Chapter 982: Night before the Grand Battle!

Chapter 982: Night before the Grand Battle!

“It’s hard to believe me, indeed, but think about it. Has there ever been a male general in Moonlight before me?”

Looking at the skeptical men below, Bai Xiaofei began to work his silver tongue.

“If I couldn’t convince the emperor, who else would have the authority to gather you all from the six fortresses? If this time is the same as before, right now you would be with the main force on the way to Divine Light Fortress, ready to be used as cannon fodder again. But you aren’t, because I am here to lead you to do something earth-shattering, something that will let you get rid of this identity!”

Bai Xiaofei’s declaration rang in the ears of the men, startling them.

“Well, that’s it for the talking. Let us get to work.” Bai Xiaofei grew serious. “Attention! Get ready to leave for Savage Wolf Ridge!”

Hearing this, Zhu Chunyang immediately visualized the topographic map of the Moonlight border in his head.

Savage Wolf Ridge, a lonely ridge in the vicinity of Crimson Moon Fortress where there used to be a dense jungle, but a forest fire had destroyed everything and turned it into scorched land.

All the wolves in the jungle had been annihilated by the fire. Whenever the wind blew through the dead woods, there would be sounds like that of howling wolves. Some said it was the ghosts of the wolves, thus it was named Savage Wolf Ridge.

“Zhuang Shuo, is everything ready?” asked Bai Xiaofei.

Zhuang Shuo instantly came running up to him.

“Rest assured, Boss. We collected everything using the method you instructed and it went very smoothly. Let alone ten thousand people, there are enough for another ten thousand.”

Ever since arriving at the borderland, Zhuang Shuo had been unusually excited, especially after the gathering of the fortress men as it meant a rise in his status.

“Good job. Can you take charge of three thousand people?” Bai Xiaofei nodded and asked with a smile.

Zhuang Shuo gulped. Mustering up his courage, he patted his chest. “If our three hundred brothers are with me as well, then that will be no problem!”

“Okay, then they will follow you.” Bai Xiaofei agreed to his request, then whispered something in his ear.

After hearing it, Zhuang Zhuo said excitedly, “Boss, I’ll absolutely complete this mission!” Then he ran toward the crowd.

This woke Zhu Chunyang from his thoughts. “I want to go too!” He looked anxiously at Bai Xiaofei as Zhuang Shuo directed the muscular group to select people.

“Are you sure you want to follow them?” asked Bai Xiaofei with a frown, full of pity for Zhu Chunyang.

“Don’t try to lie to me. You never tell me anything now, so I’m better off researching it myself. When I get to the battlefield, I’ll definitely find out what you’re up to!” Zhu Chunyang declared with an annoyed expression.

“Well, you asked for it. Don’t come to me complaining later.” Bai Xiaofei chortled.

This ran a chill down Zhu Chunyang’s spine, but the words had been spoken and it was too late to regret.

“Don’t try to scare me, I’m going!” Zhu Chunyang bit the bullet and declared before walking to Zhuang Shuo without looking back.

Bai Xiaofei shook his head. “I can’t believe someone’s so eager to suffer. What else can I do, right?” After expressing his pity for Zhu Chunyang, Bai Xiaofei looked at Ye Qingtong. “Sister Qingtong, is your side ready as well?”

“Second Sister’s group has already gone to investigate the situation according to your request. Any news they get will be reported back immediately, but I’m sure you don’t want a reaction from that side,” replied Ye Qingtong with concern in her voice.

Bai Xiaofei’s brows furrowed tightly. “Theoretically, there shouldn’t be any, but just in case our guess turns out to be wrong, we will all be in danger.” He didn’t hide anything this time. Some things just could not be hidden.

“Are you really sure that they’ll go to the Savage Wolf Ridge?” Ye Qingtong asked the question that she had wanted to ask when she had first heard Bai Xiaofei’s plan.

“Geographically, if the Sacks want to capture the other six fortresses, Crimson Moon Fortress will definitely become the main battleground. Moreover, the route through Crimson Moon is the only safe one for your sister’s army. If the Sacks want to seize the chance, Savage Wolf Ridge is the only way.”

“But there is a premise.” Ye Qingtong immediately followed.

Bai Xiaofei nodded. “Yes, the premise is that they don’t focus their attention on us.” He took a deep breath.

