Chapter 946: Attrition Tactics!

Chapter 946: Attrition Tactics!

“Is everything ready?”

In the evening, Bai Xiaofei officially declared the start of the operation as the ten bandits stood behind him, holding an item in one hand and covering their nose with the other.

“Master, everything is ready. But why do we need so much dry manure…?” asked the newly appointed leader of the ten-bandit group in confusion. After the barbecue, Bai Xiaofei had ordered them to collect as much dry manure and wet leaves as possible before dark.

“There are only ten of us, so it’s wishful thinking to occupy the entire Black Dragon Swarm under normal circumstances. Therefore, we have to be smart,” replied Bai Xiaofei before he came up to the small leader and whispered something.

While listening to his plan, the man’s eyes lit up.

“Formidable!” the small leader exclaimed with emotion. Bai Xiaofei’s image in his eyes had suddenly become gigantic for being able to come up with such an unbelievable tactic.

“Less flattery and more work. Our time is limited, we must carry it out as many times as possible between midnight and dawn,” said Bai Xiaofei.

The small leader immediately straightened up and held his share of dry manure tightly, as if it was not so stinky. “We will definitely complete the mission!”

With that, he took the rest and ran toward the Black Dragon Swarm. The cover of the night coupled with their thorough understanding of the area made it impossible for the camp patrols to discover them.


“It’s getting dark. Why hasn’t the boy made a move yet? Don’t tell me he ran away with our people?” The impatient voice of the Third Leader echoed in the main hall.

“It’s only ten people. I really can’t imagine how he could boast about that. Even if we do nothing, they will be captured once they show up,” commented the Second Leader, a petite man with a goatee and two machetes behind his back that were even bigger than him.

“A reckless attack is impossible. His only chance of winning is a night raid. Our people are capable of staying awake for one night, right?” the Fourth Leader analyzed.

The rest of the men agreed with him. This was the only thing they could think of as well.

“Big Sister, why are you frowning? You think Old Four is wrong?” The Third Leader dubiously looked at the bandit leader, and his answer was a long sigh.

“Don’t underestimate anyone, especially one who came out of nowhere like that boy. How would he dare to make such a huge bet if he didn’t have the corresponding ability? Be on your guard,” solemnly warned the bandit leader.

At that time, there was suddenly a commotion outside.


The shouts immediately jolted the several leaders to their feet as they immediately grabbed their weapons.

“Finally! Setting fire? He could only think of such an old cliche? I will take him down!” The Second Leader sprinted out and led half of the camp toward the area on fire.

However, upon arriving, they discovered that it was only smoke from the burning dry manure, and there was not a single soul to be seen.

Little did the Second Leader know that this was only the declaration of a beginning! Soon after, another group of people shouted ‘Fire!’ again, but when the Second Leader rushed to put out the fire, he once again discovered the exact same situation.

“From now on, if there is a similar situation, do not shout. Those nearby, just handle it on the spot when you see it!” the Second Leader roared angrily and left.

Before long, the third ‘fire’ came as expected. Per the Second Leader’s order, only several people ran over to check and handled it. When they returned and reported to the Second Leader, he was even delighted.

However, his delight soon dispersed like smoke.

Another ‘fire’ was seen, but this time, none of those who went to check returned. Another team followed and also vanished. When the Second Leader realized that something was wrong and brought people over, the culprit was nowhere to be seen.

After a few waves, the leaders were frustrated, but what was more important was that their underlings were thrown into chaos. They had been informed that ten people ran off with confidential information, so they took the ‘fire’ attacks as Moonlight had sent troops to destroy their camp!

When panic overtook the whole Black Dragon Swarm, the bandit leader finally realized that the situation was bad and announced a new response: The six leaders would each lead a team to take turns and deal with whatever that arose, so as to avoid anyone from being separated from the rest and going missing!

Since it was not too late to respond, the bandit leader’s plan proved to be effective. However, they still had to deal with the same frequency of ‘fires’ being set everywhere. After the leaders and their teams came to the scenes empty-handed several times, the underlings could not stand it anymore.

Unexpectedly, however, the ‘fire’ suddenly stopped at that juncture!

After a long wait without any reports, everyone felt a strange sense of unease. However, from midnight until dawn, nothing happened at all, which only flustered them all the more. Over time, constantly doubting and being on alert wore them out. The mental fatigue quickly turned physical. They started to either doze off or become paranoid.

“That guy! Too cruel!”

When gathering again, the several leaders were no longer confident, but frustrated and worried. And this was despite the fact that they knew the opposing party only had ten people, otherwise, even they wouldn’t be able to sit still.

“Big Sister, we won’t lo…” The Fifth Leader was the first to break down as he started to blurt out discouraging words.

“Shut up! Even if he is a god, he can’t improve their strength in such a short time. I alone can handle all of them. What does he have to occupy the whole Black Dragon Swarm?” said the Second Leader, successfully reassuring the others. After all, the rule was that Bai Xiaofei could not act!

Just as the leaders were in discussion, the Black Dragon Swarm was once again frightened by the smoke. Under the irradiation of torches and moonlight, the dark smoke looked like a call of death.

“I’m going!” The bandit leader smacked the table and rushed out. She needed to appear in person and stabilize the morale!

Still, it was no use. They failed to even see a glimpse of the culprit.

However, a piece of horrifying news reached everyone’s ears right after the bandit leader handled the smoke: Over forty people were missing!

The several leaders immediately realized that it was a diversion, but they could not understand how ten people could make more than forty people give up without any resistance…

Panic once again spread!

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