Chapter 977: Dare Not Ignore

Chapter 977: Dare Not Ignore…

The celebration went according to schedule, but during the whole process, many people couldn’t stop themselves from stealing glances at Bai Xiaofei’s group. Only when Ye Qingcheng went on the high platform and prepared to speak did everyone start to focus.

“The border war is urgent. Today is not only my birthday, but also the day that I will personally go to the border, and moreover, with an official army of men. I hereby give my promise that as long as this army performs well, I will change Moonlight’s system!”

The emperor’s declaration stirred up a thousand waves, shocking the whole square, Bai Xiaofei included. He was still wondering how to bring up this matter to Ye Qingcheng, but she unexpectedly brought it up herself!

The three hundred muscular men, as well as the bandits currently waiting outside the imperial city, were willing to follow him because of this far-fetched hope to change the system. Nothing was more reassuring than the fact that the emperor had taken the initiative to give her promise publicly. In other words, this was the best pre-war encouragement for his troops!

However, contrary to the men’s complicated emotions, the women in the square exploded at how absurd this promise was. If men’s status changed, what would happen after that and how should women face them?

“I know you have a lot of doubts, but do believe that this is a decision I only made after careful consideration; such an army is really needed,” Ye Qingcheng continued.

The emperor represented the highest voice in Moonlight. Her words made the noisy crowd quiet down.

“Please remain composed while you wait for news of their merits, and please believe that they will not let us down!”

Hearing this, the men below were instantly energized. Nothing could inspire them more than such a speech from the emperor herself!

Seeing their reaction, Bai Xiaofei’s lips curled up. He thought this would just be a usual rousing talk to the public before the troops deploy, but what was playing out was the most ideal situation.

At the end of the announcement, Ye Qingcheng’s energy surged and her luxurious outfit fell off, revealing domineering red armor. A dark red sword appeared in her hand and she raised it up high.

“Moonlight, to the battlefield!”

As soon as the emperor’s voice fell, the officers standing around the square sounded their horns. Soldiers poured into the square from all sides and raised their weapons.

“To the battlefield!”

“To the battlefield!”


Amidst the soldiers’ booming chants, Ye Qingcheng flew down from the platform and strode out. Following her, the troops, and especially Bai Xiaofei’s group, enjoyed the attention of the citizens…

Meanwhile, many people in the city also moved.

“Looks like there has been negligence on our part. There are actually still so many spies in the capital.”

On a tower in the imperial city, where the Thunderstorm group had gathered, Xia He slowly opened his eyes and sighed.

“If the mouse refuses to come out of its hole, even the smartest cat can’t do anything about it.” Yun Mo chuckled and rubbed his palms excitedly.

“Save your nonsense. Each person takes one direction. We must not let a single one slip through! This news must not be spread before the troops reach the border!” Fang Lei commanded, his attitude serious as ever.

The rest of the group sighed in unison.

“Life’s hard having such a serious boss. You can’t even vent a little,” Yun Mo remarked, but his actions weren’t one bit slow. Behind him, the Gate of Good and Evil materialized and crazed-looking hounds rushed out one after another.

The rest of the Thunderstorm group jumped off the tower and headed in different directions.


Right upon exiting the city gates, the Moonlight troops immediately started a rapid march. A grand scene of a total of 100,000 troops moving like wild beasts was painted as Ye Qingcheng was in a hurry. The border could not wait.

However, no matter how urgent she was, she could not finish a six-week journey in just one day. Rests were a must.

“I thought you were fascinated by that stupid emperor!”

In Bai Xiaofei’s exclusive camp, Tan Xin glared at him in annoyance after he recounted his experience in the palace to her.

“How could I have time for that kind of stuff? I only have my mind on our main business!” said Bai Xiaofei righteously.

Tan Xin rolled her eyes. “Look at how serious you are! I nearly believed it! But then again, Little Sister Qing’er is so pitiful…” Her tone weakened at the last sentence. She really couldn’t compare to her…

“You should call her ‘Big Sister,’ you look at least five or six years younger than her.” Bai Xiaofei was, in contrast, quite relaxed. As long as Nie Qing was still alive, the rest would not be a problem, because he would resolve it all!

“I only look small! I’m actually much older than this!” Tan Xin sprang up as Bai Xiaofei’s words pushed her buttons.

“Okay, alright, everything you say is right. Anyway, are you sure you want to follow me all the way this time?” Bai Xiaofei asked.

Tan Xin’s gaze grew piercing. “I warn you, you are not allowed to leave my side this time. The last time you were alone, you went missing for several days! If I let you roam wild again, I’d need a next life to find you!”

Bai Xiaofei had nothing to refute this, so he had to seriously warn her, “Since you’re going with me, you must behave. The battlefield is very different from fights between puppet masters. If you act wilfully, I will definitely send you back!”

This time, Tan Xin had nothing to rebut. She stared at him for a while before letting out a snort to indicate that she had no objections.

Her reaction made Bai Xiaofei shake his head with a wry smile. Oh well, she’s still a little girl, alright…

“Fickle Bai, Her Majesty summons you!”

The voice of an officer rang outside the tent just as Bai Xiaofei was preparing to continue to educate Tan Xin.

Stunned, the gaze of the two in the tent collided.

“Why the hell is she looking for you?!” Tan Xin was instantly alarmed.

“I also want to know!” Bai Xiaofei’s expression was blank.

“Forget it. Go. There are so many people here, I’m sure she can’t force herself upon you,” Tan Xin finally said after a while.

Bai Xiaofei nearly vomited blood.

Damn it! You think this lord really has no capability to fight back?!

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