Chapter 980: Making a Bet!

Chapter 980: Making a Bet!

As the situation at the border became more and more dire, Ye Qingcheng’s army marched faster and faster. On the twentieth day after departing from the capital, they arrived at the first border fortress – Moonbright Fortress, known as the Shield of Moonlight!

Their arrival was a boost of reassurance for the panicking fortress, so much so that it made the soldiers there overlook the existence of the male troops.

Of course, there were men at the border, but they only had one role – cannon fodder. In other words, they were only a suicide squad.

“What’s the situation?”

In the main building of Moonbright Fortress, all the officers had gathered. Each face was lit up with a hope that hadn’t been seen in a long time as Ye Qingcheng had become their spiritual support.

“Reporting to Your Majesty, the Sacks haven’t made any new moves so far. After the seven fortresses fell, they stopped showing any intentions to fight. We tried to attack several times, they only defended, but their defense is… perfect.”

The speaker was the current border grand general, Tan Yueru, an Exquisite Rank puppet master. She was one of the very few puppet masters in Moonlight who weren’t royalty but were allowed to practice the Moon God Technique.

“Looks like they want to occupy the entire Northern Border region. If my speculation isn’t wrong, they should have begun to brainwash the soldiers in the fallen fortresses,” Bai Xiaofei couldn’t resist putting in his opinion.

Instantly, all eyes shifted to him.

“What are you?! You think this is an occasion where you can speak?!” reprimanded Tan Yueru icily, anger written all over her face. If it weren’t that Ye Qingcheng was present, she would have ordered for Bai Xiaofei to be dragged out and executed.

“This is Deputy Commander Bai, in charge of commanding men at the border,” Ye Qingcheng tried to keep her tone as indifferent as possible when saying this.

However, the people in the room were still horrified by her words. Commanding men?! What use do men have?!

“Now is not the time to talk about this. I’ll explain later,” Ye Qingcheng interrupted when she saw that the officers were about to throw questions. Then, she asked, “How’s the investigation of the enemy’s troops’ layout?”

Tan Yueru retracted her glare from Bai Xiaofei and reported, “The total number of troops in all seven fortresses is roughly eight hundred thousand, among which the nearest to us, Divine Light and Brilliance, each has nearly two hundred thousand. Moreover, after our recent probes, their defenses have shown to become increasingly stronger.”

For the people present, all of this was bad news.

“Eight hundred thousand troops. Someone really integrated all the major tribes of the Sacks.” Ye Qingcheng revealed a troubled look. Every generation of Moonlight emperor was worried about the arrival of such a day, but she never thought it would come during her reign. Contemplating for a while, her expression grew serious as she gave out an order, “Inform the remaining five fortresses to each mobilize fifty thousand troops and prepare to advance toward the Divine Light Fortress!”

What the border matter urgently needed was an inspiring victory, so she had to do whatever it took to realize it!

“Not enough,” Bai Xiaofei suddenly said, once again making himself the target of criticism.

“How did you get to your position, Deputy Commander? If each fortress sends fifty thousand troops, that would be a total of two hundred and fifty thousand. Plus a force of nearly four hundred thousand that can be dispatched from here, we will have more than enough for an assured victorious siege. Moreover, by wanting more people, you’re telling us to give up on the rest of the fortresses we still have and the city behind them!” Tan Yueru instantly retorted.

This time Bai Xiaofei didn’t intend to keep quiet. He snorted. “It’s simply impossible for your nearly seven hundred thousand troops to win those fortresses back in one month.”

Hearing this, Tan Yueru directly pulled out her sword and pointed it at him. “You’re seeking death!”

The energy in Bai Xiaofei’s body was forced to a stop, but it did not affect his performance.

“Have you ever considered what impact it would have on the overall situation if your troops fail to capture Divine Light? You need many more troops to achieve a sure victory, unless you still regard the present Sacks as what they used to be,” he said slowly.

Tan Yueru froze… because she thought this made sense. However, admitting that now would be a bit humiliating, so she fell into a dilemma.

“As for defending the remaining fortress, you can rest assured that if any of them falls before you recapture Divine Light, you can have my head,” Bai Xiaofei added and looked at Tan Yueru with a smile. “If you don’t believe me, we can make a bet. If I succeed, from now on, no one can treat men differently; every soldier will enjoy the same treatment.”

Bai Xiaofei’s voice was not passionate, but everyone could clearly hear what he wanted.

“What if you lose?!” Tan Yueru clenched her jaw and glared at him, hating the fact that she couldn’t just cut him down right then and there.

“Don’t worry, I won’t lose, because neither you nor I can afford the consequences,” replied Bai Xiaofei before he turned to Ye Qingcheng. “Your Majesty, you won’t need cannon fodder when you go out into the field, right? I wonder if you can give me all the men in the remaining six fortresses?”

Staring silently at Bai Xiaofei for a long while, Ye Qingcheng also smiled. “Possible. But we don’t have any spare equipment. You will have to solve this problem yourself.”

Hearing her answer, the room full of people sneered, thinking the emperor was making it difficult for Bai Xiaofei.

However, the man himself did not think so. If Ye Qingcheng wanted to make it difficult for him, she wouldn’t have agreed to his request. Not only did she give him the men, but she also made the officers feel that she was not biased towards him.

She was playing her role perfectly.

“That’s already good enough. You can just wait for my good news,” Bai Xiaofei concluded the matter and sat back down.

With that, Ye Qingcheng started to make a detailed plan to attack the Divine Light Fortress. A battle at the large scale of millions of people was definitely no joke.

It was destined to be a bloody one!

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