Chapter 92 Ethereal Pavilion!

A month was neither short nor long.

After getting through the initial busy period, the matters of the Blossom Ranking and New Student Mutual Aid Community had successively stepped onto the right path, and besides some special matters, the Savage Class became free once more.

In the past month, everyone had become fully aware of the power of beauties. After Bai Xiaofei proposed the assignments of the Blossom Ranking, a continuous stream of people paid him a visit every single day, and eight out of ten were boss-level figures!

Thus, at the same time that Bai Xiaofei gained a large amount of wealth, he obtained the good impression of the various bosses. After all, without Bai Xiaofei, they might not have the chance to have a meal with the beauties on the Blossom Ranking for their entire lifetimes. But now they could as long as they completed the three assignments Bai Xiaofei proposed.

Of course, it only looked like this on the surface. In actuality, whether they were able to get the girl depended on themselves. But besides Bai Xiaofei and the senior sisters on the Blossom Ranking, no one else knew this.

In other words, it was a trade secret!

As for whether anyone suspected it, there was no need to worry because under Bai Xiaofei’s recommendations, three senior sisters had already been taken!

Living proof was right there, so Bai Xiaofei’s business would only get better and better. After all, who wouldn’t want to get a beautiful and strong wife!?

Of course, there were some ignorant seniors who acted arrogantly and even threatened Bai Xiaofei.

Without exception, all of them were hung before the door of the Blossom Pavilion, and it was Yun Jingshuang who did it.

Who would have imagined that Yun Jingshuang who seemed more feminine than a girl would actually be a rare ice Energy Stream puppet master!? Moreover, his strength could only be described as terrifying!

All in all, in the past month, everything was developing like how Bai Xiaofei had described to Yun Jingshuang on that day, and both of them earned a large sum of wealth.

Meanwhile, along with the passage of time, the New Student Mutual Aid Community’s membership fees were collected as well, and there was no need for Bai Xiaofei to urge them because the various people in charge below him would directly send it over.

At first glance, it seemed no different from protection money, but there was something that made it completely different.

Protection money was handed over passively, but membership fees were basically handed over in free will!

In the past, those days of paying protection fees were days of being in anxiety because even if one had paid the fees, one would still suffer bullying when the time came.

But the New Student Mutual Aid Community was different!

Firstly, the fees were merely half the cost of the previous protection fees. Secondly, besides carrying out some games which caused one to be unable to stop but was painful and delightful at the same time, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t do anything excessive to the new students.

Of course, it would be an entirely different story if someone caused trouble…

Moreover, so long as one was a member of the New Student Mutual Aid Community, if one was bullied, one only had to report it and it would surely be dealt with at the first possible moment.

Regardless of whether the opponent was a first-year student or a second-year student, Bai Xiaofei had even brought some people along and dealt with some ignorant third-year students!

Simply speaking, Bai Xiaofei allowed all the new students to live days that they didn’t dare believe were possible in the past!

So, they willingly handed over this fee.

“Fang Ye, do we have enough money now?” The members of the Savage Class were seated together, and their lunch was still takeaway because the members of the Savage Class hadn’t gone to the canteen the entire month…

“Some people can buy their third puppets.” As soon as Fang Ye spoke, everyone was delighted because they knew they had earned a great deal, but they never expected it would be so much.

After all, when Fang Ye said they could buy a third puppet, it was under the precondition that the grades of everyone’s second puppet wasn’t low!

Because the standard Bai Xiaofei set was at least at the violet grade!

“How’s the selection of your puppets going? Are there suitable puppets in the academy for all of you?” Bai Xiaofei asked as he turned around to look at them. There was less than a month before the New Student Competition, and everyone had to familiarize themselves with their puppets, so the purchase of their puppets had to be done as soon as possible.

“We’ve finished choosing, and those of us who couldn’t find anything suitable have gotten in touch with the store. At this moment, they ought to have brought in some suitable puppets.” The person who answered was still Fang Ye, and he’d already completely assumed the position of treasurer and logistics manager for the Savage Class…

“Then we’ll go over today!” Bai Xiaofei decided, and everyone cheered.

They had waited an entire month for this moment to finally arrive!

“Big Brother Fei, I never saw you go to choose a puppet. Do you have a target for your second puppet?” Xing Nan carried a wisp of bewilderment on his face. All this while, besides entertaining the seniors that came to gain his permission, Bai Xiaofei had only been going shopping with Lin Li and Xue Ying. At times he would also vanish inexplicably. But Xing Nan had never seen Bai Xiaofei going to places where he could choose puppets.

“I’m temporarily incapable of forming an agreement with a second puppet…,” Bai Xiaofei said, revealing a bitter smile as he spoke of a secret that wasn’t really a secret.

“How could that be possible?! Didn’t you attain the Proficient Rank a long time ago? Moreover, the thickness of your origin energy is far superior to all of ours!” Xing Nan roared in surprise, expressing the common view of everyone.

“Right. Moreover, your brain is so good. You don’t seem like someone who doesn’t have the mental capacity!” Mo Ka added. He seemed to be flattering Bai Xiaofei, but he was actually speaking the truth.

Mo Ka would believe it if any other person was said to be too slow witted and incapable of possessing a second puppet, but he would never believe it if it was Bai Xiaofei.

“I have some special circumstances, and all of you wouldn’t understand even if I told you. There’s no need to be anxious; I’ll possess a second puppet one day. Moreover, isn’t it enough if all of you are formidable? I’m not of the fighting type anyway.” Bai Xiaofei laughed and directly jumped over the topic.

He couldn’t tell them that he needed a woman to form an agreement with a second puppet, right? It sounded like nonsense no matter who heard it…

“But—” Mo Ka still wanted to say something, but Bai Xiaofei stopped him with a stare.

“There’s no need for buts. I said there’s no rush, so there’s no rush. There’s no need to linger on this problem. Quickly eat your food, and we’ll go buy things right after!” Since a gentle approach didn’t work, Bai Xiaofei used force because their curiosity had to be stopped. Otherwise, his image would crumble…

Of course, Bai Xiaofei’s image among those of the Savage Class was already horrible…

After they jumped past this incident with Bai Xiaofei, all of them carried their excitement as they ran to the shopping district in the academy.

All along the way, they kept silent about the puppets they’d chosen because they wanted to give everyone a pleasant surprise.

“Is it because I haven’t bashed all of you up for a long time that you’ve forgotten who’s the boss of this class? All of you asked me to help check the goods, yet you actually came so late!” As a familiar voice resounded, Xue Ying, who merely wore a black colored tube top and shorts beneath her teacher’s cloak, spoke angrily before the entrance to the Ethereal Pavilion. Especially when she looked at Bai Xiaofei, a trace of ruthlessness appeared in her eyes.

“Big Sister Xue, how could we dare!? All of us were preparing ourselves well because we hadn’t seen you for a long time. Look, don’t we seem much more spirited!?”

As the saying goes, it was impossible to have the heart to punish one who has admitted one’s mistakes. For the sake of not being beaten up, Bai Xiaofei smiled every single time he met Xue Ying to the point his face almost had cramps…

“You really have a way with words. Forget it, I’ll let all of you off this time because it’s an important day for all of you.”

As the “magnanimous” Xue Ying spoke, her gloomy expression brightened up, and then she turned around and strode through the entrance of Ethereal Pavilion.

On the other hand, Bai Xiaofei and the others were filled with lofty sentiments and aspirations as they stood before the entrance.

Once we enter, the Savage Class will ascend to a new level!


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