Chapter 94 Test!

“He’s an expert in the top hundred of the Combat Ranking. All of you together can’t defeat him.” Xue Ying explained the situation to Bai Xiaofei from behind him using a voice that only he could hear.

Xue Ying, who’d been free for an entire month, was like a computer. She’d transformed from someone who was so ignorant that she couldn’t find the infirmary into an encyclopedia of the academy, and she’d entered all the information into her brain.

Moreover, her knowledge even contained some personal secrets only known to a small group of people…

Bai Xiaofei was both happy and fearful of this. He was happy because he could spare himself the time investigating when he wanted to know something, as he could ask Xue Ying directly, but he was fearful because some of his little tricks couldn’t escape her detection…

But it was a good thing under the current circumstances, and it allowed Bai Xiaofei to avoid choosing the wrong measure to deal with the situation.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you, senior. I think you might have some misunderstandings towards me. Even though my relationship with many seniors isn’t really good, the precondition is that they offended me first, so if I don’t take action, wouldn’t I not live up to my identity as a man?

“As for the matter just now, I represent my fellow students to apologize to you as it was really ill considered by us.”

Bai Xiaofei spoke neither humbly nor arrogantly. Who would have imagined that this was a little rascal that came from a gorge?

Thanks to the interaction he had with the senior sisters on the Blossom Ranking throughout the entire month, the current Bai Xiaofei could speak even more formally!

Xiong Cheng didn’t pay attention to much of what Bai Xiaofei said, but he was unable to find anything that could be refuted. Even though he really disliked Bai Xiaofei’s actions, he wasn’t someone who intentionally tried to find faults in others.

“I think we can compete if you enter the top hundred of the Combat Ranking one day. But you’re currently not worthy of me making a move,” Xiong Cheng said then immediately left. Every single step he took seemed to have been measured, and the trace of overbearingness he exuded didn’t weaken in the slightest.

This was the bearing specific to people on the Combat Ranking. Just as Xiong Cheng had said, unless one became a member of the top hundred on the Combat Ranking, one would never be able to experience that sort of feeling.

“All of you continue lining up. We’ll have this strength sooner or later.” Bai Xiaofei was entirely aware of what the other new students were thinking because he was a new student as well…

“Boss Bai, all of you should still go first. All of us feel ashamed to let you stand behind.” The new student who spoke at the very beginning spoke once more, and the first ten plus people in the line directly gave away their positions because they felt heartfelt gratitude towards Bai Xiaofei.

“Alright, alright, alright. Then I won’t be courteous.” Refusing too much would cause him to seem fake. Bai Xiaofei led the members of the Savage Class to walk to the front after he agreed, and Huang Tianhua was disregarded during the entire process.

“Hi, six people can enter at once to be tested. Who among you will go first?” The worker’s face revealed a grin that never changed, and he seemed to have not been affected by the previous clamor.

“All of you go. I won’t be testing myself.” Bai Xiaofei took a step back as he spoke, and he had a helpless expression on his face.

The members of the Savage Class originally intended to encourage Bai Xiaofei, but they swallowed back their words before the encouragement could escape their mouths because they were unable to persuade Bai Xiaofei once he made a decision.

Thus, according to the principle of ladies being first, Xu Chen and the others stepped foot into the test room while the boys waited anxiously and nervously outside.


This scene is slightly strange, huh…

The test of puppet control was divided into three parts. The first part was the test of origin energy. The process was very simple, and it was to pour origin energy with all one’s strength into a ball. The results would depend on how much origin energy could be poured into the ball within two seconds.

The second part was the test of one’s ability to separate one’s mind, and the method of it was via controlling white-grade magic ball puppets. This sort of elementary puppet didn’t require establishing any agreements, and the results depended on the number of puppets one could control. Under normal circumstances, one had to at least be able to control four magic balls to control two puppets.

The third part tested one’s spirit. This decided if one was able to safely establish a second agreement because if one forcefully established an agreement with a puppet while one’s spirit was insufficient, it might cause one to suffer backlash.

This was the test that took the most time among the three tests. According to the different levels one wanted to test, one had to enter an illusionary formation of different levels, and one would be considered to have met the requirements if one was able to leave the formation.

After the six girls entered, Lin Li was the first to walk out after about thirty minutes had passed. At the same time, her results were sent to Xue Ying.

Origin energy – 2nd level of the Master Rank. Ability to separate the mind – four puppets. Passed through the peak Master Rank illusionary formation. Final judgment, capable of flawlessly controlling four puppets!

“Lin Li, you were able to control a second puppet since a long time ago, right? Why didn’t you choose one earlier?” Xue Ying’s words carried a slightly perplexed tone. She’d always wanted to ask this question, but she just never had the chance. After all, Lin Li was the daughter of Lin Nishang, so it was impossible for her to lack money.

“My mother said that my puppet is very special. I have to possess the ability to control at least four puppets before I can establish an agreement with a second puppet,” Lin Li said obediently. Her cute expression combined with her mature looks, stunning the new students in the surroundings.

Presently, there were already rumors spreading about how either Lin Li or Hu Xian’er would ascend the Blossom Ranking, and many seniors who had heard the rumor had started investigating the two of them. But every single one of the new students were well-behaved.

Because besides the title of goddess, the two of them had the title of sister-in-law…

Not a single new student was stupid to the point of fighting Bai Xiaofei for a woman, so all of them could only drool when facing Lin Li and Hu Xian’er…

“Then did your mother prepare a second puppet for you?” Xue Ying asked, as if she was deeply afraid of holding Lin Li back. Truthfully speaking, it was really the first time she’d come into contact with someone of Lin Li’s status.

“My mother said that she has already taught me what she can, and I have to rely on myself for everything else,” Lin Li said sincerely then impatiently ran over to Bai Xiaofei’s side.

“I can possess a second puppet now. What type of effect do you want my puppet to have?” Even though Lin Li had frequently browsed through the Exquisite Pavilion with Xu Chen and the others, she had never selected a puppet seriously. Originally, everyone thought she had a plan in mind, but it didn’t seem that way now…

She was probably waiting for Bai Xiaofei’s opinion!

“Of course it’s one that’s suitable for you. Something that’s able to allow you to freely kill your enemies under any circumstance. Otherwise, it would be bad if you’re in danger because I wouldn’t be able to help.” Bai Xiaofei pinched Lin Li’s nose, and his words caused her to smile sweetly.

In this short period of two months, Lin Li could be said to have undergone a tremendous change, and these changes were concentrated on the expressions and emotions she displayed.

If it was said that Lin Li was only a six or seven-year-old child when she just arrived in the Savage Class, then she was at least twelve or thirteen now. Moreover, her expressions were growing increasingly rich.

But these rich expressions usually only appeared before Bai Xiaofei…

“Pay attention to the situation, and don’t go too far!” Xue Ying’s voice resounded, causing Bai Xiaofei’s back to involuntarily go cold, and when he turned around, Bai Xiaofei saw an expression that flashed briefly.

A murderous expression…


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