Chapter 981: Seriously?

Chapter 981: Seriously?

As per Ye Qingcheng’s orders, the remaining six fortresses mobilized over half of their main force and sent around a total of 700,000 troops to the Divine Light Fortress at once. Such a big move didn’t need spies for such information to be known. The Sacks got the news the moment they started moving.
For both sides, this battle had long been expected and was one that neither of them could afford to lose.

Despite the tension between Moonlight and the Sacks, Bai Xiaofei, the one with the key mission, was quite relaxed.

“Except for Wind Chime Fortress, which is the farthest from us, all the men have been brought here. Do we really still have to wait?”

In Bai Xiaofei’s tent, Zhu Chunyang was full of anxiety, while Bai Xiaofei had his head on Tan Xin’s lap and was enjoying the grapes that she stuffed into his mouth.

It had been ten days since Bai Xiaofei had taken his people and separated from the main army, and all he had been doing so far was enjoying life.

“Of course we have to wait. I don’t like having to repeat this several times more,” replied Bai Xiaofei nonchalantly.

“Aren’t you scared we’d be too late? By now, the Moonlight army should be in a dangerous situation at the moment. The Sacks may send troops to raid the fortress at any time. If we don’t hurry up, it will be really too late!”

Zhu Chunyang had analyzed the situation again and again, his worry wasn’t without a reason. If Moonlight fell, his kingdom wouldn’t fare much better.

“What’s the hurry? Ye Qingcheng is not a fool. Urgent marches in themselves are a kind of burden for troops. When they arrive at Divine Light, the first thing they do will be to siege it to pressure the enemy until the troops recover their stamina,” Bai Xiaofei explained, successfully shutting up Zhu Chunyang.

“Fine, I won’t bother you about this. But you can at least tell me what you’re planning. I’m really in a panic, you know?” Zhu Chunyang’s expression was full of helplessness, the pressure in his heart made him want to explode.

“He’s not the only one who knows. I do too,” Tan Xin mercilessly added oil to the fire.

“You two can just strangle me to death!” roared Zhu Chunyang in a cracked voice.

Right at that moment, Ye Qingtong entered the tent.

“The people from Wind Chime Fortress have arrived. Time for you to show up.”

Ye Qingtong was much calmer than Zhu Chunyang. She believed in both Bai Xiaofei and Ye Qingcheng that they would successfully complete their respective missions.

“Let’s go, time to get to work!”

Bai Xiaofei got up and headed out, followed by Tan Xin. The moment he was outside and greeted by a dense crowd, his heart tightened.

Damn! No wonder that Tan Yueru despises men. Who would dare to believe that these fellows have been on the battlefield?!

The crowd of men was dressed in rags and disorderly assembled, standing in various postures. Compared to them, the bandits who were in charge of guarding them actually looked much more proper.

“12,000 from the fortresses and less than 3,000 bandits gathered on the way here. Together with the 300 people you brought, we have about 16,000 troops,” Ye Qingtong reported, her mouth twitching.

It was a bit forced to use the word ‘troops’ to describe this group. Although she was willing to believe in Bai Xiaofei, she really couldn’t figure how he would use these people to defend the six fortresses!

“Not many, but it’s alright as long as they are all elites.” Bai Xiaofei chuckled.

Ye Qingtong couldn’t believe her ears. Elites?!! I’m afraid you have a misunderstanding about elites!

Ignoring everyone’s reaction, Bai Xiaofei called out softly, “Blackie.”

The next second, the ground under his feet churned and formed a stone platform that lifted him up high, successfully achieving Bai Xiaofei’s goal of gathering the attention of the ‘elites.’

“My friends, I believe that you thought you were going to die for sure before you came here. In fact, some of your former companions have already died as worthless cannon fodder without leaving a trace in this world.”

As Bai Xiaofei’s voice echoed, the men lowered their heads.

Those who were sent to be cannon fodder at the border had all been criminals of sorts. However, in the very special empire of Moonlight, the ‘crime’ that most border men had committed was offending women.

“In fact, you are right to think so, because death is something you have to face. The difference is that this time, you can choose how!” Bai Xiaofei’s voice was solemn. “Are you going down in history for your sacrifice, or are you going to be forgotten like a useless slave!”

“I’m not asking you to believe me right away. What I want to tell you is that I am your last hope to have a choice in what your death can do. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me, because from now on, you are under my charge, and my words are military orders, anyone who disobeys will die!”

The word ‘die’ touched a sensitive spot in most people’s hearts. Ever since the border was reported to be in an emergency, they had never had a good night’s sleep, knowing that they’d be first to die once the war started.

“Since we’re going to die anyway, it’s better to be here than on the battlefield. Why would I want to make so much effort, right?”

One man spoke out, and this quickly earned the agreement of the vast majority. The crowd of over ten thousand people erupted into heckles and discussions, making for a chaotic scene.

“What if I told you that those who survive can say goodbye to the identity of cannon fodder?” asked Bai Xiaofei.

The crowd instantly quieted down.

Is he… serious?!

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