Chapter 985: Valley of Death!

Chapter 985: Valley of Death!

“When they start to try and destroy the rock wall in the middle section, activate all the remaining traps. I want all five thousand of them dead. As for the other group, let them climb with their explosives. Just stay away from them until they climb onto the cliffs, that’s when you detonate the first section of the mountain!”

Bai Xiaofei reacted quickly and immediately issued instructions. The men also responded much faster after gaining experience from the previous skirmish.

After the first batch of 5000 Sacks troops reached the boulder obstacle in the middle section, they immediately worked their siege equipment, oblivious to the fact that traps on both sides of the valley were being activated.

Sky-blotting arrows once again rained down. Although the Sack soldiers took precautions and held up large shields, nearly a thousand were still killed.

“Humph, so they learned from before, huh? Smash the whole middle mountain on them!” Bai Xiaofei was not satisfied with the results and decided to use the big move right away.

Almost immediately, the cliffs hovering above collapsed, turning the inverted V-shape into a straight tube and smashing the Sacks soldiers below into meat paste. Gone with them were their siege equipment, all in pieces.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the first wave of climbers had reached the top with great difficulty. But before they could see what their enemies looked like, the ground under their feet exploded and sent them into free fall. The ones who were still climbing below were taken along and died before they could even understand what was going on.

Although not all 6000 climbers died in one go, the death of more than 1000 of them struck Ahetu dumb. How the hell did they do that?! Since when are there so many traps here?!

“Chief, what should we…” The one in charge of communications was also shocked silly. At this rate, they would run out of time while trying to capture this valley.

“Blow up everything that can be blown up and see what they can do after this whole place is flattened! Since the middle section has completely collapsed, we will climb up directly. I want to see how capable they are!” While Ahetu seemed to have lost his rationality, he was in fact more sober than anyone else.

They had to pass this valley, otherwise, their fellows’ efforts to keep Divine Light Fortress would be for nothing. However, trying to pass was equivalent to feeding lives to the enemy as they could only reach the top and handle the enemy after they ran out of traps.

However, Ahetu knew that if he said this out loud, objections would arise among his troops. Instead, if he acted irrationally, absolutely no one would dare to say anything for fear of losing their lives because Ahetu was not from their tribe!

Sure enough, no one dared to raise objections. After distributing a ladder to every batch of 2000 troops, they all rushed into the valley.

There, they faced arrows, traps, and rockslides like the previous group.

Bai Xiaofei repeated the same routine, reaping the lives of the Sacks soldiers. When all the traps had been depleted over the course of two days, over 60,000 Sacks soldiers had lost their lives in the valley!

The whole valley had also completely lost its former appearance. Both cliffs were now almost vertical and in the center of the valley, the rockslides had paved a new rugged road. Even if Bai Xiaofei did nothing else, Ahetu’s remaining 200,000 troops would still have to take more than another two days to pass the valley of only more than a kilometer long.

However, he didn’t intend to go so easy on them.

“My Sacks friends, don’t make any more sacrifices. Your commander does not take your life seriously at all!” Bai Xiaofei’s group shouted from atop the cliffs. The content couldn’t be simpler, but it deeply triggered the Sacks soldiers and ate away at their morale.

No one was blind. Over the past two days, they had done nothing except see their comrades die while the situation of the enemy party remained completely unknown.

“Chief, if this continues, we won’t be able to explain when we return,” the deputy leader said to Ahetu with a troubled expression. Many people in the troops belonged to his tribe. Although he had deliberately avoided arranging his tribe’s people to go to the front to die, this wouldn’t be easier later on when there were fewer people left.

“Do you think I am blind?” Ahetu snorted, realizing that it was useless to continue playing the fool. “Select a thousand elites. I will personally lead this team. The rest will follow behind and prepare to launch attacks!”

Looking at the rising sun, Ahetu took off his coat and revealed muscles as solid as iron, all the scars that crisscrossed his skin being proudly displayed like medals.

This order put a smile on the deputy leader’s face. “Understood, I’m going to arrange it right away!”

The news that Ahetu was going to personally enter the battle quickly spread throughout the whole Sacks army and stabilized their wavering morale. For an army, nothing was more convincing than the commander personally going into action.

However, this was actually what Bai Xiaofei wanted to see most!

All available means had been exhausted, leaving only ambushes from both cliffs. However, this kind of ambush was accompanied by great risks. If the enemy sent people into the canyon, then those on both sides would face a deadly battle.

Therefore, in order to make ambushes more feasible, they had to kill the enemy’s key personnel. For example, the commander!

This was why Bai Xiaofei organized his men to shout those things at the Sacks army.

“See that leader guy? Target him once he goes in!” Bai Xiaofei stared intently at Ahetu, who was giving orders at the very front of the Sacks army.

This order was quickly passed down to all the armed men.

In the past two days, Bai Xiaofei had organized them to loot everything that could be used, so even what they had eaten during this period was the other party’s dry rations. In the beginning, over 9000 people came empty-handed, but now, basically everyone had decent weapons. It was a pity that the Sacks didn’t have the habit of wearing heavy armor to fight, otherwise Bai Xiaofei could arm his army to the teeth.


Upon Ahetu’s command, the elite team of one thousand charged into the canyon.

At the same time, Bai Xiaofei also ordered, “Fire!”

Arrows rained down at a density that aiming was not needed at all. However, to Bai Xiaofei’s horror, the elite team selected by Ahetu was really no joke!

The arrow shower that barely had any openings didn’t even take down a single person! Not even a few were scratched!

Led by Ahetu, they were running and leaping up the cliffs like treading on flat ground, and they could even use the falling boulders to protect themselves from the arrows. The shields in their hands danced gracefully but precisely and avoided any unnecessary movements.

“Holy sh*t, what kind of monsters are they?!”

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