughout the whole Sacks clan. If he knew about the situation here, they would all die an ugly death!

“Everybody dismount. Choose some horses and let them test out a path!” Desperate situations called for desperate measures. Although this method was a little crude, it was already the only method anyone could come up with.

Three horses were quickly chosen and deployed. However, unlike the squad captain’s ideal result of figuring out where all the traps were, the three horses were stopped by a row of earth spikes when they were only twenty meters out.

Seeing this, everyone swallowed hard. At this rate, they wouldn’t be able to get out of this forest until tomorrow!

“Move!” the squad captain bit the bullet and ordered the troops to move along the path.

However, another surprise awaited them…

Unlike Tan Xin’s traps, Bai Xiaofei had the condition that the people passing through needed to reach a certain number!

The roots of the trees along the path suddenly crept out and pulled the soldiers into the ground. At the same time, the leaves on the trees started fluttering, upon which everyone immediately raised their shields.

However, after the battle at the rift, Bai Xiaofei had taken their shields into consideration. Therefore, the leaves this time weren’t sharp, but corrosive!

In fact, he had originally wanted to make the leaves toxic but found out that this idea was not easy to realize upon practice. Mind Sunder was not omnipotent. While altering the memory of elements, it was necessary to consider the limited amount of elements in the target. Leaves were a simple structure and did not have enough elements to create the terrifying effect of poison.

However, corrosiveness alone in large quantities was already enough to get the desired result.

Without the hardness of steel, the leaves fell much slower, and to the surprise of the Sacks soldiers, floated down onto them.

Since the Sacks soldiers did not have the habit of wearing armor, their fur outfits were as fragile as paper in front of corrosive leaves. Screams of agony instantly echoed, striking fear into the troops behind who had no idea of what was going on ahead.

Will this damned road ever end?!!!

While the pursuers suffered from the traps, the trap designers, Bai Xiaofei and Tan Xin, had caught up with Ye Qingtong’s group, who were experts at running. Those people are really focused on running away. The entire way, no one had asked to stop for a rest.

However, unlike their previous escape experiences, this one was full of nothing but excitement!

After seeing Bai Xiaofei and Tan Xin, Ye Qingtong gave the order to have a short rest. Bai Xiaofei had only just sat down when a spirited-looking young man came up to him.

“General Bai, I’m here to apologize on behalf of everyone.”

Just one look at the fellow’s clothes and one would know how hard his life had been. The bandits at least had a good meal once in a while, while these cannon fodder men often ate badly, dressed badly, and lived in bad conditions.

“Okay, I accepted your apology.” Bai Xiaofei smiled as he didn’t view this too seriously. What he needed was not an apology, but that these people would really stand up to change.

“General Bai, we know that the following battles won’t be all smooth sailing, but we are ready to die for it. From now on, our lives are yours, we are at your disposal!” the young man solemnly vowed.

Bai Xiaofei was startled to hear this.

“Such a huge change after just one battle?” he asked with great interest.

The young man immediately looked bitter. “General, you may not know that before this, we have never won. What we have only seen was our companions dying one by one as cannon fodder. Even if a battle was won, no one would remember what we had done. As you said, death is not scary, to die without meaning is.”

The young man’s explanation didn’t make Bai Xiaofei look as happy as he had imagined as Bai Xiaofei’s expression grew dead serious.

“If you guys are really ready, then my plan will officially start. Don’t blame me for not reminding you in advance, there absolutely won’t be many people who will be able to survive,” Bai Xiaofei stressed every word.

Dumbstruck, the young man gulped hard, not knowing what to say.

“But, those who survive will become real men.” Ye Qingtong walked over with a warm smile, easing the awkward atmosphere. Aside from Bai Xiaofei, these words were the most convincing coming from her, who once was the commander-in-chief of the border troops!

“Please rest assured! We will definitely do our best!” the young man promised before hurriedly fleeing the scene.

Ye Qingtong then looked at Bai Xiaofei. “Why are you scaring them? Didn’t you want them to obey your orders?”

“I hope that they obey orders. Besides, I don’t have the habit of sending people to die without mental preparation.”

Taking a deep breath, Bai Xiaofei looked at the distant Crimson Moon Fortress.

The real battle was not far off!

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