Chapter 937: Even as a Servant, I Want to be the Strongest One!

Chapter 937: Even as a Servant, I Want to be the Strongest One!

“As the queen you are, you must have an outstanding servant to showcase your identity, but what is considered outstanding for a servant? It’s not up to you. Sign up your servant for this competition and let the whole empire witness the birth of the best servant!”

A fervent voice was broadcast on repeat at the registration office of the Best Servant Contest. While this was a low-level provocation, it was extremely effective in Moonlight where the people loved comparing with each other.

Therefore, in the small border city of Indigo City, those who came to sign up filled up the central square.

Looking around, Bai Xiaofei knew for the first time that men could also be extravagantly and colorfully dressed!

“What’s the matter? Why are you panicking?” Tan Xin tried to suppress her laugh at the sight of Bai Xiaofei’s pale face. After knowing him for such a long time, this was the first time she had seen him like this.

“Are you sure this is not a beauty contest?” Bai Xiaofei gulped as he started to doubt his life. He had thought they would at least compete in ability or strength and something along those lines!

“Why, are you scared? You always say how unparalleled your charm and looks are, but now you’re scared that you can’t win against these uncles?” Tan Xin taunted.

“Of course I have confidence in my appearance, but not so much in the eyes of these people. Look.” Bai Xiaofei pointed to some of the servants around. “That one is dressed like a colorful flag. And look at that, what the hell did he paint on his face? Also, that guy’s whole body is fat but his expression really exudes confidence.”

None of the surrounding servants matched the standard for normal men that the two were familiar with. Tan Xin actually agreed with Bai Xiaofei a little.

Perhaps Moonlight’s aesthetics are just different…

However, Tan Xin would not allow Bai Xiaofei to back down now. She wanted the title of ‘Master of the Best Servant!’

“If you want to chicken out, just say so and stop making excuses. I really thought highly of you.” She snorted.

Bai Xiaofei knew this was only her provocation, but still found it harsh to the ears.

“Who said I wanted to chicken out?! Watch me take the first place!” On the spur of the moment, Bai Xiaofei strode to the registration area and never looked back. However, he was filled with regret.

Damn it, I absolutely cannot use my real name!

“Name?” asked the person in charge of registration coldly, feeling exhausted from repeating the same thing from early morning until now.

“Fickle.” Bai Xiaofei bit the bullet and made up a name. His only hope currently was that no one in Moonlight would recognize him.



“Are you a puppet master?”

“No, I’m a martial artist.”

“Have you been trained systematically?”


The staff quickly completed Bai Xiaofei’s registration, none of the information on which was true except his age.

“Take the form and go over there,” said the staff impatiently. Obviously, she was disappointed that Bai Xiaofei was not a puppet master.

Her abrupt mood change made Bai Xiaofei’s eyes light up. If puppet masters are needed, then this isn’t just a beauty contest!

“Why are you dazing out? Didn’t hear what I said?!” roared the staff, pulling Bai Xiaofei out of his thoughts.

“Sorry, I’m on my way now,” he hurriedly said and walked towards the area where the non-puppet master servants gathered. The number of people on this side was at least twenty times higher than that on the other side.

This was no longer a problem with Moonlight’s system. As far as the situation was concerned, the mentality of Moonlight men had changed, and the ratio of male puppet masters in this empire was probably ranked lowest on the continent.

Shaking his head, Bai Xiaofei quietly waited.

Fortunately, there were enough registration points to process the huge number of people. About two hours later, a total of 6784 servants had signed up.

And this was just a small border city!

“Everybody, be quiet!” a booming voice interrupted the contestants’ chatting

Right upon hearing that it was a woman’s voice, all the men became as quiet as a mouse.

This was Moonlight…

“I hereby announce the start of the qualification round, which is composed of three segments. The first segment is a test of physical fitness!”

As the phrase ‘physical fitness’ echoed around the square, the majority of the contestants revealed shocked expressions.

They could cook, they could clean, they could dress themselves up. But physical fitness? Unless the master had special requirements, what kind of servant would waste his time on body training?!

“Silence! I’m not interested in your complaints. Ten seconds from the countdown, the test begins. Ten kilometers south of the city, there is a tea stall. Go there and fetch a pot of tea. The first one hundred to return will pass the test!”

“During this test, it is not allowed to borrow others’ strength. Offenders will be eliminated directly. However, there is no restriction on what the players can do to each other. That is all. The countdown starts… now!”

The presiding officer could not care less about the contestants’ opinions as she kicked the majority of them to rock bottom with her announcement.

Meanwhile, there were happy ones, such as Bai Xiaofei.

“Fortunately, it’s not a beauty contest.” Secretly relieved, Bai Xiaofei started moving. With his current physical ability, the total distance of 20 kilometers back and forth would only take a few hours.

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t intend to play it safe like that. The rules allowed much room for operability as it did not forbid the contestants from affecting each other, which was to say, whoever was strongest physically, could pass without having to do anything!

Coming to this conclusion, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes couldn’t help but drift to the puppet master area.

Sure enough, they were eyeing Bai Xiaofei’s area of non-puppet masters.

“Everyone, since it has just begun, I think we aren’t in a rush, right?” shouted Bai Xiaofei before the countdown even started, attracting the attention of many. “I need nine people with special abilities. As long as your specialties are outstanding enough, I will ensure that you pass the first test!”

As soon as his voice dropped, everyone around quieted down and looked at him fervently.

Come, time for a big move!

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