Chapter 940: Relentless Pursuit!

Chapter 940: Relentless Pursuit!

“Outrageous! Capture him!!”

The presiding officer raged after two seconds of dead silence in the square. A group of guards instantly rushed over and surrounded Bai Xiaofei.

“Who dares touch him?!”

Fortunately for Bai Xiaofei, Tan Xin stepped out as he once again experienced the helplessness of being pointed at by the Moonlight weapons.

She could bully him, but others absolutely could not!

“Did you not hear what your servant said?! He is provoking the entire empire! Or do you want to share his sin?!”

At the officer’s words, several guards split out from the group and surrounded Tan Xin. At that moment, Tan Xin also felt the taste of her energy being completely unable to mobilize. She, who was not a puppet master, could not escape this either!

“My lord, I want to ask, what’s my sin? The border war is urgent. If my guess is correct, this so-called servant contest is an excuse to send men to the battlefield.”

“The first two tests are physical strength and vision, so the third must be intel acquisition skills, am I right? And you’ve been losing in the border battles, right? You haven’t even figured out what’s the deal with the enemy yet, so you urgently need a group of male scouts because Moonlight women would be especially guarded against.”

Having said that, Bai Xiaofei paused a little before continuing,

“And I am the most suitable person for this task. let alone this Indigo City, even in the capital, you will find no one better than me. Therefore, you can’t afford the responsibility of killing me, unless you want to completely lose the border war!”

As Bai Xiaofei spoke, the officer’s expression changed and changed. When he finished speaking, she was completely dumbstruck.

Where did he hear about these things?! Hasn’t the news been sealed off? Is the penetration of the Sacks already at this degree? Does everyone know the situation at the border now?!

All kinds of questions flooded the officer’s mind, but no one except Bai Xiaofei could give her an answer.

“No more nonsense! Take him away! And also those four!” In any case, the presiding officer refused to lose face.

The group was thus detained. However, Bai Xiaofei showed no sign of panic and even comforted his four teammates.

After the episode passed, the selection continued at the command of the presiding officer. However, the servants were obviously not as enthusiastic as before. On the off chance that Bai Xiaofei was right, few people wanted to go to the border area and risk their lives.

Well, such were the majority of Moonlight men…

The selection was completed in an extremely negative atmosphere. In the end, the presiding officer had enough people, but she was no longer interested in them.

Indigo City’s dungeon…

“Open the door. No one is allowed to come in without my order!”

A cold voice rang out, followed by a harmony of assent before the soldiers retreated one after another. Soon, the presiding officer dressed in a court minister outfit appeared in front of Bai Xiaofei’s group.

“See? I already said our good days had just begun,” Bai Xiaofei confidently comforted the four teammates who had prepared themselves to face death.

“Are you really not afraid of death?” asked the officer.

“How can I not be afraid? I just know that even if I die, it won’t be here and now. If the person in charge of this competition hadn’t been you, I wouldn’t be here at all because I would not have said those words,” replied Bai Xiaofei nonchalantly.

“What do you mean?!” the officer’s voice had a hint of vigilance. If Bai Xiaofei said something wrong, she’d definitely kill to silence him.

“You’re from the capital, aren’t you? Unlike those in Indigo City, your knowledge and experience will never allow you to do something detrimental to Moonlight. If I die, Moonlight may lose its entire northern area!” declared Bai Xiaofei solemnly.

Anyone would regard this as big talk, but the officer was persuaded.

It was not that she thought Bai Xiaofei had the ability to turn the tables. It was that what he said about the border was very likely to happen as it was barely holding up…

“Who on earth are you?” asked the officer, intently staring at Bai Xiaofei. She refused to believe that he was only some ordinary servant.

“My servant Lil’ Bai, of course. Why, you can’t accept it?” Tan Xin sprang up. If she let Bai Xiaofei answer this question, it would definitely be problematic.

“A servant has such an ability to deduce?”

“So? I raised him well!” Tan Xin fearlessly retorted.

Because nothing else, this dungeon could only limit puppet masters and could not seal her ability. In other words, she could bring Bai Xiaofei’s group to leave as long as she wanted to.

“Then tell me, how did you raise him?” The officer sneered.

Meanwhile, the men had been struck silly by the sudden turn of the conversation.

Why are you two suddenly bickering?! Shouldn’t we be talking about business? Is this how a woman’s brain works?!

“Let him roam freely!!” roared Tan Xin in a domineering manner.

Bai Xiaofei nearly vomited blood. What the hell is that?!

“I can take you to the imperial city, but there is one thing you must swear to!” The officer turned to Bai Xiaofei. For some reason, she felt that the one with the authority to decide was not Tan Xin, but him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t make trouble again. After all, you can’t guarantee that you will be able to spare my life next time,” Bai Xiaofei stated a fact.

The officer snorted and turned toward the exit. “Someone will pick you up later, but I will announce that you have been put to death, so it’s best you keep quiet!” Her voice echoed in the cell as she left.

Bai Xiaofei shook his head and sighed. _Still holding grudges… Ah, a woman is a woman after all!

“How do you know so many things about the border?” Tan Xin asked.

The four teammates also looked curious. As home servants, they knew next to nothing about matters outside Indigo City.

“If I said I guessed it all, would you believe me?” Bai Xiaofei chuckled and lay down on the ground.

Perhaps the capital of Moonlight will be quite interesting!

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