Chapter 944: How about All of You Together?

Chapter 944: How about All of You Together?

“Afraid?” the bandit leader repeated with a smile.

All the bandits in the hall burst out laughing.

“Well, tell me, how are you going to harm us?” the bandit leader asked Bai Xiaofei with an overexaggerated helpless look after the laughter gradually ceased like she was ready to hear a joke.

“It’s very daring of you to plan to rob the tribute, but I think that still isn’t enough. I have an even bigger plan here, what do you think?” Bai Xiaofei said nonchalantly.

“Don’t tell me you want to go to the capital and rob the whole city?” The bandit leader made the biggest guess she could think of.

However, Bai Xiaofei dismissed it. He said, “Since you all gathered here, you must be very dissatisfied with Moonlight’s current system and the unbalanced treatment between men and women. However, as bandits, you can barely protect yourself. When Moonlight really frees up, it will still handle you, and very quickly at that.”

The hall fell dead silent. They really didn’t expect that Bai Xiaofei would put this matter under the light.

“But now, you have a very rare opportunity to completely change Moonlight. As long as you are willing to believe me, I promise you will have the environment you want, an environment that enables your descendants to live in Moonlight equally, regardless of their gender!” he continued.

His tone was not impassioned, but everyone in the room was moved. This was what they wanted most but had never been able to even touch.

The bandit leader’s face finally changed.

“Who the hell are you?” she questioned with an icy expression.

“I am Fickle Bai, a boy in his early twenties from a remote mountainous area,” replied Bai Xiaofei with a smile.

Everything except for his name was true, but the bandit leader naturally wouldn’t buy it.

“If you want to die, just say so, and I’ll give you a quick death!”

As soon as her voice rang out, the bandit leader appeared in front of Bai Xiaofei in a flash and pressed her sharp dagger to his neck. Its ability to seal energy rendered him useless.

“If I die, you will never get to see the Moonlight you want. Think it over.” Bai Xiaofei stared straight at her.

Hearing that, the other bandits became jittery. Under normal circumstances, they would definitely support their big sister unconditionally, but they hesitated thinking of what Bai Xiaofei had said…

“What is your plan?” asked the bandit leader with a glare. She really couldn’t think of any way to change Moonlight where the idea that women reigned supreme was deeply rooted.

“The border. Get back to the border. That’s the only place to start from if you want to change Moonlight,” said Bai Xiaofei quietly.

The bandit leader sank into a daze.

The border was the very place that changed her…

She once had been like most Moonlight women, thinking that men were low-rank creatures and should be women’s slaves. However, in a border battle, it had not been her trusted comrades who saved her in the chaos, but a group of men who were sent to the front of the army as cannon fodder.

She would never forget the way those people stood in front of her, never forget how that man lay in her arms, confessing his feelings as death took him.

After that battle, she left the border with the rest of that cannon fodder group and built the present Black Dragon Swarm bandit lair, completely standing at the opposing end of Moonlight.

“What a joke!” she snorted as she returned to her senses, her tone full of disdain. However, the dagger at Bai Xiaofei’s neck was returned into its sheath. She returned to her seat and asked, “Have you ever been to Moonlight borders? Have you been in contact with the Sacks? You, a greenhorn who knows nothing, think you deserve to mention our borders?!”

Every question was a knife to Bai Xiaofei’s ego. After half a day, he suppressed his shame and asked back, “Do you know about the servant contest?”

The entire hall was stunned for two seconds before the bandit leader broke the silence.

“You mean… you are a servant?!”

Her voice was no longer cold, but it was… strange, and it made Bai Xiaofei feel that he’d rather be scolded.

Damn you, what’s wrong with being a servant?! I’m one with ambitions, alright?!

No wait! Peh, peh, peh! I’m only pretending to be a servant!!

After an internal struggle, Bai Xiaofei looked at the female leader and guided the matter where it needed to be, “Just don’t worry about it. Don’t you think there is something off about this servant contest?”

To his shock, the bandit leader replied, “Isn’t it just to find the perfect toyboy for the emperor on her birthday? To put it bluntly, it’s just an upgraded version of a servant. What’s wrong with it? Do you think this has something to do with the border situation?”

She then stared at Bai Xiaofei like he was an idiot while the rest of the room tried to hold back their laughter.

Wait! Can it be that I really understood it the wrong way?! But it shouldn’t be! Ye Xi’s reaction at the beginning clearly proved my guess!

“You have seen too little. I dare to swear on my head that the servant contest is related to the border war, and this is also the only chance to change Moonlight!” Bai Xiaofei bit the bullet and went through with his plan in order to convince these people. If he was wrong, then he might as well be wrong to the end!

“Even if what you’re saying is right, why should we believe that you are capable of something like changing Moonlight? You’re making it out to be too simple,” the bandit leader refuted.

Hearing this, the light of hope in the eyes of the other bandits immediately dimmed. Moonlight has existed for so many years, when has it ever changed…?

“Because Moonlight cannot pass its current ordeal without men!” Bai Xiaofei voiced his guess confidently as if he knew the full inside story. To trick others, he must trick himself first!

“Fine. Let’s take a step back then. Even if Moonlight has really come to such a state, what do you have to make us put our belief in you?” The bandit leader’s voice once again grew cold and full of contempt.

“Well, that’s easy.” Grinning, Bai Xiaofei got into a fighting stance. “Why don’t you all come at me together?”

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