Chapter 984: Probing; Planting a Seed!

Chapter 984: Probing; Planting a Seed!

“They sent troops in to test the waters. From how it looks, they are divided into three batches of around two thousand each, and their speed is very fast!”

The bandits in charge of keeping watch halfway up the hill immediately reported the situation.

The enemy’s actions obviously troubled Ye Qingtong. If they used their traps now, there wouldn’t be anything left to stop the remaining Sacks troops.

“Let the first batch pass, stop the second batch at the outlet of the valley and the third batch in the middle. Use the first-level traps to annihilate the second batch. As for the third batch, stop once they start fleeing,” Bai Xiaofei quickly gave out orders.

The energy in his body had stopped circulating the moment the Sack troops entered the valley. The only thing left he could rely on was the previous arrangements. Fortunately, the nature of the Sacks’ sealing ability was similar to that of Moonlight soldiers and could not influence things that had already been prepared.

With loud rumbles, boulders rolled down the cliffs and completely separated the three batches of Sack troops, followed by a rain of stone arrows!


Before the Sack troops could react, hundreds of men suddenly emerged from the burrows on the ground, waving blades and reaping lives. In just a few minutes, the second batch of Sack troops turned into dead bodies.

“Clean up the field!” shouted the leader of the bandit group, and the members immediately carried out his order skillfully as this was what they used to do for a living. After stripping everything usable from the corpses, they once again crawled into the burrows…

Separated behind them, the third pioneer batch was much luckier as the stone arrows were only meant to scare them and had stopped after killing less than a hundred. However, the purpose was achieved as the remaining frightened soldiers directly turned around and ran back.

Meanwhile, the first pioneer batch, who safely passed through the valley, immediately wanted to turn back to aid the others upon hearing the rumbles. However, the unnaturally formed obstacles created by the boulders rendered this idea impossible.

“Go!!” The leader of the first batch then remembered his duty. As long as they took both sides of the cliff, the enemy’s traps, no matter how many there were, would not be a problem.

However, before they could get to their destination, a huge number of soldiers came rushing down from both sides.

Charging at the very front were the heavily armed bandits, making up a total of only 2000. However, behind them were over 9000 cannon fodder men, making up for their lack of weapons with numbers. Not to mention that the Sack troops were so shocked they didn’t notice that they had no weapons!

“I’ve heard that the Sacks are brave fighters who would rather die than surrender. Now, your two thousand against ten thousand. Will you let us witness your bravery and die miserably, or will you drop your weapons and wait for the main army to come to your rescue? Don’t worry, we have no habit of killing prisoners,” said Bai Xiaofei, looking mighty in his shiny armor, before his voice grew icy. “Three seconds. Those who surrender live, those who resist die!”

The bandits at the front immediately nocked their arrows and drew their bows. From their postures, it was clear that they couldn’t wait for a reason to kill the Sack soldiers.

“Our leader will surely come and save us. Don’t be so arrogant!” said the troop captain viciously as he dropped his weapon on the ground… We’re not surrendering, we’re just letting you off strategically!

“Let’s hope your leader is fast, we haven’t eaten yet.” Bai Xiaofei snorted. Then, he ordered his men to loot the spoils and tie up the enemy troops.

Only then did the Sack troops see that most of Bai Xiaofei’s men weren’t armed and beat themselves up in regret.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret…

As the spoils from the captured 4000 troops were used to strengthen the defense on both sides of the valley, the attitude of the cannon fodder group made a U-turn. They recalled Bai Xiaofei’s declaration before the battle and finally started to believe it.

Perhaps this General Bai can really do what he said!

Bai Xiaofei naturally noticed this change. He was not the kind to talk nonsense in such a situation. At that time, his true purpose was to plant a seed of belief that these men could one day regain their dignity!

And now, that seed was beginning to sprout!

Meanwhile, unlike the high morale on Bai Xiaofei’s side, the Sack leader was watching the third batch of troops flee back with an ugly expression.

“What’s the situation in there?!” he asked coldly.

The troop team captain immediately knelt, shaking like a leaf.

“We… we don’t know. The first half of the way was safe, nothing abnormal, but when we got to the middle of the valley, falling boulders blocked our way and we were shot by arrows. We didn’t even see any…”

The team captain couldn’t finish his words as the angry leader cut him down with his machete.

“Look very carefully! I, Ahetu, don’t need this kind of useless trash in my army. On this kind of steep cliff, even a sharpshooter can’t hit anything below! You’re telling me they dug holes along the cliff walls?!” Ahetu’s booming voice echoed.

None of the remaining troops dared to step out and explain. There was no doubt that whoever did that would be the next one to be cut down.

“Send five thousand in with siege equipment. You see boulders, you smash them! The catapults are ready. Once you go in, throw explosives atop the cliff. Also, send another six thousand to climb up the cliffs!” ordered Ahetu, obviously planning to attack the valley like he would siege a city.

However, climbing up cliffs was much more difficult than climbing up a city wall. Going up to the top from Bai Xiaofei’s side was only climbing a gentle slope, but going up from the Sacks’ side were cliffs that inclined 70 to 80 degrees!

As the Sacks moved again, Bai Xiaofei got the report from below, and the approximate numbers in the report did not make him happy.

He had to admit that Ahetu had a certain command talent, or else he wouldn’t have been appointed as the commander of the ambush troops.

Unfortunately for him, he was completely in the dark about Bai Xiaofei’s situation…

“Come! You’d better split all of your thousands of troops into batches and watch this lord eat them up one by one!”

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