Chapter 945: A Bet!

Chapter 945: A Bet!

Bai Xiaofei’s provocative action struck all of the bandits in the hall dumb before anger hit them one by one.

“Outrageous brat!!”

Before the bandit leader could say anything, the weak-looking Fourth Leader had charged out with a roar.

He was agile, and Bai Xiaofei could see that melee combat was not his strong point. In other words, Bai Xiaofei was being underestimated…

Then I’ll give you a lesson!

Slightly tilting his body, Bai Xiaofei dodged the fist by a hair’s breadth before suddenly turning and whipping his right leg at the Fourth Leader’s back. The latter flew out like a broken kite.

The Third Leader rushed to catch his friend, but at the moment of contact, his eyes widened. He realized that he could not bear the force!

However, it was too late for regrets. With a loud thud, the Fourth Leader rolled on the ground, bringing the Third Leader with him and they did not stop until they hit the wall which cracked a little!

“The brat is not normal!” shouted the Third Leader as he endured the pain. Meanwhile, the Fourth Leader had been knocked unconscious.

“Everyone, don’t move. Stand down.” The bandit leader stopped the others as they were about to rush toward Bai Xiaofei. The others couldn’t see it, but she saw it very clearly. Just now, Bai Xiaofei at most had used thirty percent of his full strength! She then turned to Bai Xiaofei. “Even if you can fight, what can you do? The war at the border isn’t a matter of one person. Even if you are the god of fighting, the opponent can wear you down to death with their numbers.”

Although her voice was not as rigid as before, it was still full of distrust.

“Fighting has never been the optimal way, I rather depend on this to make a living.” Bai Xiaofei pointed at his head with a smile.

“With your age? As if you’ve participated in a war. Do you even know how to command troops? Do you know what is the most important thing when two armies confront each other? I have seen quite a few ignorant people like you who think they know everything,” said the bandit leader.

Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help a long sigh. Why is this so much trouble!?

“You can test me. The people in my village all say that I’m a genius at commanding,” he said.

The bandit leader sneered. “Test you how? Don’t say you want me and my people to accompany you to the border.”

“No need. Just give me ten people and make sure that they will listen to me. By this time tomorrow, I will capture your whole Black Dragon Swarm! And I personally won’t even make a move!” Bai Xiaofei declared while staring straight at the bandit leader.

Everyone was shocked to hear this. Are you kidding?! That’s going way too far for an exaggeration!!

“Alright. If you can do that, the Black Dragon Swarm will be named after you. But if you can’t…”

“I will join the Black Dragon Swarm and I will be forever at your disposal!” Bai Xiaofei took the initiative to make an oath, presenting an equally huge bargaining chip!

“Old Six, go and find ten people for him. Make sure they can fight, so he won’t say that we are stingy,” said the bandit as she sat back on her seat.

Not long after leaving the hall, the honest Old Six brought back ten sturdy-looking men.

“From now on, you ten will do whatever this person says, and take his words as my words. No matter what you are asked to do, you can’t question it. Do you understand?” solemnly said the bandit leader to the ten, demonstrating her absolute authority in the Black Dragon Swarm.

“Thank you for your generosity. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Bai Xiaofei chortled and left the hall with the ten people.

After he was out of sight, voices of discussion erupted among the several men.

“Shut up!” shouted the bandit leader, and she got the silence she wanted. No one thought that Bai Xiaofei could win, except her. “From this moment, our base is under strict quarantine. Tell everyone that Lil’ Black’s group has defected with important secrets. Anyone who sees them has to immediately sound the alarm but cannot hurt them. Just use the excuse that we’re afraid they will leak out the confidential information.”

However, despite having given the best order she had, she still felt flustered…

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei had led the ten people into the woods.

“You go and get some firewood. You four, go and hunt some game. You two, see if you can get some fish. And you three, look for wild fruits and vegetables in the vicinity,” he assigned everyone a job.

To his words, the ten people looked at each other with confused expressions.

“What’s wrong? You have never had a picnic? Or are you not going to listen to what your leader said?” Bai Xiaofei immediately brought up the bandit leader.

Hearing this, the ten people immediately acted.

“Dammit! How could you make me eat dry food all the way! Now this lord is finally gonna have meat to eat, heh! Come and stop me if you have the ability!” Bai Xiaofei vented his days-long anger without fear now that Ye Xi was not present. Recalling that ability that completely shut down the energy in his body, his head hurt.

Just what the hell is the Sack Clan?!

While Bai Xiaofei complained in his heart, the ten people finished their tasks and returned.

“Start a fire and barbecue the food,” Bai Xiaofei said and took out a row of condiments. The storage ring on his hand earned the envy of the ten people.

It didn’t take long for the group to be carried away by the fragrant aroma of barbecue. In the Black Dragon Swarm, they usually ate from big pots and did not have many chances to eat this kind of food.

“What are you looking at? There’s plenty to go around. Only when your stomach is full will you have the strength to do anything,” Bai Xiaofei urged the rest as he wolfed down.

Having earned his permission, the ten started eating.

Seeing them looking increasingly satisfied as they ate, Bai Xiaofei’s lips curled up. Sure enough, nothing can’t be solved with a good barbecue!

“Do you know why your leader wanted you to listen to me?” he said as he got down to business.

The ten people immediately revealed curious expressions.

“Your leader made a bet with me that as long as I win, she will get married. Of course, not to me, but a blessed brother in your camp. I’m just trying to help you guys out,” Bai Xiaofei fearlessly lied.

And this lie hit the sweet spot of the ten! It was not that they coveted their leader, but that they had heard that women would become more gentle after they got married. What the ten wanted was a gentler leader…

“Master, just give us your orders and we will do whatever you want us to do! We must win!” one person declared with pleading in his tone. The rest immediately chimed in with similar words.

This made Bai Xiaofei’s heart bloom with joy.

The first step is done. We shall see, Miss Bandit Leader!

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