Chapter 943: Black Dragon Swarm!

Chapter 943: Black Dragon Swarm!

“Brother, you are here to take refuge, aren’t you?!”

Like Bai Xiaofei, the two men were very touched after confirming the other party was a man. The Black Dragon Swarm hadn’t gotten any fresh faces in a long time.

It couldn’t be helped. There aren’t many sturdy men in Moonlight.

“Maybe, it depends on whether the Black Dragon Swarm is what I think it is,” said Bai Xiaofei, neither overbearing nor servile.

However, his tone didn’t offend the two men and instead even delighted them. This brother is definitely one of us!

“Good boy! I knew from a glance that you’re different from those milksops! You have to join us!”

The two men grabbed Bai Xiaofei by the hands and pulled him into the depths of the forest. On the way, they actively introduced themselves, “Brother, I’m Bao One and this is my brother Bao Two. What’s your name?”

“Fickle, I’m Fickle Bai.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t give his real name.

“Brother Fickle, I have to say that you couldn’t have come at a better time. We’re going to carry out a big job, just in time to show you how powerful we Black Dragon Swarm bandits are. Rest assured, as long as you join us, you won’t have to live that kind of wretched life anymore!” said Bao One excitedly, already considering Bai Xiaofei one of his own.

In Bao One’s view, a man with integrity in Moonlight would not refuse the Black Dragon Swarm at all.

“A big one?” Bai Xiaofei gulped. Don’t tell me they’re going to rob the motorcade?!

“In another two months is the emperor’s birthday party. Every city is preparing for the ceremony, and the rumor is that the nearest one to us, Waning City, will send out a batch of treasures. After we swallow this one, we’ll be able to live comfortably for a while!” Bao One obviously didn’t consider this something confidential.

“Really? Then I’ve really come at a great time!” Bai Xiaofei exclaimed, but inside he was smiling wryly. No wonder Ye Xi was in such a hurry to return to the capital. She wanted to be in time for the emperor’s birthday party.

If so, the servant contest may have other purposes… But if that’s the case, why did my guess make Ye Xi let me off despite my rude remark?!

Damn, I really looked down on that woman!

“Here we are!” cried Bao Two.

Bai Xiaofei looked down and saw an extremely huge, deep pit. In the pit, all kinds of men were busy doing their things among rows upon rows of wooden houses, painting a primitive picture.

“We have a newcomer?!”

An excited voice rang out, and before long, a large group of people had gathered around Bai Xiaofei, staring at him like he was some strange animal.

Bai Xiaofei swore, this was definitely the first time in his life that he was stared at by a group of men with this kind of eyes. The panic he felt was indescribable…

“So young!”

“His skin is so good!!”

“He doesn’t look half-bad!!!”

“I wonder if he can withstand much… rolling around!”


The buzzing voices made Bai Xiaofei’s scalp tingle. At that moment, he felt that he might have come to the wrong place…

“What are you all doing?! Don’t you have work to do?!” a rough voice rescued the flustered Bai Xiaofei.

Hearing this, the crowd around him quickly dispersed, leaving only Bao One and Bao Two next to him with their heads bowed.

“Third Leader, this brother came to us for shelter and everyone got a little overexcited,” Bao One reported.

The gaze of the Third Leader fell upon Bai Xiaofei. His eyes were round and big, his hair lush, his skin dark, and his body burly… His appearance could be the byword for ‘rough and crude.’

“You want to join us? Then, come with me, you can only be accepted after a nod from our boss.”

The Third Leader tried to soften his voice as much as possible, but no matter how much he tried, he sounded like he was going to feast on people.

No wonder you became a mountain bandit. With your appearance, I’m afraid no one would want you as their servant even if you give them money…

For the first time in his life, Bai Xiaofei realized that he could be counted as the refreshing-looking type…

Following the Third Leader, Bai Xiaofei passed the rows of wooden houses while being stared at like an exhibited animal before he finally arrived at their destination, the main hall.

“I say we just do it! How can a group of women who have never been to the battlefield be our match?!” a voice as scary as that of the Third Leader echoed. Despite having not seen the speaker, Bai Xiaofei already pictured in his mind another Third Leader.

However, as soon as he entered the hall, he realized how wrong he was. The speaker was a handsome man in a scholarly outfit. His face practically glowed without a single hair, and his slender body could even rival that of Tan Xin.

His vocal cords must have gone wrong somewhere while they developed…

“Old Fourth, be careful when you speak, or Big Sister might just castrate you.” The Third Leader came in and interrupted the Fourth Leader’s complaints.

At the sight of Bai Xiaofei behind the Third Leader, the discussion stopped immediately.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was dumbfounded. The leader in a room full of rough and crazy men was a woman!

She was beautiful. Her long black hair was tied into a simple ponytail, and her graceful body under the red cloak revealed a trace of heroic spirit. When she looked at Bai Xiaofei, her eyes were sharp and seemed like they could see through everything.

“Greetings, I’m Fickle Bai.” Bai Xiaofei loosely cupped his hands, looking nonchalant as if it wasn’t a bandit lair that he was standing in.

Indeed, Bai Xiaofei was used to such experiences. In the Gorge of Heroes, he had seen all kinds of villains, and bandits were practically everywhere.

“What did that group of women promise you that you’re willing to risk your life and come here alone?” said the bandit leader icily.

In just a sentence, the expressions of all the people in the room abruptly changed and they all became ready to fight.

“Isn’t a man who dares to do this exactly who the Black Dragon Swarm needs the most?” Bai Xiaofei showed no sign of panic. He had heard countless versions of such probing. Whether he’d refute or panic, he’d lose. The only answer was to play along.

“Oh? So you admit that you were sent here by those Moonlight women?” The bandit leader snorted while slowly unsheathing the dagger at her waist.

“I only work for myself, the person who can control me has not yet been born. As for my purpose of coming here, if you are not afraid then maybe you can take some time to listen,” Bai Xiaofei provoked.

The female leader naturally realized this, but she had to take the bait. After all, she was facing an unavoidable problem…

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