“But even if they don’t pay attention to us, they will still bring a large number of troops to attack Crimson Moon Fortress. Are you sure these people can defend it?” Ye Qingtong looked at the crowd of men whose faces were still filled with confusion. She really didn’t have much hope in them.

“You’re wrong about something. Our task is not to defend it to the death, but to stall. Once the Divine Light Fortress falls, Ye Qingcheng will bring people back to aid us. So, we only need to hold out longer than the Sacks,” said Bai Xiaofei nonchalantly, but his expression wasn’t as relaxed.

To tell the truth, he did not know to what degree these men could perform. If they all obeyed orders like Zhuang Shuo’s group, then there would not be a problem, but if these people collapse, there would be no hope.

“Can you two be a little more optimistic? If you go on like this, you might as well just surrender and admit defeat,” Tan Xin couldn’t help but interrupt the two.

“If I’m not optimistic, I wouldn’t have made this bet. Alright, time to go. We still have other things to prepare before the Sacks reach the ridge,” Bai Xiaofei said to Tan Xin.

Rolling her eyes, Tan Xin summoned the Windsurfing Ship.

“It hasn’t been fully recharged yet and so can be used this one time at most. If you’ve got the wrong place, we won’t have enough energy to turn around,” reminded Tan Xin with a serious expression.

“I actually hope that I’m wrong, then that’d be one less fight for us,” Bai Xiaofei mused with a wry smile, then looked at Ye Qingtong. “Please organize everyone to get on the ship.”

With that, he vanished on the spot. Ye Qingtong took a deep breath and turned to the crowd of men who knew nothing about what they were going to face…

Meanwhile, in Divine Light Fortress,

The fortress grounds that were being surrounded by Ye Qingcheng’s army had been put under lockdown by the Sack soldiers. However, they showed no signs of anxiety at all and even looked proud.

“Keep holding on, my brothers! Win this war, and Moonlight will be ours! May the Barbaric God be with us!” shouted the tribe leader in charge of holding the Divine Light Fortress.

The Sack soldiers, whose morale was already very high, replied with deafening cheers.

“Long live the Barbaric God!”

“Long live the Saintess!”

“The Sacks shall be victorious!”


The cheers were so loud they could be heard from outside the walls, making Ye Qingcheng’s army seeth with murderous intent.

“Your Majesty, there’s no need to wait any longer. Our soldiers don’t have to rest at all, no one can sleep.” Tan Yueru was burning with fury, her eyes bloodshot and showing signs of losing her sanity.

“If they can’t sleep, lie down. This is a military order, violators will be punished according to military law!” Ye Qingcheng gritted her teeth. She also wanted to just attack, but she could not. This war had no room for mishaps.

“Yes!” It was no use how anxious Tan Yueru was in the face of Ye Qingcheng’s insistence.

Suppressing her emotions, Ye Qingcheng asked, “Aside from Brilliance whose enemy troops are already on the way here, have there been any movements in the other fortresses?”

“Reporting to Your Majesty, from all the major fortresses about two hundred thousand troops have been mobilized, not enough to pose a great threat.”

“Two hundred thousand, huh? I’m afraid there won’t be even half of that when they arrive here,” Ye Qingcheng commented with a sigh. She actually hoped that the Sacks would use all of their troops to defend Divine Light Fortress instead of going to their rear to sneak attack.

“Your Majesty, should we send a squad to stop the Sacks’ reinforcements?” Tan Yueru frowned and her face was full of hesitation. She had never believed in Bai Xiaofei, but compared to winning that bet, she wanted Moonlight to win safely.

“Since they let us spy on their movements, it’s useless to try to stop them. Recapturing Divine Light is our utmost priority now.”

Then, Ye Qingcheng rubbed her temples, sinking into contemplation for a while before issuing orders.

“After dusk, organize the shield troops to probe their defense. All the traps along the way must be removed within three sweeps. There is no main attack direction, charge at the north and the south gate at the same time.”

“I’ll take charge of the south gate and you the north. We’ll each use our own method without communicating with each other. Before we can break into the city, we are two separate armies. Do you understand what I mean?”

Facing Ye Qingcheng’s question, Tan Yueru widened her eyes.

“Understood, please rest assured!”

How an army moved depended entirely on the general commanding it, and each general had their own strength and methods. Having to deal with two different armies led by different generals but with only one goal would pose a headache for anyone.

Ye Qingcheng wanted not just a victory. She wanted a quick and complete one!

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