Chapter 936: Border Conflict!

Chapter 936: Border Conflict!

“Another investigation mission again. The last group who went there never came back, did they?” a complaining voice rang out inside the Mercenary Alliance. It was a powerful-looking yet charming woman in a fiery red outfit.

And women like her could be seen everywhere in the Mercenary Alliance!

To some extent, Moonlight was definitely a man’s paradise. Unfortunately, few really dared to come and try to enjoy it…

“No, I heard that two men returned. I don’t know the details, but seeing the bounty reward keep increasing is really too tempting,” replied a girl sitting opposite the woman. She was carrying a box on her back, which was huge compared to her petite body. Upon mentioning the bounty, her eyes shone brightly.

“Men?! That’s impossible! You definitely misheard. Besides, you need to live to spend that money. I still have my several intimate servants waiting for me at home, I can’t risk this kind of life gamble.” The woman in red shook her head and turned to leave, but as soon as she did, a huge smiling face startled her. “Who?!!”

She instantly jumped away and even summoned her puppet.

“I bear no ill intent. I just want to ask about the investigation mission in my master’s stead.” Bai Xiaofei grinned, obviously having accepted his servant identity. After all, he wouldn’t even have the qualification to speak without it.

“A servant actually dares to walk around freely in public? Didn’t your master teach you to respect other women?!” coldly rebuked the woman in red, feeling humiliated that she was startled by a servant.

“My master has difficulty speaking. This is our gratitude in advance, please accept it.” Bai Xiaofei took out a heavy bag and offered it to the woman.

After she took it and saw the shiny Amethyst Coins inside, the displeasure on her face instantly vanished. “Consider yourself sensible. Ask away.”

The change in her attitude delighted Bai Xiaofei. Thank the heavens that money is still useful!

“My master and I have just arrived here and are in the dark about many things. However, my master feels that Moonlight seems very… tense? She wonders if this has anything to do with the investigation mission that you just mentioned, milady.” Although Bai Xiaofei had just arrived in Moonlight, he had figured out how he needed to word his speech after only a few encounters.

“Oh? Your master is very perceptive, she must have quite a status. Indeed she is right. Recently, the border of Moonlight has repeatedly been invaded by the Sacks. The border garrison was overwhelmed, so they released a series of missions of aid to the whole empire. The investigation mission is one of them, and it’s also one of the few things we mercenaries can take,” the woman in red told him everything she knew.

“The Sacks?” Bai Xiaofei frowned as he rummaged through his mind about any information regarding the Sacks.

The geographical shape of the Northern Borders was like a horned helmet, and the Sack Tribe was located at the west horn, corresponding to the Snow Kingdom at the east horn. However, its situation, compared to the rich and prosperous snow-covered kingdom, was just the opposite.

First of all, the Sacks lived in a vast grassland and therefore had no idea what snow even looked like. At the same time, the soil was not suitable for farming, and so they reared animals for a living. As a nomadic tribe, ‘tough and crude’ was their label.

80% of Moonlight’s northern border was shared with the Sacks. The two were constantly at war, the cause revolving around only one matter: Food!

However, it was recorded in the history books of Starnet Continent that the Sacks always lost more than won in their battles with Moonlight, being able to only harass villages and small cities as bandits. The chaos that year when Ling Ming brought troops to aid Moonlight was already their biggest bandit activity in history.

Did the Sacks somehow find a way to rise up? Bai Xiaofei wondered.

“That’s right, it’s the Sacks. I don’t know what happened to them. They had only been trying to grab food, but now they are interested in taking over cities. They broke through two small towns not so long ago,” the woman in red said and shook her head.

Despite the surprised look on her face, Bai Xiaofei could still feel that she still had yet to take the Sacks’ recent behavior seriously enough.

“So that’s the case. Thank you, milady. I have to go back and report to my master, so I won’t bother you any longer,” Bai Xiaofei excused himself and walked straight to the mission board. After checking all of those that were related to the border matter, he left the building.

“How was it?” Tan Xin, who had been waiting outside, immediately came up to Bai Xiaofei. Although she didn’t know why he had wanted her to wait outside, she listened.

“Quite interesting. Moonlight’s border situation has gotten so serious that they have to recruit more people to help out, yet I can’t see the corresponding tension from Moonlight people at all. It’s likely that the power center in the capital is controlling the news,” replied Bai Xiaofei with a pondering expression.

The change of the Sacks was definitely not over a day or two, but Moonlight had only started to react recently and only to a slight degree. Therefore, there was only one possibility –

The Sacks had a very intelligent strategist! It was even possible that the muted response of Moonlight was also due to this person’s design!

The thought made Bai Xiaofei’s heart drum in excitement. Perhaps, Moonlight will be more interesting than Ethereal!

“How does this have to do with us?” Tan Xin creased her brows, her face full of doubt.

“Of course it does. This place isn’t like Ethereal, we have zero connections here. So, we need to find a path that sends us straight to the power center in the capital, and this border battle is it!” Bai Xiaofei declared confidently.

Tan Xin understood clearly. However, she took out a flyer and said, “Look, I found another path.”

Reading the flyer, Bai Xiaofei froze.

“Best servant contest?!” he almost roared in shock, his mouth wide enough to stuff a fist in.

“I think you have great potential. Besides, this is much better than going to the border to fight. As long as you can enter the finals, we will not only be sent straight to the capital but also can have a face-to-face communication with the emperor of Moonlight!” Tan Xin chuckled.

Without further ado, Bai Xiaofei tore the flyer to pieces.

“Impossible! I will never participate!” Bai Xiaofei yelped.

At that moment, a patrol group was passing by. Tan Xin started walking towards them, muttering, “Heh, it seems that my servant is unqualified. Time to send him to the Servant Management Office.”

“Master, I’m going to sign up now!” Bai Xiaofei rushed to her with an ingratiating smile, as if the resolute person just now wasn’t him at all.

Were he to have another chance to choose again, he would rather risk his life and go to Violethorn than choose Moonlight! This place was a prison for men’s dignity!!!

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