Chapter 979: Old Schoolmate?!

Chapter 979: Old Schoolmate?!

“What can you tell me about the Sacks?” asked Bai Xiaofei seriously after gathering himself. He had some understanding of the Sacks from the General History course he had taken in Starnet, but this obviously no longer sufficed.

“I thought you did a thorough investigation.” Ye Qingcheng smiled bitterly. What she least wanted to mention at this moment was probably the Sacks.

“I thought so too before I knew how dire the border situation really was,” Bai Xiaofei commented.

“‘Sack’ is only a general name for the nomadic people scattered in the vast grassland in the form of tribes. They had been fighting on their own before and so their influence on the border was negligible.” Ye Qingcheng sighed. “However, they have a natural ability that gives puppet masters a headache.”

Bai Xiaofei frowned and asked, “I heard that Moonlight’s ability to seal energy came from them?”

Ye Qingcheng nodded. “Yes, and compared with their abilities, what we got is not worth mentioning at all. We have to resort to weapons, while the Sack people can disable all energy flow within a 100-meter radius of themselves at will, including that of magical formations. Physical confrontation is the only way to defeat them.”

This was much more detailed than the information Bai Xiaofei had gotten.

“Do you know how those seven fortresses were lost?” He moved to the next problem. Everyone’s perception of the Sacks was that they were only brawn and no brains, but this kind of thing could not be achieved by muscles alone.

“It’s unknown since when they were able to send a large number of spies into those fortresses. Then, suddenly one day, they gathered a large number of troops to besiege one of the fortresses and pushed it to the verge of falling.”

“According to our defense plan, the nearest reinforcements were immediately deployed. However, before they could arrive, the spies inside stirred up trouble, letting the Sacks capture the fortress. The spies in the other six fortresses also moved and the same scene played out there as well. It didn’t take long for them to fall.”

Ye Qingcheng’s tone was grave. Although she also narrated the actions of the Sacks, it was clear that negligence from Moonlight also contributed to it. To some extent, they had never expected such a grand move from the Sacks.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei had sunk into thought, rebuilding the scenes in his mind.

“After the reinforcements realized that the situation was wrong and returned, were they intercepted on the way back and annihilated after the other six fortresses fell?” Bai Xiaofei gulped as he asked this question, the emotions in his eyes complicated.

“How do you know?!” Ye Qingcheng exclaimed.

Bai Xiaofei revealed a pained smile. “You should know about the Command Ranking of Starnet Academy. One of the trials is to win several allied fortresses with inferior numbers. At that trial, I used this very method to pass.”

Ye Qingcheng stared blankly upon hearing this. “Does this mean…”

“That’s right. If it’s not a coincidence, then the person behind the Sacks should be a graduate of Starnet, and it’s very likely that they have studied all the recordings on the Command Ranking. Most importantly, they are doing a good job of applying them to real situations,” said Bai Xiaofei.

Then, the two speechlessly stared at each other for half a day.

“So to speak, you need to be even more responsible about this?” Ye Qingcheng finally broke the silence, her bearing back to her lazily charming one from before.

“I’m now General Bai of Moonlight, of course I have to be responsible.” Bai Xiaofei smiled as he rummaged through his memories.

Who is this person? Sima Ye?

Impossible, his pride absolutely won’t allow him to imitate me, and he couldn’t go to a place like the Sacks.

Who else can it be? Someone actually paid so much attention to me back then…

Bai Xiaofei felt a headache coming.

“Wait, according to what you said, this person must understand your commanding style very well. But you don’t know anything about them…” Ye Qingcheng voiced her concern.

“You think too much. I’m not the same person as I was before. Besides, this person is only a copycat. I’d be useless if I can’t handle them.” Bai Xiaofei then paused a little before saying, “Besides, do you think I’ll even have a chance to face them in a command battle?”

“What do you mean?” Ye Qingcheng creased her brows in confusion.

“Since you’re personally heading to the border war, you are naturally the grand commander. Also, I am a man after all. You can use your status to make your people accept the existence of a small army of men, but the soldiers won’t easily buy it. If you tell them that a man is going to command them, what do you think will happen?” Bai Xiaofei said. “What the border needs now is not only a commander, but also a mental pillar, and I believe that you are right for both roles at the same time.”

This drew a helpless look from Ye Qingcheng.

Indeed, it was already not easy for the existence of a male army to be accepted.

“So, what’s your plan?” she asked him.

However, this time Bai Xiaofei chose to keep it a secret.

“The cat can’t be let out of the bag, but you can rest assured that within six months, I will definitely make the Sacks go back to where they came from.” With that, he smiled and left the tent without looking back.

Watching him disappear from sight, Ye Qingcheng’s expression was complicated.

Bai Xiaofei, what kind of person are you?

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